Pretty Little Liars Season 7, Episode 19 -“Farewell, My Lovely” Recap

Pretty Little Liars

Season 7, Episode 19 “Farewell, My Lovely”

Original Air date: June 20, 2017

Contains spoilers if you have not watched the episode


Quotes of the episode

“Part of the job.  Like getting cats out of trees.” – An officer who doesn’t understand what officers do “That’s firemen.” – Aria reminding the officer he should not climb ladders to rescue cats

“Somebody stole it from me somebody’s always stealing the game from me.” – Mona is not okay

“Well, she didn’t flush herself out.” – Hanna stating the obvious (though anything is possible in the world of Pretty Little Liars)

“Poor Mona.” – Caleb feeling weirdly sympathetic towards Mona “What did you just say?” – Spencer thinking that she is hearing things “She always wanted to be in charge of everything.” – Caleb breaking down Mona’s motivation “She ends up middle management.  That’s gotta hurt.” – Spencer on Mona’s villainy career

“Oh, no wonder you didn’t want her going down any more holes.  Congratulations.” – Spencer’s reaction to Hanna and Caleb’s marriage

“Don’t you dare apologize for being with me.  And don’t you dare forget it, any of it.  Cause I won’t. – Spencer has no regrets about her relationship with Caleb

“When people panic, they go back to old behavior.” – Aria explaining why they sometimes act like they are still in high school

“None of you are sure when you look into the mirror.  None of you are really certain who you are.  I did that.  I took that away from you the same way everything was stolen from me.  And now I’m back.  And everything that happened before.  That’s gonna feel like a picnic.” – Charlotte was still pure evil 5 years after her reign of terror, which she planned to continue

“Yeah.  And justice is a blindfolded b*tch.” – Spencer on the sometimes-unfair justice system

“Buy you needed me.  You don’t know what that felt like.  You needed me.  Just like you needed me to take care of Charlotte after all the terrible things that she did.  I’m sorry, I messed that up.  Nothing ever happens the way it’s supposed to with me.” – Mona on her real motivations

“Say goodnight to the world bully.” – Mona about to get vigilante justice on Charlotte

“That taste in your mouth that’s what dying tastes like.  Get used to it.  Because you’re gonna choke on it every day for the rest of your long miserable life.” – Mona on how she will make Charlotte pay

“They will never love you.” – Charlotte pointing out Mona’s greatest fear

“I’m sure about one thing.  I’m sure about all of you.” – Spencer on her friends (including Aria)



  1. Tanner is preparing arrest warrants for the girls and says they cannot wait until morning.
  2. Aria explains to the officer that she locked her keys in the trunk and her friend is on her way with an extra set of keys. The officer begins to shake the trunk loose by pushing on the trunk while Aria tries to dissuade him.  He says it is part of his job, like getting cats out of trees.  Aria reminds him that firefighters do that.
  3. The officer opens the trunk just as he is contacted over his radio. While he distracted, Aria grabs her keys.
  4. Ali shushes.
  5. Caleb tells Hanna, Spencer, Emily and Ali that Mona has the game and is accessing it. Caleb, Emily and Spencer think that Mona is A.D.  Caleb says they need to do something before Tanner makes a move.  Spencer says they need Mona to explain how they ended up on that road with Dunhill.  Caleb says he’ll convince Mona, but Hanna wants to talk to her.
  6. Spencer notices a message in a wine bottle.
  7. Ezra is mad at the girls for cutting Aria off. (He’s self-righteous like he never hurt Aria.)
  8. Ezra tells Caleb that he cannot reach Toby.
  9. Aria drives along with Archer’s body thumping in the trunk. She is talking to the body and asks him who A.D. is.  She plans to go to the police to turn herself in.
  10. Mona comes home and hears a clanking and a random cat meowing. The game is gone.  There is a note that says “Time for pie.  Be there,” which is written on a Two Crows menu.  Caleb and Hanna follow Mona as she leaves.
  11. Spencer goes to see Mary at the Lost Woods Resort. Mary gives Spencer and Ali the resort to pay for the lawyers they are going to need.  Mary says she wishes she could do more for Spencer, Ali and their friends.  Spencer says no one can do that.  Spencer holds Mary’s hand and tells her to be careful.
  12. The police keep circling Ali’s house. Ali wants to go out and look for Aria, but Emily wants to keep her safe at home.  Ali thinks if they get arrested the baby will be taken away and end up like Charlotte (I think Pam Fields would say otherwise, but the writers have forgotten she exists.)   Emily tries to reassure her as gas leaks into the house.
  13. Aria arrives at the police station. She is intercepted by Ezra.  Caleb tracked her down via the signal from her extra set of car keys.
  14. Ezra says he’s not interested in making any more sacrifices for Aria’s friends (told you he only cares about Aria), plus Aria has an alibi. (Ezra is super annoying on this episode.)  She tells him about the body in the trunk.
  15. Mona is waiting at the Two Crows restaurant and she looks nervous. Spencer joins Caleb and Hanna outside.  Hanna reminds them that Mona was supposed to meet Charlotte at the Two Crows the night Charlotte was killed.  Hanna doesn’t think Charlotte is A.D. and Caleb disagrees.  Spencer says they’re arguing like a married couple.  They don’t confirm it.
  16. Spencer thinks they should just grab Mona. When they look up, Caleb has gone into the restaurant to talk to Mona (and have a bite of her pie).  Caleb tries to get Mona to go with him and says they are going to pick up the game to show the police.  Mona says she doesn’t have the game anymore and someone is always stealing the game from her.
  17. Mona is acting weird and says she never should have touched the game. She receives a note and runs to the restroom.  Spencer, Hanna and Caleb follow her in there, but she is nowhere to be seen.  Hanna says she didn’t flush herself.  Spencer finds the note Mona dropped, which reads, “Leave now.”
  18. Caleb finds a secret passage, but he doesn’t want Hanna to go with him. Spencer goes instead.
  19. Tanner receives the signed arrest warrants.
  20. Ezra tries to get Aria to leave town and Aria says she cannot leave her friends. Ezra says they gave up the right to be her friends.  (Ezra please stop talking.)  He says they can take the others with them, but they have to deal with the body first.  Ezra says he has a master’s degree in American Literature, so there is nothing he cannot handle (whatever that means).  When they look in the trunk, the body is gone.
  21. The flash-forward that took us 5 years forward (with the girls coming in Ali’s classroom to get her) is only Emily’s nightmare due to poor planning in the writer’s room.
  22. Ali and Emily both wake up on the couch and wonder how they both fell asleep. The game is now there and plays a video of young Ali at the kissing rock the night she disappeared.
  23. Caleb no longer thinks Mona is A.D. based on how scared she was. He feels sorry for her and Spencer is surprised.  He says Mona wanted to oversee everything and Spencer says she ended up in middle management.  (I didn’t think middle management existed in villainy until this episode.)
  24. Caleb admits that he and Hanna are married. He tries to apologize to be Spencer, but she asks him to never forget their relationship because she won’t.
  25. Ezra, Aria, Emily and Ali are in the car together. Ali apologizes to Aria.  Aria says it is okay because when people panic, they go back to old behavior.  There is a road block ahead, so Ezra turns around.
  26. Hanna is by the church when she sees flower petals coming from the church bell tower. Mona is in the tower when Hanna goes up there.  Mona thinks Hanna is Charlotte.
  27. There is a flashback to Charlotte meeting Mona. Mona says she has been keeping an eye on her because Charlotte has been faking her recovery.  Charlotte asks if Mona still sees the loser with pigtails and frumpy sweaters when she looks in the mirror because that is who Charlotte sees.  Charlotte says none of the girls are sure who they are when they look in the mirror.  She threatens to continue torturing the girls and Mona, but promises it will be worse.  Mona says she won’t let Charlotte do that to her friends.  Charlotte says no one will believe her.
  28. Mona picks up a weapon and Charlotte says she doesn’t have the guts. Mona holds the weapon to Charlotte’s back, who is in front of the opening to the tower.  Mona says people will think Charlotte committed suicide.  She tells Charlotte to jump or she will push her.
  29. In the present, Mona tries to push Hanna out of the opening. Caleb rescues Hanna.  Hanna tells Caleb and Spencer that Mona killed Charlotte.  They come outside and find 2 puzzle pieces on the car mirror.
  30. Ezra wants to turn Mona over to the police, but Spencer says not like this because of Mona’s state. Ezra thinks Mona’s mental state cannot be helped.  Aria suggests they call Dr. Sullivan to take Mona to the police.
  31. The girls go over to another cabin at The Lost Woods, where Caleb has set the game up. The game says the grand prize is Archer’s body, which is at Ali’s Aunt Carol’s farm.  They go to the farm.  The body is probably in the grave that was supposed to be Charles.  Aria convinces them to stop being crazy and not dig up the grave.
  32. The police show up with a bulldozer and catch the girls with their ever-present shovels.
  33. At the police station, Spencer says they should tell the truth. Hanna asks how could telling the truth get them off.  Spencer says it won’t.  Aria says the police want justice and Spencer says justice is blind.
  34. Tanner comes into the room and tells them the body has been tentatively identified as Archer. Tanner goes into the adjacent interrogation room and turns on the light.  The girls can see Mary is in there.  Mary says she killed Archer because he threatened to tell that she killed her sister and he was going to kill her niece.  She gives enough detail where is seems like she killed Archer.  Ali is traumatized because she finds out that Archer was going to kill her and that Mary killed her mother.
  35. Tanner tells them they are free to go. Spencer asks to speak to Mary and Tanner says it will be better if she doesn’t.  They see Mary being led away and Mary shushes.  Spencer looks heartbroken.
  36. Back at the Lost Woods, Spencer tells Mona that Dr. Sullivan will be there in a few hours and Mona will be okay. Hanna apologizes to Mona for showing her the game.
  37. Mona says that Hanna needed her and she liked that feeling. She thinks Hanna needed her to take care of Charlotte.  She says she messed that up because things never happen the way they should with her.
  38. In another flashback, Mona tells Charlotte to say goodnight to the world. Mona changes her mind and pushes Charlotte to the floor.  Charlotte taunts Mona, then they fight with Charlotte having the obvious size advantage.  Charlotte hits her head/ back of her neck on a metal piece protruding from the wall and instantly dies.
  39. The girls hear church bells and go into the cabin with the game. The game powers down either because of Mona or Mary’s confessions.  Spencer isn’t sure what is going on, but says she is sure of her friendship with the other girls.
  40. “Without You” by Harry Nilsson plays as A.D. drives away. He/she has the figurines of the girls in a plastic baggy.


This was the best episode of season 7 and what the finale should have been.  Mona and Mary both broke my heart a little bit.  Mona considers all the girls to be her friends and would make great sacrifices for all of them, not just Hanna.  She has done so much for them and they do not appreciate her.  Mary saved Spencer, Ali and their friends from jail, when she could have skipped town and continued to get away with murder.  The performances by the actresses playing Mona, Spencer and Charlotte were excellent.  There were funny moments.  We actually learned the truth about Charlotte’s death.  The series could have ended with this episode.

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