Pretty Little Liars Season 7, Episode 18 – “Choose or Lose” Recap

Pretty Little Liars

Season 7, Episode 18 “Choose or Lose”

Original Air date: June 13, 2017

Contains spoilers if you have not watched the episode

choose or lose 2

Note: I took all the pictures by pausing the show again.


Quotes of the episode

“Furey told me everything Miss Hastings.  From bar stools to ping pong right before he took himself off the case.” – Linda Tanner knows everything (or at least she thinks she does)

“I’ve always felt you were guilty in some way.  I just never knew how.” – Tanner is also thinks the girls are terrible people

“My childhood teddy bear is now in jail with my phone and my favorite pillow, but…” – Hanna wants to talk about everything, except what is really going on

“Well, about time.” – Hanna on the couple known as Emison

“No wonder they call you too genius too furious.” – Hanna making up nicknames “No one calls me that.” – Caleb thinking what the heck like the rest of us

“You have ruined everything that I ever had.” – Spencer is not feeling Aria these days

“We’re done.  We’re done and I’m out.” – Spencer ending Team Sparia

“That’s because you wouldn’t tell me the truth and you ended up in an underground bunker.” – Tanner, the victim blamer

“Time is stupid.” – Another classic Hanna-ism “That is my favorite thing you’ve ever said.” – Spencer is also a fan of Hanna-isms


  1. The game is on Ali’s bed when she and Emily go in there for a little morning delight.
  2. The police are searching Ali’s and Hanna’s dwellings. They have already been to Spencer’s.
  3. Aria shreds the police report she wrote against Ezra right before the police arrive.
  4. The game is gone when Ali goes back into her room.
  5. Marco is no longer on the Archer case, Linda Tanner is (aka the detective in charge when the girls were falsely imprisoned, then kidnapped by Charlotte).
  6. Spencer shushes.
  7. D. left a phone in The Brew for Aria since her phone was confiscated. A.D. says Aria is on his team now and she asks to meet him.
  8. Hanna tells her mother about her stuff that was confiscated by the police. Ashley asks if Hanna was involved in Archer’s murder, but Hanna wants to keep her out of this.
  9. Ali, Emily, Caleb, Hanna and Spencer are hanging in a hotel suite that Ashley provided. Em accidentally admits that she and Ali are sharing a bed.  Hanna says it’s about time.  (I guess she knew since Brownies also.)choose-or-lose-5.jpg
  10. Caleb is writing a code to find where the game is when the game connects to internet. Hanna awkwardly comments on his computer skills.
  11. A phone has been delivered via room service. The message on the screen says “Just one plea, the rest go free.  If no one steps up, you all go down.”  A timer then begins counting down from 36 hours.
  12. Mona arrives and says she thinks Aria is on the A.D. team. She points out that Aria did not attend Ezra’s event, which was the same time the nursery was trashed.  Also, Aria was the only one near when the recording of Mary and Peter was dropped off at Spencer’s house.  Spencer asks how Mona knows that, but Mona doesn’t say.
  13. Emily doesn’t believe Aria would do something like that. Mona saw Aria get the puzzle piece at The Brew.  Mona also recorded Aria’s call with A.D.  Spencer asks for concrete proof.chose or lose 4
  14. Tanner tells someone on the phone that they should be able to file charges within the week. A forensic person found a piece of the windshield and blood in Spencer’s shower drain.
  15. Spencer sees Toby at The Radley. Tanner has questioned him.  He says he has good and bad days after Yvonne’s death.  He invites Spencer to his cabin so that she can clear her head.  He also says that Tanner is building a solid case.
  16. Aria waits for A.D., but the other girls show up instead. She says she was meeting A.D. and she can explain.  Hanna says they literally caught her black hoodied.  Aria tells them about the Ezra police report.  Ali says she picked Ezra over them (which she did).
  17. Team Sparia unfortunately faces off. Aria points out that Spencer kidnapped Malcolm (who was thought at the time to be Ezra’s son) when Spencer was part of Charlotte’s A-team.  Spencer blames Aria for her parents’ pending divorce and says Aria has ruined everything she has ever had.  Spencer says they are done and she is out.
  18. Tanner calls Ali and says she wants them down at the police station. Spencer tells Aria to find her own ride and leaves Aria in the woods like bear crap.
  19. At the police station, Tanner sums up the evidence they have. They know Lucas’ windshield was replaced and the glass found in Spencer’s drain matches a fragment found under Archer’s fingernail.  Tanner says she is giving them a chance to tell their side of the story.
  20. Spencer says that Tanner is the one that rescued them and Tanner says that is because they didn’t tell her the truth and ended up in an underground bunker. (This victim blaming is deeply uncool.)  Spencer especially is not having this and is all kinds of sassy.choose or lose 3choose or lose 1
  21. Aria calls A.D. after she leaves the police station and says he was never going to meet her. She tries to end her involvement with A.D., but A.D. takes control.  She is about to throw the phone out the window when A.D. promises that something will happen tomorrow.
  22. There is just over 24 hours left on the countdown. Hanna says that time is stupid and Spencer says that is her favorite thing that Hanna ever said.  Hanna cannot believe that one or all of them is going to jail.  Emily points out that they did kill a guy
  23. Hanna asks if anyone noticed that Mona was different that morning and Ali says different is in Mona’s job description.
  24. Hanna says she is the one that killed Archer. Spencer made the mistake with Archer’s credit card.  Ali married Archer.  Emily says this is what A.D. wanted: them torn apart.  Emily says that A.D. (it was actually Charlotte/A) convinced Spencer to play the game first.
  25. Caleb tells Ashley the truth about Hanna killing Archer. Hanna later tells Caleb she wishes he wasn’t involved in this.
  26. Spencer goes to see Aria after she found a picture of them in her barn. Spencer says none of them is blameless and starts to apologize until someone knocks on the door.  Aria has been cleared in the murder investigation.  Spencer storms out.
  27. Ezra tells Aria that he found the police report and thinks he deserves to be turned in (do I even need to respond to that?). Aria doesn’t think so and says she has done terrible things to Ezra and others.  She insists on getting in his pants before she tells him what is going on.
  28. Ashley arranges for a justice of the peace to marry Hanna and Caleb. She thinks she might also be able to get Hanna’s teddy bear paroled.
  29. Ali and Emily have a rendezvous at the kissing rock.
  30. Spencer goes to see Toby and they end up getting naked.
  31. Hanna and Caleb marry while everyone else hooks up with their respective partners.
  32. The girls, plus Caleb, minus Aria gather as the clock runs out on the phone. Spencer smashes the phone.
  33. Caleb and Ezra are going to find the game.
  34. Aria tells A.D. that she is going to turn herself in, but A.D. says the game is over. The phone bursts into flames.
  35. Aria is on her way to Spencer when she hears a thud in her trunk. She gets out and opens the trunk.  Archer is in there.  The police arrive and Aria closes the trunk.
  36. Mona has the game. She puts on her Nerd Mona glasses.


This episode was the most enjoyable so far out of the second half of this season.  The pacing was good and there wasn’t a bunch of annoying extra stuff.  The game may be over, but you know there is lots more to come.

I was a little disappointed that none of Hanna and Caleb’s friends witnessed their wedding.  She didn’t even tell them, which I found odd.

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