Pretty Little Liars Season 7, Episode 17 – “Driving Miss Crazy” Recap

Pretty Little Liars

Season 7, Episode 17 “Driving Miss Crazy”

Original Air date: June 6, 2017

Contains spoilers if you have not watched the episode

mona's lair 2

Note: I took these photos again by pausing the show


Quotes of the episode

“Make sure she takes her folic acid.” – Mona trying to be helpful “That was Mona.  Something about acid.” – Emily being a jerk

“My mother knows when I’m lying when I talk in my sleep.” – Hanna “You don’t talk in your sleep.” – Caleb “I do when I’ve lied to her.” – Hanna on the human lie detector that is her mother

“If you have anything real to ask me you can do it in your office under florescent lights.  And I promise you, it will not be me who’s embarrassed.” – Spencer ripping Marco a new one

“How sad…that it’s me you’re frightened of.” – Mary dropping hints

“Forgive you?  Oh, honey.  You’re just a selfish little b*tch.  I wouldn’t p*ss on you if you were on fire.” – A dream Veronica Hastings telling Aria what Aria thinks of herself

“Did I try to protect my family from a deranged sociopath who shattered our lives?  Hell yes!  And I’d do it again.” – Peter Hastings has no regrets


  1. Ezra and Aria attend dance class where it looks like he is having more fun. Ezra mentions his brother Wes, who hasn’t been mentioned in ages.
  2. D. tells Aria to deliver a present to Spencer. A.D. brings up the police report against Ezra.
  3. Emily shushes.
  4. Marco stops by to talk about the flood at The Radley with Hanna and Caleb.
  5. Emily is helping Spencer pack up her house, so it can be shown for sale.
  6. Ali is in New York with Jason.
  7. Hanna is freaking out because Marco mentioned more evidence. She wants to play the game again.  She notes that Aria hasn’t played.
  8. Mona shows up and Hanna tells the others that Mona knows about the game. Hanna says they need Mona’s brilliance (they do).
  9. Mona says they need to stop focusing on the dead body and focus on the live one. Mona thinks that A.D. could be Jenna or Mary Drake.  Mona points out that she is a part of this because she replaced the windshield after Archer was killed.
  10. Ashley, Hanna’s mom, is finally back in town. She wants to know if Hanna is in trouble.
  11. Aria stops by with dinner for Spencer and her mom. While there, she plants a phone and connects it to their system.
  12. A call between Peter and Mary plays over the Hastings’ system. Peter says that Mary buried Jessica’s body to frame him.  Mary says she could blame him for plenty.  Mary says if Jessica didn’t die, it would have been her.
  13. Emily talks to Ali on the phone and Mona is with her. Mona tells Em to tell Ali to take folic acid.  Em says that was Mona saying something about acid.  (That was not smart and not funny.)  After Em hangs up, Mona tells her she can tell Ali she loves her in front of her because it hasn’t been a secret since Brownies.  (That was funny.)
  14. Emily doesn’t want Mona’s help, but Mona found the fertility doctor that did Ali’s procedure. She and Em will go to the doctor and pretend to be a couple.  She tells Em to dress appropriately.
  15. Hanna is upset because her mother always knows when she is lying. Ezra brings coffee over to Hanna and Caleb.  Ezra is freaking out about the wedding and thinks eloping would have been better.  Aria comes into The Brew, then heads upstairs to Ezra’s.  She looks miserable.
  16. At the fertility doctor, Mona and Em pretend like they are planning to have a baby together. They mention Ali, then the doctor ends the appointment.  Mona steals a magazine with the doctor’s home address on it.  They are going to do some investigating.
  17. Hanna goes to look for the shovels that they buried Archer with, but the man working there tells her they have been confiscated.
  18. Spencer finds the planted phone. She later calls Aria to tell her about the phone and how Peter had something to do with Ali’s mother’s death.  Spencer wants to tell her parents about A.D., but Aria says they should let Mona figure out things first.  She points out that Mona saved them before.  (She did.)
  19. Ezra thinks that Aria is still mad at him for taking advantage of her and her friends for the sake of his book about Ali. (I think you can imagine how I feel about this.  Don’t get me started.)  He thinks the “storms” have made them stronger.  (I try not roll my eyes so hard they get stuck in my head.)  Aria doesn’t reply.
  20. When Spencer goes to her car, Marco is waiting for her. He says he thought she would be embarrassed to meet at the police station.  He found out about Caleb and Spencer’s relationship and thinks Caleb is protecting her.
  21. Marco asks if Spencer’s interest in him had anything to do with her needing a cop in her corner. She says they can talk at the police station and he will be the one that is embarrassed.  (Snap, their relationship turned from hot to cold very quickly.
  22. Spencer gets into her car and Mary is in the back seat. She tells Spencer to drive.  Spencer is obviously uncomfortable and Mary thinks it is sad that Spencer is afraid of her.  Mary didn’t know the call between her and Peter was recorded, but says the hospital probably did it.
  23. In a flashback, Peter lets Mary into the house. She asks where “they” are and Peter says she will never see Spencer.  Jessica arrives and says she thought they were taking care of this.  The pills that killed Jessica were intended to kill Mary.  Mary “intercepted” them.
  24. Mary asks if Spencer wants to get to know her.
  25. Ashley is there when Hanna arrives at Lucas’ loft. Hanna says that Emily sort of moved in with Ali.
  26. Caleb proposes to Hanna.
  27. Aria has a weird dream where Mona sings “Jailhouse Rock and Ezra is beat up in jail. Dream Aria apologizes to dream Veronica, but Veronica isn’t having that.  When Aria wakes up, she receives a text that her award is in The Brew.
  28. Emily and Mona go back to the fertility doctor with evidence that he received a lot of cash. He gives them the donor id # of the person whose batter impregnated Ali.
  29. Peter confesses to Veronica and Spencer that he indirectly killed Jessica while trying to kill Mary. He is unapologetic and says Spencer would do the same thing in that situation.
  30. Veronica is forfeiting her Senate seat because of the impending scandal that will occur once it comes out what Peter did.
  31. Aria finds the puzzle piece in The Brew. Mona witnesses this.
  32. Caleb and Hanna camp out. He says he would get a bear to marry them if he could.
  33. Spencer declines Mary’s invite to go on the run with her because her friends need her and she needs her friends. She also doesn’t want to leave her parents.  Spencer says she has already forgiven Mary and Mary needs to forgive herself.  (Why doesn’t she ask Mary who shot her?)
  34. Aria places the puzzle piece on the game and receives the police report (like A.D. didn’t make a copy).
  35. Emily drops off the phone Aria left at Spencer’s house with Mona. Mona won’t let Em in because her apartment is set up like A’s lair and she has the shovels.monas-lair.jpgmona's lair 4monas-lair-21.jpgmonas-lair-3-e1497975160104.jpgmona's lair 2

Things are finally getting interesting.  What is Mona up to?  I hope she’s not evil again because that would be disappointing.  It would also be very disappointing if Caleb was A.D.  He seems to care for everyone, not just Hanna.  Everyone else has their own agenda, so it wouldn’t be shocking.

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