Pretty Little Liars Season 7, Episode 16 “The Glove That Rocks The Cradle” Recap

Pretty Little Liars

Season 7, Episode 16 “The Glove That Rocks The Cradle”

Original Air date: May 30, 2017

Contains spoilers if you have not watched the episode

glove cradle


Note: I once again took the photos by pausing the show.

Quotes of the episode

“No, but I do remember unbuckling his belt in the elevator.” – Spencer won’t talk about her crimes, but she will give a police officer TMI.

“Sort of like setting fire to my house and then asking if I’m too warm.” – Spencer doesn’t like Marco’s techniques.

“How many times do I have to save all of you until I’m finally part of the group?” – Mona asking the question many have wondered


  1. Spencer is being questioned by the police. Barry asks her if she remembers making a joke about burying a body.  She doesn’t, but she remembers unbuckling Marco’s belt in the elevator.  She won’t answer any of Barry’s questions, so Marco stops the interview.  When they are alone, he asks if she is okay.  Spencer says that is like setting fire to her house and asking if it’s too warm.
  2. Marco tells Spencer to get a lawyer because they will have the credit card receipt in two days.
  3. Hanna shushes.
  4. Emily has started to prepare for the baby’s arrival. Ali says they can stay with her, at least for a while.  Emily unboxed the items she found in the attic that belonged to Ali as a baby.
  5. Ezra suggests he and Aria take a dance class together, but Aria says she cannot commit.
  6. Spencer tells the others about the credit card receipt. Hanna offers to get the receipt from The Radley.
  7. Aria is going to be excluded from the book press tour because they want to focus on Nicole.
  8. It’s Hanna’s turn to play the game. She must pick up something from a computer repair shop.
  9. Hanna thinks that Spencer would not have been drunk that night she accidentally used Archer’s credit card if it weren’t for herself and Caleb breaking Spencer’s heart.
  10. Spencer asks Emily what the plan with Ali is and thinks Emily is assuming a lot.
  11. Hanna picks up the hard drive, which contains a Patsy Cline song. Patsy’s songs were played in the dollhouse.
  12. Spencer goes to see Marco and asks him to stop pursuing the Archer case. He won’t.  She steals a flash drive from him.
  13. The stolen flash drive contains an interview with Lucas when he says that Hanna wasn’t with him the night Charlotte was killed. He says he cannot vouch for the other girls because he’s seen what they can do.  The others try to convince Hanna that Lucas is not on her side.  Aria reminds her of when she was so afraid of Lucas that she pushed him off the rowboat.  She proposes stalking the locker Hanna is supposed to leave the drive in, even though no one mentioned a locker.
  14. Emily arrives at Ali’s with a mobile that used to be hers. She notices Ali is not eating real food or taking her prenatal vitamins.  She accuses Ali of flaking out on her.
  15. Hanna has to drop off the drive at the same time she planned to retrieve the receipt. Caleb says that they won’t let Spencer down this time.
  16. Mona arrives at Hanna’s and asks why Hanna is shutting her out. Hanna tells Mona about the plan, but doesn’t want to tell the other girls that Mona knows about the game.  Mona wants to know how many times she has to save them before she becomes part of the group.  (I agree with Mona.  Plus, they need her brain as the others have been unfocused on solving the mystery.)glove cradle 2
  17. Aria takes down the mobile that Em put up and replaces it with one made of dolls.
  18. Ali and Em stay behind after Hanna drops the drive off. They hear someone and chase after them.  They head home after someone pushes Ali down.
  19. Aria trashes the nursery. (This has to be one of the worst things she has ever done.  She is not only destroying something innocent, she is trashing her friend’s childhood mementos, which are irreplaceable.  Plus, she does a thorough job.  This was like the Hurricane Aria that trashed Ezra apartment.)
  20. Emily and Ali arrive home while Aria is still there. She very nosily slips out and avoids being clobbered by Emily with a candlestick.
  21. Aria misses Ezra’s book event, even though she promised to be in the audience.
  22. The girls are disgusted by what was done to the nursery, as Aria awkwardly stands by.
  23. Hanna cannot find the receipt that Spencer signed.
  24. Spencer finds Aria’s earring in the nursery. (I thought Spencer was going to figure this out, but she didn’t.)
  25. Caleb bursts a pipe to flood the room containing the receipts.
  26. Mona leaves Hanna a voicemail saying the girls chased her at the school and scared off Uber A.
  27. Hanna sees Lucas on the security footage at The Radley.
  28. Marco calls Spencer, angry that she stole the drive. She turns the tables on him saying she wonders what people would think of her being alone in his apartment at night.
  29. The girls confront Lucas at his loft. Lucas says he was friends with Charles via email and didn’t know she transitioned to Charlotte.  He sent emails to Charles/Charlotte throughout high school about the torture he received from Ali and her “followers”.  This is part of the reason that Charlotte targeted them.
  30. Lucas went to The Radley to meet someone, but no one showed up. There is a second “graphic novel” about vengeance being a game, but it doesn’t have an ending.  That book is now missing.  Hanna choses to believe Lucas.  (At worst, Lucas can still be A.D.  At best, he is a backstabbing wimp that needs someone else to fight his battles.  I don’t get why Hanna trusts him so much.)
  31. Lucas has allegedly lost all his money investing in Hanna’s company (which I don’t believe).
  32. Marco tells Spencer he is going to investigate her friends.
  33. Ali says she is ready to stop pushing Em away and wants to be a family. She tells Em she loves her, then kisses her.
  34. Aria receives a text from Ezra that she didn’t miss much. She then cries.
  35. D. draws a grave under a tree and writes “Here lies,” but we cannot see the name.


So, who is the worst person on the show this week, Aria or Lucas?  It’s hard to watch Aria go out of her way to protect Ezra, while hurting her friends.  I don’t get it at all.  You will never be able to convince me of the alleged great love between Ezra and Aria and I think their chemistry has fizzled out.   To go against her friends who are also at risk for going to jail says a lot about Aria’s character.

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