Pretty Little Liars Season 7, Episode 15 “In the Eyes Abides the Heart” Recap

Pretty Little Liars

Season 7, Episode 15 “In the Eyes Abides the Heart”

Original Air date: May 23, 2017

Contains spoilers if you have not watched the episode

in the eyes 3.jpg

Note: I took these photos again by pausing the show.

Quotes of the episode

“I underestimated him.  He’s as sneaky as I am.” – Mona on Lucas who has been good at hiding his intentions

“Why build a dollhouse when you can turn the entire town into a dollhouse?” – Mona on the love of her life, the game


  1. Emily tries to deflect the decision about the baby to Ali.
  2. Aria videochats with A.D. It is supposed to look like Aria (but it looks like a cross between Paige and Aria to me).  D. threatens to expose Aria to her friends and says they are going to end the game together.
  3. Aria shushes.
  4. Aria asks what the prior relationship between Lucas and Charles/Charlotte means. Spencer says it means the world is much smaller than they thought.  Hanna doesn’t believe Lucas would be involved in any of this.
  5. Spencer tells Marco that Caleb and Toby are away fishing or not fishing. (Did anyone else think of Brokeback Mountain?)
  6. This episode was directed by Troian (Spencer).in the eyes 4
  7. Marco has theories about Archer’s death. One is that Mary is involved.
  8. Nicole’s parents want Ezra to come to Maine.
  9. D. asks Aria what she and her friends talked about that morning. She tells A.D. about Mary’s hiding spot and talking to Charlotte’s father.
  10. Ali has a blood test done and Emily is the mother of the baby. The baby is not Archer’s.
  11. Mary left a note for Spencer saying they need to talk.
  12. Hanna and Emily find a comic that Lucas and Charles wrote together, called
  13. Marco thinks Archer was killed the same day he disappeared.
  14. The comic book is about a boy bullied at school and by his family. He meets an alien in the woods who is his protector and helps him get revenge on his enemies.  Sometimes the boy turns into Arcturus so that he can experience the payback (sounds very A-ish to me).
  15. Aria thinks that Lucas could be A.D. based on this comic.
  16. Spencer leaves a note for Mary.
  17. Aria tells A.D. about the comic. When Hanna goes to look for the comic, it is gone.
  18. Emily tells Ali that she wants her to have the baby.
  19. Spencer receives a note and a key from Mary.
  20. Mona tells Hanna that Lucas is selling their factory space. Mona says Lucas is as sneaky as she is.
  21. Aria drops the comic in locker 214 at the school. She hears a noise, then there is a black hoodie in the locker.
  22. Emily tells Paige about her desire for Ali to have the baby.
  23. Hanna shows Mona the game and Mona figures out it is battery powered. The game has finite power, so they have to finish the game before the battery runs down.  Mona touches something and a blade comes out of the game.
  24. Mona wishes she had built the game because “why build a dollhouse when you can turn the entire town into a dollhouse.” She thinks the game is beautiful and gets a little misty.  She then photographs the game, something the others didn’t think to the eyes 1
  25. Paige wants to leave town, but Emily somehow wants things to work out. Paige says this is the third time she has said goodbye to Emily and she’s not going to do it again.
  26. Spencer goes to the Lost Woods Resort.
  27. Aria tells Ezra she doesn’t want him to go to Maine.
  28. Paige goes to talk to Ali and creepily sneaks into her house.
  29. Marco followed Spencer. All his theories about Archer keep coming back to Spencer and friends, especially Spencer because she is also connected to Mary.
  30. Marco asks if Spencer knew Archer was at the bar the night she and Marco met. Spencer accidentally paid using Archer’s card and signed her own name.  (That is the least Spencer thing that Spencer has ever done.)
  31. Paige asks Ali if she is in love with Emily. Ali doesn’t directly answer.
  32. Mona tells Hanna the game is sealed. The game ends when the game dies.
  33. Hanna asks Mona to help her play and win the game.
  34. Ezra sees Spencer with Wren at the airport. She asks Ezra not to tell anyone because she doesn’t want Marco to find out.  (Some people think Spencer was being shady in this scene.  I think it was Ezra and Wren, who are allegedly meeting for the first time.)  in the eyes 2
  35. Ali decides to have the baby.
  36. Ezra didn’t go to Maine. (I think they’ve run out of stories for Ezra because this whole Nicole thing is just pointless.)
  37. Mary leaves Spencer a goodbye note since she saw Marco (the police) with Spencer.
  38. D. threatens Aria with her file after Aria doesn’t respond to another videochat.


First of all, I think Troian is a great director.  This episode didn’t annoy me as much as the others and everyone, especially Troian, looked better than usual.  I also loved that Mona is back.  They need her maniacal intelligence.  Still wondering where everyone from my previous list is.  I’m glad Paige is leaving town, but I don’t trust her.  If she is not A.D., I really think she could be involved.  Ezra is still untrustworthy to me also.  Don’t get me started on Wren.


I think this whole baby story is ridiculous.  Emily had a baby in the book series and there are other ways that she could have ended up with a baby besides this.  This mainly serves as a plot line to get Ali and Emily together and there are better and more genuine ways of doing that.

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