Pretty Little Liars Season 7, Episode 14 – “Power Play” Recap

Pretty Little Liars

Season 7, Episode 14 “Power Play”

Original Air date: May 9, 2017

Contains spoilers if you have not watched the episode


power play

Note: I took this photo by pausing the show.


Quote of the episode

“Well, crazy runs in my family.” – Spencer


  1. Ezra arrives home and it’s awkward between he and Aria. She indirectly tells him that he needs to talk to Nicole about them.  Aria goes to stay with Ali, who mothers her a bit.
  2. The game is now at Ali’s house.
  3. Ali shushes.
  4. Spencer had an adult slumber with Marco.
  5. Someone moved the game to Ali’s house, but it wasn’t Spencer.
  6. Things did not go well at the investor meeting for Hanna’s business.
  7. Sydney put the bag with the tracker in it on a greyhound bus.
  8. Paige was offered a new job.
  9. Spencer’s dad, Peter is home. He has been looking for Mary.
  10. Ali plans to terminate the pregnancy to take control of her life again.
  11. Nicole now knows about Ezra’s engagement to Aria. (It looks like there is zero passion between Aria and Ezra.)
  12. Marco tells Ali about the finger, which has been proven to come from Archer’s dead body.
  13. It’s Ali turn to play the game.
  14. Spencer thinks Mary never wants to see her again. Hanna says that is crazy and Spencer says crazy runs in her family.
  15. Aria receives a video chat from A.D. He/she has Aria’s file from Jessica DiLaurentis’ collection and says that Ezra would choose Nicole and Nicole would have to visit Ezra in jail if what was in the file came out.
  16. Hanna and Spencer go looking for Mary in a neighborhood found by a private detective that Peter hired. They knock on a door and it is Pastor Ted’s house.
  17. Paige looks in Ali’s bag and finds out about the abortion.
  18. Ted says he hasn’t seen Mary. He still has a hotmail email address (which may have been the most entertaining point on this lackluster episode).  Mary was in the house with him.
  19. The game leads Ali to a baby clothing store (because A.D. is an a-hole like that). Aria is with her and receives another video chat.  Aria says she wants out of the game and receives a text from A.D. requesting a meeting.
  20. D. makes Ali pick items for her gift registry.
  21. Paige decides to stay in Rosewood and kisses Emily.
  22. The lady in the store gives Ali the gift for her egg donor. It is a necklace with Emily’s name.  She freaks out, then finds her puzzle piece.
  23. Aria goes to meet A.D. in a limo. Sydney is there and does the talking for A.D. saying she shot Spencer and made up the game.
  24. Ted comes over to talk to Hanna. He tells her Mary was at the house.
  25. Sydney is connected to someone through her earpiece. Aria is about to let down the privacy screen when Sydney tells her not to.
  26. Sydney says she is doing this because it is no fun being on a losing team.
  27. Ted dated Mary in college. She just told him that they had a child together, Charlotte.
  28. Lucas was friends with Charles at camp when they were little. (The age difference doesn’t quite mesh well.)  Ted has a picture.
  29. Ali tells Emily the baby is hers. Ali remembers the procedure.
  30. Mary came to see Spencer the night she came home from rehab. Mary found out that Charles was still alive and had transitioned to Charlotte.  She wanted revenge on Jessica.
  31. Peter says that Mary killed Jessica using his pills and tried to frame him.
  32. Ali cancels the appointment for her abortion.
  33. Aria arrives and Spencer tells her about the baby. Spencer tries to encourage them not to let A.D. tear them apart.
  34. The game says it is Hanna’s turn again.
  35. Aria gets a text from A.D. asking if she decided yet.


Though it was nice to finally find out who Charlotte’s father is (I always suspected Ted was tied to this in some way), I was disappointed to read that is not the truth about Jessica’s death.  Why go though telling us more lies when there is only a handful of episodes left?  This episode was painful to re-watch and so boring.  These final episodes have been so disappointing so far.  I feel like so much time is being wasted, then they are going to try to cram in every “answer” on the last freaking episode.  BTW, where are Mona, Jason, Jenna, Holden and most of the parents?

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