Pretty Little Liars – Season 7, Episode 13 – “Hold Your Piece” Recap

Pretty Little Liars

Season 7, Episode 13 “Hold Your Piece”

Original Air date: May 2, 2017

Contains spoilers if you have not watched the episode

hold your piece 3

Note: I took these photos again by pausing the episode.

Quotes of the episode

“What, guys aren’t gonna go through a girl’s purse because they’re too afraid to accidentally touch a tampon.” – Hanna logic, which I will probably miss when the show ends on June 20th

“You can’t spell anonymous without A.D.” – Hanna is right, but wrong “Well, technically, there’s no ‘D’ in anonymous, but, whatever, I get your point.” – Aria couldn’t let that one go unnoticed

“No, like really short, like everyone’s gonna see her spicy tuna roll short.” – Caleb on the inappropriateness of A.D.’s fashion choices

“Happiest.” – Someone’s last word

“Well, I mean I couldn’t tell them I was poisoned by some toxic version of Candyland.” – Caleb telling the convoluted truth

“Tell your chihuahua to keep her paws to herself and maybe I’ll talk.” – Sydney tries to diss Aria even though Aria can overpower her

“Do I have to twist your arm again?  Answer the freakin’ question. – Don’t mess with Aria, the tiny thug

“Namaste, b*tch. – Sydney tries to have the last word


  1. Spencer awakes to the sound of a baby crying. It is the phone on the game. She cannot make it stop, so she calls the girls, minus Ali, who is out of town (probably something baby related).  Emily says Ali is dealing with something.  Aria doesn’t want to be alone with the phone that Spencer has stuffed into a pillow.
  2. Emily says their place is loud enough because Caleb snores. The crying sound stops when Hanna takes the pillow. It is her time to play.
  3. Spencer shushes.
  4. Hanna and Emily didn’t sleep after the phone incident. Hanna has the phone hidden in her purse because she thinks Caleb won’t go in there because guys are afraid of tampons, or something.
  5. Hanna’s dress that the Senator’s daughter wore made the style section of the newspaper. However, a blogger accused Hanna of stealing the design.
  6. Yvonne is out of the coma.
  7. Hanna thinks A.D. is behind this. Caleb thinks they should use Sydney to track down Jenna, who checked out of The Radley.
  8. Aria is distracted by an interview with Nicole on television saying it was love and the thought of seeing Ezra again that brought her through her ordeal.
  9. Emily goes to see Toby and Yvonne at the hospital. Yvonne hasn’t spoken yet, but she calls for Toby while Emily goes to get a nurse.
  10. A Hanna-like mannequin arrives at Hanna’s door. Hanna tells Caleb about the game.  The doll says for more instructions, see the appendix.
  11. Marco takes Spencer to play ping-pong to take her mind off all that is going on.
  12. Toby wants to marry Yvonne right now and she agrees.
  13. Lucas tells Hanna that the investors in her company know about her being accused of stealing the dress design. She has to “dazzle” them.
  14. Hanna asks Emily to help Aria track down Sydney. They see a picture of Sydney at the same event as the Senator’s daughter. They also think Sydney could have shot Spencer.
  15. Hanna has to cut open the mannequin to play the game. (It’s pretty gross.) She pulls out a bag labeled “Wear Me.”
  16. Spencer is distracted until Marco mentions work and her shoulder starts bleeding.
  17. Caleb taught Aria some hacking/spying skills.
  18. Hanna shows Caleb the kimono dress that she has been instructed to wear. He says it is short enough to see her “spicy tuna roll”. The investors are Japanese and will be offended by her dress. (Why couldn’t she throw some leggings on under it or layer it over another dress. Come on, she’s a designer and couldn’t think her way out of this.)
  19. Emily tracks Sydney down to a coffee shop. Sydney says she was at The Radley when Spencer was shot.
  20. Aria sees that Sydney has an appointment at Vogel Vision Institute. Sydney drops off a deposit from A.D. for Jenna’s surgery.
  21. Marco reveals his troubled past to Spencer, then they kiss.
  22. Toby and Yvonne marry in the hospital. She’s still on oxygen.
  23. Aria and Emily corner Sydney. Aria leads her into an alley and says Sydney is going to lead them to Jenna and tell them about A.D. Emily reveals that they know Sydney’s schedule and will keep showing up where she is.hold your piece 4
  24. Sydney tries to run, so Aria grabs her and pins her to the wall. Em says to let her go and tells Sydney to tell them about A.D.  She tells Em to tell her chihuahua to keep her paws off of her and she’ll talk.  Aria asks if she has to twist Sydney’s arm again in order for her to answer the question.  Sydney says A.D. is one of her clients at the bank.  Jenna doesn’t want to be found and hasn’t answered any of Sydney’s calls or texts.  She leaves them with a curt, “Namaste, b*tch.”  (Tiny Aria roughing Sydney up is my favorite scene so far out of these final ten.)  Aria has the last word since she dropped a GPS tracker in Sydney’s bag.
  25. Caleb is examining the game when Spencer comes home. It is okay and not weird between them.  She tells him she spent the day with Marco.  He asks if Marco is good to her because he deserves that.
  26. Caleb tries to pry one of the buildings off the game and he is gassed in the face. Caleb cannot breathe, so Spencer calls 911.hold your piece 1
  27. Hanna meets Lucas at The Radley for the meeting. She thanks him for everything and makes him promise that they’ll always be friends, no matter what. Lucas looks stunned and a little guilty.  Hanna receives a text that Caleb is in the hospital, so Lucas tells her to go.hold your piece 2
  28. Toby and Yvonne plan their honeymoon. He asks if she is happy and she says, “Happiest.”  The bouquet of flowers slips from Yvonne’s hand and falls to the floor.  (So, just like that, Yvonne is dead and Toby has one of the shortest marriages in television history.)
  29. Hanna checks on Caleb. He made up a story about what happened to him since he couldn’t tell the doctors he poisoned by evil Candyland.
  30. Hanna received this message on her phone:hold your piece 5
  31. Hanna goes to talk to the girls in the lobby and she is upset because the game is unfair since Spencer had an easy challenge. Emily points out that it gives them something to bicker about and they are not focused on who A.D. is.
  32. Spencer sees Toby in the hallway of the hospital and he sobs in Spencer’s arms.
  33. Aria calls Ezra to say that Sabrina quit. She sees a shadow, pulls a knife, turns on the light and sees that Nicole is there.
  34. Marco is wearing a hoodie and gloves as he opens an envelope labeled “Rosewood P.D. It’s a finger.


Out the last ten episodes, this one was the most entertaining so far.  It still had a lot of unnecessary stuff included.  I definitely locked eyes with one of my top three suspects for A.D.

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