Pretty Little Liars – Season 7, Episode 12 “These Boots Were Made for Stalking” – Recap

Pretty Little Liars

Season 7, Episode 12 “These Boots Were Made for Stalking”

Original Air date: April 25, 2017

Contains spoilers if you have not watched the episode

boots were made for stalking 1

(I took all these photos again by pausing the episode.)

Quotes of the episode

“She’s worse.  At least when I threatened adults I looked up from my phone.” – Ali on Addison who should be scared into a corner by A.D.

“Can I trust you with a knife?” – Holden overestimating his tiny friend “Well, not that one.  It’s bigger than me.” – Aria being intimated by kitchen tools

“How can she just walk in there?” – Aria on Jenna’s nerve to outsmart them “I’ll tell you how, because she has b*lls the size of church bells.” – Spencer on what is thankfully not a literal description “Okay.  Well, I didn’t need the image.” – Aria on the image no one needed


  1. It is moments after the last episode ended and the girls are wondering if the game can see them. They insult Jenna’s blindness even though they caused it.
  2. Aria understands why Spencer played the game. Aria wonders if Sydney is helping Jenna.  This sets Emily off.  She is done with playing high school games.  Spencer points out that A.D. has proof of their involvement in Rollins’ death, but Emily storms out anyway.  Spencer says they are still all in this together.
  3. Emily shushes.
  4. Aria comes out of the back entrance to Ezra’s loft wearing tiny red boots. A reporter wants to talk to Ezra about his fiancé, Nicole.  Aria says she is Ezra’s fiancé.
  5. Emily and Paige talk about stuff in the locker room at school that they shouldn’t talk about and a girl overhears them (setting off one of the most annoying plots in recent history).
  6. Things are still tense between Veronica and Spencer. Veronica talked to Peter, who will be home that week.  He’s called Spencer, but she won’t talk to him.  Melissa didn’t know Veronica is not Spencer’s birth mother.
  7. Mona stops by to talk to Hanna at Lucas’ place. Mona tells her Katherine picked a dress, which is one Mona took from Hanna’s closet.  Hanna says Katherine cannot wear the dress (setting off an unnecessary, overwrought plot).
  8. Emily benches the girl, Addison, who eavesdropped on her conversation with Paige. The girl acts like Ali used to, but Ali thinks she is worse.  Ali worries that she will have a child that acts like Addison or how she used to.  Addison eavesdrops again.
  9. Marco comes over to the barn wearing a tank top (probably to entice Spencer). She asks that he make it top priority to find Mary Drake and shows the letter Mary wrote to unborn Spencer.
  10. Addison took pictures of Emily touching Ali’s hair and hugging her (I am sick of the girl already and hope I never have to see her again.)
  11. Hanna designed the dress when she worked for Claudia (so her freak out was disinteresting and unimportant to the plot).
  12. Addison tells Paige that Emily was inappropriate with her and shows Paige the pictures she took of Emily and Ali. (It was painful to watch two of my least favorite characters ever have a conversation about something as ridiculous as Emily being a sexual predator.)
  13. Holden is overwhelmed at work and Aria offers to help. She is momentarily startled by a knife she says is bigger than her.  She stares at her engagement ring and Holden notices.  Aria wonders if Ezra was really engaged to Nicole and Holden asks why would he keep it a secret.  Holden asks if anyone else ever told her, “I love you.”  She says yes (Jason?  Liam?)  He asks if she shared that with Ezra and she hasn’t.  Holden says that everyone has were made for stalking 3
  14. At the police station, Spencer is updated on the search for Mary. Marco thinks Spencer’s parents might know how to contact her.  Jenna arrives and says she’s been hiding and needs to tell someone the truth.  He tells her someone else is in the room, but Jenna already recognized Spencer’s breathing.
  15. Jenna says that Noel was not just after Spencer and her friends. He wanted to kill her like he killed Sara Harvey (I told you.)  Noel told her that some of Charlotte’s money was hers because Charlotte promised to pay for another eye surgery for Jenna.  Noel needed money because his parents cut him off.  She says she pretended to be Noel’s partner and she had a gun for protection.
  16. Spencer wants Marco to arrest Jenna, but there is nothing he can formally charge Jenna with. Spencer goes to talk to Aria.  Aria asks how Jenna could just strut into the police station and Spencer says it is because Jenna has balls the size of church bells.  Spencer says she wants to get to know Mary so that she can figure out some things about herself.
  17. Emily sees Jenna at The Brew with two other blind people. Addison is also there.  (I don’t care what’s going on.  Will not even try to figure it out.)
  18. Spencer informs Veronica she will not be working with her and will look for new employment. Veronica drops the bomb that she is selling the house and expects Spencer to feel something. Spencer ignores Veronica’s speech about family even though she starts to cry.
  19. Aria sees a news story on her phone about Ezra and Nicole reuniting. Holden sees it too (because he sees everything).
  20. Mona and Hanna are at The Radley when they see Jenna wearing a white version of the dress Hanna designed. Mona confronts Jenna and Jenna says the dress was a gift.
  21. Emily goes to Ali’s house to get a spare key to Spencer’s barn. She somehow connected Jenna and Addison and wants to play the game to see if this is something to do with A.D.  Emily mentions that A.D. took a final exam for her.
  22. Hanna and Caleb follow Jenna and friends to Philly. She for some reason thinks Jenna wants the shoes she has at the cobblers.  Caleb goes to talk to Jenna (they mostly just circle each other with bushy tails).
  23. Hanna goes into the dark cobblers. She gets caged in.
  24. Emily plays the game and sees footage she can use against Addison.
  25. Aria tries to charm her way into the rehab facility where Nicole is. Holden stops her.
  26. Hanna has flashbacks to being kidnapped as someone tries to make her into a moccasin (her words, not mine). Caleb finds her basically rocking in the corner.
  27. Emily stands up to Addison and earns a puzzle piece for the game. Spencer also earned one last week.
  28. Holden tells Aria she should give Ezra some time and she lays her head on his shoulder. (I came up with a brilliant idea.  She should marry Holden, not Ezra. #Haria Or she should marry anyone but Ezra.)boots were made for stalking 2


The only thing I liked about this episode were Aria and Holden’s interactions because I’ve always liked Holden.  All that mess with Addison felt like a waste of everyone’s time.  It would be really nice if the game revealed an answer to one of the show’s old mysteries instead of bringing up all these useless, boring plot lines.  I swear if I have to watch another episode of Petty Little Lizards starring Addison, I might not make it to the series finale.

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