Pretty Little Liars – Season 7, Episode 11 “Playtime” Recap


Pretty Little Liars

Season 7, Episode 11 “Playtime”

Original Air date: April 17, 2017

Contains spoilers if you have not watched the episode

Pretty Little Liars Endgame 2

Note: I took all these pictures by pausing the show.

Quotes of the episode

“The last time I let you out of my sight I lost you down a rabbit hole.” – Caleb remembering that time Hanna was taken down a hole under a creepy motel room  “It was a hotel hole, not a rabbit hole.” – Hanna trying to describe things that do not make sense.

“Do you trust me?” – Mona asking the question most are on the fence about  “Sometimes.” – Hanna on what most of us think  “Make this one of those times.” – Mona demanding we forget about a lot of stuff

“Uh, Alison’s husband wasn’t a real doctor.  Turns out he was a crook who took all her money.  Noel Kahn kidnapped Hanna.  She got away and Noel Kahn is now dead.  Jenna Marshall shot me, probably.” – Spencer summing up things for Veronica and also giving an episode recap.

“And there she was like any neighbor come to borrow a lawnmower or a husband.” – Veronica on her not so favorite person, Jessica DiLaurentis.

“I don’t know anything.  Everything that I thought I knew, everything it just came from the big bag of lies.” – Spencer on the lies that kicked off a whole bunch of crap


  1. Spencer is in an ambulance. She has lost a lot of blood.
  2. Ali, Aria, Hanna and Emily arrive at the hospital. They question whether Noel and Jenna could have been behind everything and say that Mary disappeared.  Toby is wheeled into the hospital.  Hanna wonders where Yvonne is.
  3. Hanna shushes.
  4. Aria and Toby are at The Brew. It is one week later.  Yvonne is in a medically induced coma and hasn’t woken since surgery.  Aria tries to assure him that Yvonne will be okay. (Have Aria and Toby really talked before?)  Toby asks Aria about Spencer and Aria says she is at home now.  Spencer is actually at The Lost Woods Resort looking for Mary.
  5. Aria packs to leave Ezra’s, but he arrives home and takes her bag. (Aria is wearing the cutest pink leather jacket.)
  6. Hanna pinches Caleb awake. Caleb wants to stay in bed, but Hanna wants to track down Jenna. He is concerned because he lost Hanna down a rabbit hole before.  Hanna says it was a “hotel hole,” (which goes on the list with “burner apartment” and other phrases no one else uses, except the people on this show).  He encourages Hanna to work on her fashion business while he handles Jenna.
  7. This episode was directed by Chad Lowe (who still hasn’t been seen on the show).
  8. Emily will be coaching varsity swim and Paige will be the athletic department supervisor. (That means we have to see more of Paige.  Not happy.)  Ali arrives at school and is randomly cold to Emily.  Her doctor confirmed she is pregnant.  Ali is upset as I am that Paige will also be working at the school.
  9. Toby’s accident was caused by a deer. (I wonder if it was wearing a black hoodie or a mask.)
  10. Nicole is in a recovery facility in New York with her parents. She didn’t talk to Ezra on the way back (despite them hugging and kissing on the news).
  11. Aria is the last of the girls to arrive at the barn. There is a gift waiting from A.D.  “It’s playtime” reads the card.  Aria is in denial.  They think either Jenna and Noel worked for A.D. or they had their own evil plan.
  12. The “gift” is a game featuring town landmarks, such as the bell tower, police station, Hastings house and a secret passage (which I felt should have received a little more attention). One side of the game says, “End game.”  Emily thinks A.D. wants to play them, but Hanna thinks A.D. wants to play with them.  There are only a few pieces left to play on the game, then it’s over.Pretty Little Liars FigurinesPretty Little Liars Endgame
  13. Aria tells Hanna her fears about Nicole coming between she and Ezra. Hanna thinks she should plan the wedding.
  14. Ali wonders if they made the job up for Paige. (I wonder if this is part of A.D.’s plot.)  Emily tries to be supportive, but Ali is being distant.
  15. Mona sees Hanna sketching outside (maybe The Brew). She asks if Hanna is okay.  Mona states how good Hanna’s designs are and tries to encourage her to do something with them.  Mona asks Hanna if she trusts her and Hanna say sometimes.  Mona says that this should be one of those times.  She takes pictures of some of Hanna’s sketches.
  16. Spencer goes to see Marco. He asks if she talked to Toby and she says Toby doesn’t need an old girlfriend complicating his life.  Marco asks if she was aware Archer knew Noel and Jenna.  He doesn’t really think Archer is in France.  Marco also tells Spencer that she was shot with a different gun than the one Jenna had.  He says the other gun is missing like Mary and Jenna.
  17. Hanna and Aria are looking at wedding venues. (Aria’s skirt is cute.)  Holden works as a chef at the venue.  (Holden!  I liked him ever since he karate kicked Noel Kahn for grabbing Aria way back in season 2.)  Aria tells him she is getting married to Ezra and he marvels about a high school romance working out.
  18. Emily tries to tell Mrs. Horowitz, or May as she insists on being called, that Paige and Ali won’t work well together after seeing they were assigned to the same committee.
  19. Holden asks Aria for her vision for her wedding, but she doesn’t have one.
  20. Hanna goes to meet Mona and Mona tries to groom her before Hanna makes her stop. Mona introduces her to a senator’s daughter, Katherine, who possibly wants to wear one of Hanna’s designs.
  21. When Spencer arrives home, Veronica is there. Veronica asks what happened (and Spencer sums it up better than any previously on Pretty Little Liars recap).  “Uh, Alison’s husband wasn’t a real doctor.  Turns out he was a crook who took all her money.  Noel Kahn kidnapped Hanna.  She got away and Noel Kahn is now dead.  Jenna Marshall shot me, probably.”
  22. Spencer tells Veronica that Mary said she is Spencer’s birth mother. She tells Spencer of how Jessica stopped by some time after Jason was born, like a neighbor there to borrow a lawnmower or a husband.  Jessica told her about her pregnant, unstable twin sister Mary.  They didn’t know who Charles’ father is.  Mary pretended she was Jessica and slept with Peter, creating Spencer.  Veronica partially stayed with Peter because of Melissa and Spencer.
  23. Veronica was close by when Spencer was born. (The coloring of the scene, which was almost black and white, and the clothing of the man that hands Veronica Spencer makes my sister question when Spencer was born.  Maybe she is a vampire like I once theorized.)  Veronica tries to assure Spencer, but Spencer says everything she knows comes from a big bag of lies.  (Troian gives an Emmy winning performance here.  Why hasn’t she won an acting award already?)
  24. While Holden and Aria walk down the street, he says he recently thought about how he and Aria used to sneak around like spies. He asks how Aria is before they run into Ezra.  Nicole’s parents have asked him to come to New York.
  25. Katherine agrees to wear one of Hanna’s dresses, but she thinks Mona is the boss.
  26. Paige, May, Ali and Emily have an unproductive and snarky meeting.
  27. Spencer receives a text that says she has to play the game in order to get closer to her mother. She places the phone on the game and it gives her the option of truth or dare.  Spencer picks dare.  The dare is to see Toby, so she goes to the hospital to see him.  He seems relieved to see her and they hug.  Yvonne is not doing well.Spencer's dare
  28. Emily confronts Ali and Ali says her life is a steaming hot mess. Em says everyone’s life is a mess.  Emily asks if Ali kissed her because she wanted to or if she didn’t want Em to leave.  Ali doesn’t know, so Em requests that Ali not kiss her again until she knows.
  29. Hanna confronts Mona about Katherine thinking she was Hanna’s boss. Mona says she is trying to help and will clear things up with Katherine.
  30. Spencer’s prize is a letter Mary wrote to her before she was born, which asks for forgiveness.
  31. The girls gather and Hanna is upset that Spencer played the game. Hanna suggests they smash the game and Ali tells her it is not a piñata.  The phone on the game shows Spencer and Hanna digging up Rollins just as Hanna is about to stab the game to death.
  32. Jenna is drinking tea in a dark place with clinical looking people (which makes me think of Wren). Someone tosses a document in her lap and she begins to read about the “endgame.”
    She smiles a creepy smile.

This episode was a little weak considering it was the last midseason premiere this show will ever have.  The game looks pretty cool though.  Do we really have time to wonder where Mary is when there is already enough going on and a lot of things that need to be wrapped up in these remaining episodes?  I don’t know.  This show frustrates me by always taking the long road to the truth.

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