Pretty Little Liars – “The Wrath of Kahn” Recap

Pretty Little Liars

Season 7, Episode 9 “The Wrath of Kahn”

Original Air date: August 22, 2016

Contains spoilers if you have not watched the episode


All Photo Credits: Freeform

Quotes of the episode

“Jason’s mother is dead, his dad disappeared, his other cousin was murdered a few weeks ago and his only other sibling was released from a pychiatric hospital.  So he is really desperate to connect to some family right now and finding his cousin would mean everything to him.” – Aria summing Jason’s life up in two sentences

“Tell them what? That Hanna was supposed to be in New York, but we think she’s here hunting down Noel like it’s “The Hunger Games.” – Emily summing up the craziness of Hanna’s actions

“Be careful Hanna or you’ll end up just like Sara.” – Noel to Hanna explaining why she shouldn’t corner a large muscular man with anger issues


  1. Emily and Aria are concerned about Hanna being missing, but Spencer is not as concerned. Emily calls Hanna, but Hanna is busy unpacking things such as rope, a hammer and video camera.  Aria plans to research adoptions while Spencer tries to find out information about Noel.
  2. Hanna records a video stating her name and that if someone is watching the video her plan went wrong and the video should be given to the police.
  3. Ali shushes.
  4. Marco stops by the barn. He says that Archer fled to France using a fake passport.  Since the case is out of Marco’s jurisdiction, he invites Spencer on a date.  Spencer says she is just getting out of a relationship and it is too soon for her to date.
  5. Emily goes to The Brew and sees that Sabrina is preparing to bake a cake for Noel (What in the world is Noel celebrating?). Em asks Sabrina not to do it.
  6. This episode is directed by Chad Lowe a.k.a. Aria’s father, who has not been seen in a while.
  7. Jason stops by Ezra’s loft to ask if Aria knows anything about the fire at his Aunt Carol’s house. She says no.  She then lies and says the fire was an accident, but tells him that Jessica was in charge of Mary’s care and oversaw the adoption of Charles/Charlotte and Mary’s other child.  Mary is not answering Ali’s calls and she is not staying at The Lost Woods.
  8. Jason thinks there are more secrets and his mom was killed because of them. Aria says she heading to the courthouse and Jason says they won’t give her any information because she is not a relative.  Aria points out that he is.
  9. Hanna watches Noel place some items in a dumpster. Hanna retrieves the bag, which contains Sara’s cell phone.
  10. Paige talks Emily up when Em is nervous about applying for the job.
  11. Aria and Jason have a long wait at the courthouse while Aria relives a memory of when she and Jason were lovers (and he was shirtless). He invites Aria to come to Ethiopia with him.  Aria says traveling is not in her plans and she needs to work.wrath3
  12. Paige asks Emily to hang out, but Em says she will probably be with Sabrina. Paige lies and says she didn’t know Emily was seeing someone.  She tells Paige that it is happening again, meaning another vengeful person is after them.
  13. Hanna buys roofies. (Sometimes I must type ridiculous sentences for these recaps.)
  14. Emily comes over to the barn. She talked to Hanna and knows Hanna is lying.  Spencer tracks down Noel’s address, which is his parent’s cabin (and the place Maya disappeared from).  This is the same area where Hanna was held while kidnapped.  Spencer and Emily head to the cabin, where Spencer smashes the security camera.
  15. Jason and Aria finally get to talk to a clerk. The clerk says she cannot give out the information they need, which launches Aria into a rant.  “Jason’s mother is dead, his dad disappeared, his other cousin was murdered a few weeks ago and his only other sibling was released from a  psychiatric hospital.  So he is really desperate to connect to some family right now and finding his cousin would mean everything to him.” (She forgot about Spencer or does she not know?) The clerk says Jason is lucky to have a fiancé who cares so much for him.  She offers to search the physical records for Radley adoptions.
  16. Hanna texts Noel saying she found the phone, so he should meet her.
  17. Emily finds a box in the cabin that has the same stamp Maya had on her wrist years ago. (Was I the only one excited that Maya hadn’t been forgotten?)  Spencer says that stamp got you into Eric Kahn’s (Robbie Amell) parties.  Charlotte took Spencer to one.  There is a flashdrive inside the box.  On the drive are files labeled Spencer, Aria, Hanna, Emily and Mona.
  18. The first video is of Spencer in the dollhouse. Noel Kahn is covering Spencer with blood and making a trail of blood to make it seem like Spencer hurt someone.  (Noel is the worst right now.)wrath2
  19. Sabrina stops by to visit Emily and Em asks her to be patient.
  20. Spencer, Aria and Emily think Hanna is going to hurt Noel. They ponder calling the police, but Emily wonders how they will they tell the police that Hanna was supposed to be in New York, but she is hunting Noel down like “The Hunger Games.”  (Emily wins the line of the episode.)
  21. At some shady looking bar, Hanna tells Noel that she knows he killed Sara. He says that Sara fell in the shower.  She asks why Noel dumped the phone, then tried to get it back.  Noel refuses to drink the beer that Hanna previously drugged, then takes Sara’s phone back.  He tells Hanna to be careful or she will end up like Sara.
  22. Spencer returns home to turn off her mother’s car alarm, which went off during a thunderstorm. The lights go out and Spencer decides to sit in the dark and watch videos from the dollhouse on her laptop.  She then leaves a message for Marco asking for help.
  23. Aria tells Jason that if Nicole is alive, she doesn’t know what it means for her relationship with Ezra. Jason tries to reassure her.  In a flashback, Aria has just accepted a job at the publisher that put out Jason’s book.  Aria says that she hasn’t spoken to Ezra in years and doesn’t think they will cross paths.  In present time, Aria admits that she took the job because she hoped it would bring she and Ezra back together.  (The reason why she would pick Ezra over Jason is beyond my understanding.)
  24. Jason says that if Ezra goes back to Nicole, it is his loss because he cannot imagine someone better than Aria. This makes Aria uncomfortable (but it makes me like Jason even more).
  25. Someone breaks into Spencer’s house right before Marco arrives. The flashdrive is gone (and for some reason, they didn’t make several copies of it).
  26. Emily calls Paige and tells her that Noel is the bad guy. Paige is at The Brew watching Sabrina (like the dangerous creeper she is).
  27. Aria receives a text from Ezra that Nicole was not one of the hostages located. The fax comes through from the clerk.  Everything has been blacked out except for the name of the judge, Steven Kahn, who is Noel’s father.  Aria tells Jason she thinks the judge adopted Noel.
  28. Noel arrives home and Hanna knocks him out and says, “It’s over b*tch.” (You know it’s not over.)

This episode was a great build up to the midseason finale.  Also, who knew all these episodes took place over the course of a few weeks.

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