Pretty Little Liars – “The Darkest Knight” Recap

Pretty Little Liars

Season 7, Episode 10 “The Darkest Knight”

Original Air date: August 29, 2016

Contains spoilers if you have not watched the episode

darkest night 2

All Photo Credits: Freeform

Quotes of the episode

“You mean, finding out that Hanna ran him over and you buried him like a dog.” – Caleb on how the girls might have some explaining to do regarding Archer/Elliott

“How much longer are we gonna be penned up in here like veal?” – Ali on not enjoying being trapped

“Stop looking for Noel, leave those girls alone and get the first Greyhound out of town.” – Mona on how Jenna can get off her bad side

“You deserve that great, big beautiful love more than anyone else I know.” – Spencer wishing Toby well

“Hanna, if by cold feet you mean we weren’t willing to abduct someone and beat a confession out of them, then yes we got cold feet.” – Spencer trying to explain the situation to Hanna

“I’m saying I have Noel tied up to a chair in an old motel room and we need to deal with that.” – Hanna going rogue then coming back “So we’re a we again.” – Spencer questioning Hanna’s methods

“You did remember to, like, feed and water him, right? – Aria wondering if Hanna knows how to take care of a human or a pet

“I didn’t lose my sight.  You took it from me.” – Jenna is still angry, by the way.

“Was there a blind baby epidemic I didn’t know about?” – Sometimes even Ali questions the ridiculous moments on this show.

“You really think we’d let you leave.  You know too much.” – Noel states his intentions

“Grudge much, Jenna.” – Ali understating what Jenna is up to

“I taught Jenna a lot but one thing she taught Charlotte and me, that was how to smell fear.” – Noel on how Jenna doesn’t need a seeing eye dog

“You’ve been the b*tch, the missing girl, the dead girl.  Tonight, you get to be me.” – Jenna forgetting that people’s eyes adjust to darkness

“You b*tches never understood me.  I always get what I want. – Noel about to get something he didn’t expect

“You’re A.D.” – Jenna didn’t have to use her sniffer for this one.


  1. Ali, Emily, Spencer and Aria bring Caleb and Mona up to date in Spencer’s kitchen. Spencer says their plan risks the police finding out about Archer.  Caleb clarifies they mean running Archer down and burying him “like a dog”.  Spencer calls 911 and says she thinks her friend may have been kidnapped.
  2. Meanwhile, Hanna has Noel tied up in that window covered room and he is still knocked out.    She takes the duct tape off his mouth and says, “Wake up b*tch”.  She turns on the video camera as she has a flashback to being kidnapped.  She cuts Noel’s leg when he doesn’t come to.
  3. Aria shushes.
  4. Spencer’s house is now swarming with cops, including Toby and Marco. Marco orders for Mary Drake to be found.  Marco doesn’t think Jenna is much of a threat, but Toby says it is because he doesn’t know her.  It is Toby’s last day on the job.  He offers to stay longer, but Marco refuses.
  5. Caleb goes to meet Mona, who is keeping an eye on Jenna.
  6. Spencer apologizes to Marco for lying about Noel the night before. Marco now knows that Noel participated in the dollhouse.
  7. Hanna drops Noel’s blood off for DNA testing. She sees a news story about her disappearance.
  8. Mona listens to Jenna leave a voicemail for Noel. Jenna says the cops are all over her and asks if he has Hanna.
  9. Hanna calls someone and asks for help with Noel. Mona shows up and asks Hanna to call her before she abducts someone and goes on the run.  Mona pats Noel down and finds the flashdrive in Noel’s boot.  Mona tells Hanna it is proof that Noel was working with Charlotte and he was in the dollhouse.  Hanna doesn’t think that is enough and wants Noel to pay for everything he did.
  10. The girls are in Spencer’s kitchen when Paige shows up with coffee and pastries. Ali wonders how long they are going to be penned up like veal.  They cannot leave until Hanna is found.  Ali is upset that Paige is there, but Emily invited her.  Ali thinks Paige is using this situation to get close to Emily.
  11. Hanna practices stating her reasons for disappearing.
  12. Noel finally wakes up after Hanna leaves and begins to struggle.
  13. Jenna and Mona talk in The Radley elevator. Mona insults Jenna’s outdated lipstick.  Mona says Jenna should stop looking for Noel, leave the girls alone and leave town.  Mona thinks that Noel will be arrested soon and he will sing like a canary.  Mona says they will say that Jenna had nothing to do with Noel if she leaves town.
  14. Caleb doesn’t believe Hanna’s story. In between a lot of other stuff, Caleb says they are meant to be together.
  15. Emily stays with Ali so that Hanna can have some alone time with Caleb. Ali says she’s pregnant and that of course the baby’s father is Archer. (Man, that awkward and awful.)  Ali thought her mom would be with her when she started a family, but she’s alone.  Emily assures her that she is not alone.
  16. Aria prepares Ezra’s homecoming dinner, but later sees Ezra and Nicole hugging and kissing on the news as they reunite.
  17. Marco comes over with dinner for Spencer.
  18. Caleb and Hanna rekindle their relationship on Lucas’ rug (while I look away).
  19. Emily and Ali rekindle their relationship with a kiss.
  20. Spencer stops by Toby’s to say goodbye and tells him that he deserves a great, big beautiful love. They have a goodbye kiss.darkest night
  21. The next morning, Paige stops by Ali’s and refers to herself as Emily’s girlfriend (Paige is getting creepier with each passing episode. I think she is totally working with A.D. or maybe she just lost it.)  Paige is upset and says Emily is Ali’s puppet.
  22. Noel is not Mary’s son.
  23. Hanna meets the girls in Spencer’s kitchen to update them. She says the others got cold feet before and Spencer says that is true if cold feet means they weren’t willing to kidnap someone and beat a confession out of them.  Hanna admits that she needs help with Noel who is tied up in an old motel room.  Spencer asks if they are a we again.  They end up deciding to sneak out that night and confront Noel together.
  24. The girls arrive at the hotel and Aria asks if Hanna fed and watered Noel. Hanna says of course (but I could have sworn he was unconscious).  Noel is no longer tied up and they receive a text that says, “1465 Elm Street. 10 pm, b*tches.  Let’s swap.  My thumb drive for your camera.”
  25. Caleb and Mona see who they think is Jenna, but it’s Sydney.
  26. The girls arrive at the creepy place and Mary is lurking in the shadows. The place used to be a school for the blind, but it closed in 2009.  They theorize that Jenna may have come there when she first lost her sight.  Jenna comes over the intercom and says she didn’t lose her sight, they took it from her.darkest night 3
  27. The girls leave the thumb drive on the table as instructed (I hope they made a copy) and head upstairs to find Hanna’s camera. They find a room full of those plastic things in which babies are placed in the hospital.  Ali wonders if there was a blind baby epidemic, but this was used to teach the blind to care for babies.  They are find a room (that looks like it’s from Friday the 13th: The Series. I don’t know how this belongs in a school for the blind.) that Aria thinks looks like Tim Burton’s garage sale.
  28. The girls head downstairs, but Emily somehow forgot her phone. Hanna goes with her to find it.  Noel appears in the hallway and says that they didn’t think that they would let them leave because they know too much.  Hanna and Em run into the Friday the 13th room and Noel follows them.
  29. Jenna shows up downstairs and she has a gun. (Okay, I did sing “Jenna’s Got A Gun” like Aerosmith, but no matter how heightened her other senses are, she shouldn’t have a gun.  It’s almost funny.)  The girls stand still and Jenna heads upstairs.  They try and fail to get out or call for help and figure they were brought there to be killed.  Ali says, “Grudge much, Jenna.” (This has moved way beyond a grudge if you are about to kill 5 people and an unborn baby.)  darkest night 4
  30. Noel picks up a medieval looking weapon and says that Jenna taught he and Charlotte how to smell fear. (I don’t know if I’m supposed to laugh here or not.)  Emily and Hanna knock over a shelf and a random bowling ball goes tumbling down the stairs.
  31. Jenna tells Ali she was the b*tch, the missing girl and the dead girl. She says tonight Ali gets to be her. She switches the power off.
  32. Noel is also making villain statements. He says that “you b*tches never understood me.  I always get what I want.”  Noel hunts for Emily and Hanna while Jenna hunts for Ali, Spencer and Aria.
  33. Emily and Hanna double-team Noel and he falls onto the medieval weapon. His head rolls down the stairs like a bowling ball.  (Interesting fact is the Brant really bounced his head down the stairs.)  Ali, Spencer and Aria run upstairs.  Jenna somehow steps right over Noel’s head.
  34. Shots are fired and the girls run downstairs. They realize Spencer is not with them.  She’s been shot.  Jenna says she smells Spencer’s blood.  She somehow missed all of Noel’s blood or she doesn’t care.  Mary attacks Jenna and knocks her out.  Someone drags Jenna away.
  35. The girls find Mary cradling Spencer and singing “Hush Little Baby.” Mary says she would never hurt Spencer because Spencer is her daughter.  (I randomly guessed this a while ago.)darkest night 5
  36. An ambulance arrives to where Toby’s truck crashed. Both he and Yvonne are bloody and at least unconscious.
  37. Jenna wakes up in the back of a van. She asks who the driver is and if the person shot Spencer.  The person pulls off a mask and pulls a black hoodie to cover his/her face.
  38. Jenna thinks over everything that happened and utters, “You’re A.D.”


Yes, there were some silly moments, but this was the best season finale this show has had.  The action and suspense in the last 15 minutes or so of the episode were quite simply amazing and me on the edge of my seat.  It made waiting for the new episodes to be torture at times.

My guess is that Yvonne will not survive, but Spencer definitely will.  I’m not sure about Toby, but this could lead to he and Spencer reuniting.

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