Pretty Little Liars “Original GAngsters” Recap

Pretty Little Liars

Season 7, Episode 7 “Original GAngsters”

Original Air date: August 8, 2016

Contains spoilers if you have not watched the episode


Photo Credit: Freeform


Quote of the episode

“D*mn my hair looked good.” – Hanna


  1. The girls are having brunch at The Radley. Spencer gives each of them a necklace with their name on it and declares that they are family.  They toast Aria’s engagement and their friendship.  The moment is ruined by Ali receiving a threatening note.
  2. The girls see the police and Emily finds out from someone that Sara is dead.
  3. Jenna is sobbing nearby, but the others think she is pretending. Someone says that Sara slipped in the shower.  They are cringe when the coroner wheels out Sara’s body and Sara’s scarred hand falls from under the cover. They then coldly plot to steal Jenna’s laptop.
  4. Emily and her mom, Pam go for a jog. Em offers to buy her mom dinner for her birthday.
  5. At The Brew, Spencer asks Toby why Jenna is in town. Toby says she is looking for forgiveness.  There is a flashback to Toby and Jenna watching fireworks.  Toby says that maybe this is the start of a friendship.  Jenna is afraid because she is losing the ability to picture things in her mind.  She touches Toby’s face, then tries to kiss him.  Toby basically runs.
  6. Toby hears that something is going down at his address. He runs again.
  7. Mary and Ali paint over the A.D. message in Ali’s bedroom. Mary says she had a nightmare regarding Elliott.
  8. Jason arrives with long Jesus hair, but Ali thinks it is more hipster. He gives Mary a court order appointing him Ali’s caretaker. He tells Mary to get the hell off his property.  Jason thinks that Mary is evil.  Ali doesn’t think Jason will stay, so she asks him to give Mary a chance.
  9. Spencer is outside Yvonne’s room at the hospital. Someone beat Yvonne badly.  Spencer promised Toby that she would stay at the hospital.
  10. Hanna stole Jenna’s key card so that she can search the room.
  11. Ezra suggests that he and Aria elope in Tuscany.
  12. Hanna goes into Jenna’s room and is startled by Caleb.
  13. Aria gets a text from Jason asking her to meet.
  14. Ezra is annoyingly flippant about Sara’s death.
  15. Emily delivers a drink to Noel and he says he knew Emily would never get out of Rosewood.
  16. Aria says traveling brought out the rugged (handsome) in Jason. He says she looks great. She tells him that she is engaged and he congratulates her.  Aria asks if he told anyone about them.  He hasn’t and neither has she. He suggests they keep it a secret.
  17. Jason asks for Aria help with Ali because he thinks Ali is under Mary’s spell. He says that The Carissimi Group was completely drained of funds.
  18. Caleb gives Jenna a hot stone message for some reason while Spencer and Hanna go to look for a lockbox that may contain Jenna’s laptop. They find papers in the box and begin to photograph them.  Noel comes in and they hide under the bed.  Noel calls someone named Dr. Cochrane and says he is running out of time and patience.  He has a mini fit, then leaves the room.
  19. Pam is at The Radley having her birthday dinner. While talking to her, Emily gets a text that Noel stole Mary’s file from Toby’s Airstream.
  20. Caleb and Hanna go over the documents from Jenna’s lockbox. Mary’s DNA test results are in there.
  21. Pam says she feels guilty about having fun without her husband.
  22. Mary, Ali and Jason gather at the house. Mary offers Jason a glass of wine, but he doesn’t drink. Just as Ali says it is nice that the three of them are together, Aria arrives.  Jason invited her.
  23. Toby wants to find out who stole the file and beat Yvonne up. Spencer advises him to take Yvonne and get out of town since no one is really safe in Rosewood.
  24. Pam ends up partying with a loud group of women having a bachelorette party.
  25. The dinner with Jason, Mary, Ali and Aria is awkward, of course. Jason won’t really talk to Mary.  Ali asks Aria what the hell is she doing there and tonight was supposed to be about making an effort.  Jason says meanwhile Mary is making off with their silverware.  Aria doesn’t trust Mary either and thinks that Ali wants to believe in Mary too much.
  26. Jason is upset when he sees that Mary is wearing his mother’s necklace. Aria tries to calm him down by touching his hand and Ali notices this.
  27. Mary tells Ali and Jason that Jessica forbad her from coming to Rosewood once they were old enough to remember her. Mary was the one at Aunt Carol’s house when Jason tried to stay there, but Jessica turned him away.  In the house, Mary asks for answers about Charles.  Jessica is just cruel to her.  Mary mentions Jessica locking herself in the storm cellar.
  28. Aria tells Emily that she cannot get married without her friends. Emily talks her into it.
  29. Hanna finally tells Caleb that she and Jordan broke up. She asks Caleb if she and him are still friends and he says “Always.”
  30. Pam made friends with multiple women at the party.
  31. Toby stops by the barn to tell Spencer he was originally building the house for her. He then says he cannot imagine life without Yvonne.  He plans to move to Maine with Yvonne to start a family.  He leaves and Spencer sobs (as do some Spoby fans).
  32. Spencer, Ali, Emily and Hanna go to search the cellar. There is file drawer with files on each of the girls except for Aria.  Mary’s medical files are also in there.  They find that Mary had a second child that would be their age.
  33. Ezra and Aria are packing when FBI agents stop by to say that Nicole may be alive.
  34. There are tons of pictures of the girls in the cellar. Hanna isn’t creeped out, but thinks her hair looked really good in one photo.  Jessica knew Ali was alive and was searching for her.
  35. Spencer car alarm goes off and they all go outside and get into the car. Someone remotely locks the doors.  There is a countdown on the GPS screen and they think they are going to blow up.  A message on the screen at the end of the countdown says, “If you find out who I am before I find out who killed Charlotte, YOU DIE.” – A.D.  The cellar then explodes.  Someone writes “I see you” on the back window.
  36. D. has Jessica’s files for Noel and Aria. He/she lights Noel’s file on fire.

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