Pretty Little Liars “Exes and OMGs” Recap

Pretty Little Liars

Season 7, Episode 8 “Exes and OMGs”

Original Air date: August 15, 2016

Contains spoilers if you have not watched the episode

exes and omgs.gif

Gif credit: Freeform

Quotes of the episode

“He clearly has more A-ness than anyone else out there.” – Hanna’s opinion of Noel Kahn

“See, no story with Noel Kahn in it has a happy ending.” – Hanna

“Aria, take a deep breath. It’s known to prevent explosions in small women.” Emily

“All I know is the source of threat against you is close.  Very close.”  Mrs. Grunwald

“Take any country drives lately.” – Noel

“I had a nightmare that Caleb was run over by a car.  But he’s okay and then Noel Kahn showed up and made Grunwald’s head explode.” – Hanna to the girls “To be fair, that does sound like an emergency.” – Aria to the girls

“Curb the perv or the bottle walks.” – Spencer

“You always return to family in the end.” – Dr. Cochrane



  1. Caleb, Hanna, Ali, Spencer, Aria and Emily are walking down the street at night discussing A.D. and how Noel looks very suspicious. Hanna says Noel “clearly has more A-ness than anyone else out there.”  (Ha.)  Ali agrees with Hanna, but not with her wording.  Ali says she trusted Noel, but he spied on her for Charlotte.  The secret Ali knows about him was that he pushed a girl down a flight of stairs (everyone once thought Ali did it).  Hanna says no Noel story has a happy ending.  Noel’s family paid the girl’s family off.  Hanna’s proof that A.D. is Noel is that he once wrote “I See You” on the back of Ezra’s car at Camp Mona.  Noel appears out of nowhere and runs Caleb down with his car, but this is a   (I don’t really know the point of this except to lead Hanna on the path she is about to go down.)
  2. Spencer shushes.
  3. Caleb has been trying to crack the code on the papers found in Jenna’s lockbox.
  4. Aria is freaking out because she didn’t tell Ezra about the phone call from Nicole. Emily tells her to take a deep breath, which is known to prevent explosions in small women.  Ezra comes into the loft and Aria confesses to him.  He says the military is going to search in Columbia for missing aid workers.
  5. The episode is directed by Kimberly McCullough, a.k.a. Robin Scorpio Drake from General Hospital.
  6. Ali and Emily meet at The Brew for coffee. Ali is going back to work at Rosewood High.  Emily is concerned about her going back to work so soon, but Ali is broke.  Ali leaves and Em runs into Principal Hackett, who tells her about a head swim coach job at the school.
  7. Spencer tracks down Dr. Cochrane, who practices in Brookhaven. Spencer and Aria head there.
  8. At school, Ali spots a black hoodie heading into a classroom. She goes into class and all the students are wearing black hoodies.  Ali is then shown vomiting.  What a warm welcome back to work.
  9. Later, Ali and Em talk on a park bench. Em tells Ali about the job and asks Ali how she feels about it.  Ali says she would love it.  Em receives a text from Aria which asks if she can spend the night at Lucas’s loft.
  10. When Team Sparia arrive at the doctor’s office, they find the daughter of the former OB-GYN, not the older man they are looking for. His daughter says she doesn’t know where he is.
  11. Emily goes to talk to Ezra. He is still mad at Aria.
  12. Grunwald (she pulled Ali out of the ground like a carrot and was featured on Ravenswood) arrives to see Hanna. Mrs. G says she sees a darkness around Caleb and Hanna.
  13. Cochrane calls Spencer after someone trashes her office. The doctor refers to Aria as Spencer’s little friend (ha).  She gives Spencer the address of the original Dr. Cochrane and advises them to bring a bottle of whisky.
  14. Hanna and Mrs. G talk at The Radley. Hanna says someone has been trying to hurt all of them.  G asks if that person has a connection to the hotel.  Hanna says he is staying there and that he attacked Ali, kidnapped her and someone died at the hotel.  Mrs. G. says many people died there and their pain radiates through the walls.  She also says that the source of the threat against them is very close.
  15. Hanna purposely drops a glass, then Noel comes over. He taunts Hanna asking if she has taken any country drives lately.  G takes Hanna’s hand and has flashes of Hanna’s kidnapping and torture.  Mrs. G’s nose begins to bleed and Noel walks away.
  16. The principal calls Ali into his office to see if Ali should be back at school. Ali notices a file cabinet when an assistant comes in to get a student’s file.
  17. Responding to Hanna’s emergency text, the girls gather. Hanna sums up her day from the nightmare to Mrs. G’s head exploding. Aria thinks this sounds like an emergency.  Hanna is upset the others are not convinced Noel is A.D. and thinks they never will be.  Emily says, “never say never” and Hanna responds, “Thanks, Pam.”
  18. Aria and Spencer go to see the original Dr. Cochrane. He says he usually doesn’t get visits from pretty girls unless they are from the escort service.  Spencer tells him to “Curb the perv or the bottle walks”.  He tells them that Mary lacked common sense and discrimination.  He delivered both of Mary’s babies.  He says the second baby was a fighter, underweight, but tenacious.  He doesn’t remember if it was a boy or a girl.  He has a creepy / cryptic message for his daughter that ends with “You always return to family in the end.”
  19. Paige is also applying for the coaching position. Later, Em and Paige talk at a restaurant.  Emily takes the blame for their relationship ending.  Paige was going for the Olympic trials, but damaged her knee in a car accident.
  20. Ali breaks into the principal’s office to find Noel’s file in the class of 2012 drawer. In his file, there is only a piece of paper, which says “I warned you b*tches.  Do you really want to end up dead?”
  21. Ezra is watching a news story about the search in Columbia. Aria bought him a ticket to go there with their cashed in tickets for Italy.
  22. Hanna makes a shady deal over the phone, then stops by Caleb’s to tell him she is going off the grid for a few days.
  23. Paige acts like A and watches Emily and Sabrina through the window of The Brew.
  24. Aria takes a look at her sparkly wedding dress, then zips up the garment bag.
  25. Spencer looks at her family’s photo album.
  26. Hanna tapes newspaper over the windows of the room she is in.


I think the words of Mrs. G and Dr. Cochrane are not meant to be taken directly, but they will later apply to a situation on the show.  After all, Mrs. G said Mona was in the dollhouse indirectly before we knew what the dollhouse was.

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