Pretty Little Liars Recap – ” Wanted: Dead or Alive”

Pretty Little Liars

Season 7, Episode 6 “Wanted: Dead or Alive”

Original Air date: August 1, 2016

Contains spoilers if you have not watched the episode


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Quotes of the episode

“A never does anything for free.  Not test scores and definitely not a cover-up.” – Emily

“What Sara meant to say is mind your own d*mn business Emily.” – Jenna



  1. Aria is in The Brew looking like the proposal didn’t go well when the others arrive.
  2. Hanna thinks that Elliott is still alive. Spencer doesn’t agree and thinks that someone staged the evidence that he is still alive.  This makes Emily nervous since she thinks A never does anything for free, not test scores and definitely not a cover-up.
  3. Ali arrives wearing the red jacket. Spencer follows her and tries to explain that A.D. threatened to kill Hanna.  Ali thinks they think Hanna’s life is worth more than hers.  Spencer says they did everything they could to save both Ali and Hanna.
  4. Ali gets a text from Mary saying that Marco is at the house. Spencer insists on going with her because she is worried about Ali’s safety.
  5. The others get a group text from Spencer, which startles them. Aria says they need to stop group texting.  Spencer text says she is going to keep an eye on Mary.
  6. Ezra sees Aria and it’s awkward.
  7. Marco says that Archer / Elliott is wanted in the U.K. for petty theft and fraud. Marco thinks the clues to Archer’s whereabouts have been used to divert attention and Archer is closer than they thought. (Marco is now Rosewood’s best detective just for figuring that out.)  Ali has 24-hour police protection and Marco vows to find Archer.
  8. Spencer goes outside to talk to Marco and says she doesn’t want things to be complicated. (My advice would be to find out who someone is before making out with them in your hometown.)
  9. Hanna is working on her business plan when Archer’s phone rings. A British voice says next time you bury someone, make sure they are dead.  Aria tries to comfort her, but Hanna is afraid that Elliott knows she ran him down.
  10. Spencer goes to the Lost Woods Resort and finds Mary there. She says that Elliott had a temper and she is afraid of him
  11. Aria tells Hanna that Ezra proposed. She told Ezra that she has to think about it.  Hanna admits that she gave Jordan the ring back.  Someone is watching them from a police car.
  12. Caleb sees Ezra at The Radley. Caleb thinks the girls are keeping secrets. (They always are.)
  13. Emily goes to deliver drinks to Jenna’s room at The Radley. Emily looks at Jenna’s laptop and sees that Jenna was looking at rental cars in Baltimore.  Sara catches her and tells Jenna.  (Creepy moment: Amazon X-Ray shows that Dr. Rollins is in this scene.  Did I miss something or is Amazon Video off?)
  14. Emily tells Jenna and Sara that someone has been threatening them again and she thinks it is Jenna. Sara says she was looking out for Emily and cares about her.  Sara says that she and Jenna are looking for the same thing they are, then Jenna shuts her up.  She tells Emily to mind her d*mn business.
  15. Emily questions how Jenna knew the real identity of Elliott. Jenna says she was friends with Charlotte.  There is a flashback to Jenna, Elliott and Charlotte in Elliott’s office.  Jenna is looking for Charlotte’s birth mother and promises to find her.  Charlotte thinks that Elliott needs to charm Ali to help get her out of Welby.
  16. Outside the room, Sara tells Em to stay away in order to keep her safe (probably from Noel).
  17. Spencer admits to Caleb that he is the first person she loved after her relationship with Toby ended.
  18. Ali tells Mary that Charlotte used to go by the name CeCe Drake and wonders where she got the Drake from if she never met Mary. Mary thinks maybe Charlotte knew who she was, then cries over how Charles was taken from her when he was a baby.
  19. Aria tells Ezra she wants to marry him (sigh), but something happened (i.e. covering up a vehicular homicide, etc.).
  20. Ali questions her relationship with Charlotte considering all the lies Charlotte told. Emily offers her support and apologizes for giving A.D. the red jacket.  The creepy policeman from earlier is outside when Em leaves.
  21. Spencer and Hanna share a beer while sitting on the swings in the dark. Spencer says that Hanna should tell Caleb about breaking up with Jordan.   Hanna tells Spencer about the “dream” version of her while Hanna was kidnapped.  Elliott’s phone rings and the British voice says, “First you turn her in then you leave her all alone, stupid b*tches.”
  22. Spencer and Hanna call Ali to warn her, then Ali invites the creepy officer inside. Ali goes into her bedroom and sees “Honey I’m Home” written on the wall.  The officer attacks Ali, but he runs when he hears sirens.  Ali managed to pull off his mask.  Spencer and Hanna arrive to comfort Ali
  23. Ali plays a record of Etta James’ “I’d Rather Go Blind,” which is another song about a man breaking a woman’s heart. (See a theme here considering “Little Sparrow” on the previous episode.)  Em keeps her company.
  24. Ali says that Mary had an alibi for the time Ali was attacked. Ali apologizes for pushing Em away.  Elliott knew what giving Ali the jacket back would make her do.
  25. Ezra proposes again and Aria accepts (sigh).
  26. Sara is packing to leave, then she opens the door and gasps.
  27. Spencer and Hanna dig up Elliott. Yep, he’s dead and rotting.
  28. A housekeeper discovers Sara’s body.
  29. Someone recorded Hanna and Spencer digging up Elliott.


The first time I watched this episode, I was shocked by Sara’s death.  The second time, I was a little saddened.  I wonder if her loyalty to Emily caused her death.  I also wonder if Noel Kahn killed her because I don’t trust him at all.

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