Pretty Little Liars Recap – “Along Comes Mary”

Pretty Little Liars

Season 7, Episode 5 “Along Comes Mary”

Original Air date: July 18, 2016

Contains spoilers if you have not watched the episode

along comes mary

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Quotes of the episode

“My guess is Mary Drake.” – Emily to Ali “According to her story, she bailed when things got…murdery.” Ali to Emily

“All those lies I told you think I would have seen Elliott coming from a mile away.” – Ali

“The next time you call Archer tell him I said go to hell.” – Ali to Jenna “Maybe he’s already there.” – Jenna to Ali

“Are you a sour girl?” – Sara to Jenna “Well, I can be.” – Jenna to Sara


  1. Aria is waiting outside Ali’s house. She leaves a message for Emily, part of which says she feels guilty for thinking Ali killed Charlotte.  Ali arrives wearing an oversized cat sweatshirt and is accompanied by Mary Drake.  Mary says that Ali needs her rest, so Aria should go.  Mary is staying with Ali per the terms of her release from Welby.
  2. Aria shushes in the opening.
  3. In the house, Ali has questions for Mary. Mary says that Elliott told her that Charlotte had survived (that whole Charles committed suicide / tombstone at the aunt’s house thing) only to be murdered.  Mary says she was shattered.  Elliott convinced Mary to help him by saying he thought Ali killed Charlotte.  Based on Mary’s interactions with Ali’s mom, Mary thought she could be capable of it.  Mary wanted Charlotte’s money, but Elliott wanted vengeance.
  4. Emily wakes up on the couch after her date with Sabrina. She is still there when Em realizes she is late for a test at school.  She later arrives too late to take the test.
  5. Ezra tells Aria that he went to see Nicole’s parents. He wanted to tell them he was moving on.
  6. At The Brew, Hanna and Spencer overhear that Elliott’s car was found.
  7. Hanna gets a text from Mona that says she found a location where Elliott used his phone a lot. His deleted text indicates he knew that Ali didn’t kill Charlotte.
  8. Ali joins Emily and Aria at somebody’s apartment. Em lets Ali know that she had a date the night before.  Aria tells them the address where Elliott used the phone, but it’s not an address that Ali knew of.  Ali is upset because everything Elliott told her was a lie.
  9. The girls began to guess who Elliott’s partner was. Em thinks Mary, but Ali says Mary got out when things became “murdery.”  Ali thinks that with all the lies she told, she should have been able to recognize what a liar Elliott was.
  10. Ali goes to the ATM and sees that her account has been frozen due to insufficient funds.
  11. Ezra gets a call on his cell phone from Nicole. Aria answers, but no one says anything.  She calls Em and Em doesn’t think Aria should tell Ezra.  Nicole was declared dead, so Em thinks it couldn’t possibly be her calling.  (Of course, it’s Nicole.  People come back from the dead on this show like a soap opera.)
  12. Emily gets a message from the school that she got a 92% on her test. She also receives a message from A.D. that says, “Thank me later, ungrateful b*tch.”
  13. Spencer and Hanna video chat regarding Caleb, who is missing. Hanna spots Jenna and Spencer says Hanna should follow her.
  14. Emily texts the person Elliott was contacting and asks them to meet her.
  15. Ali is trashing her bedroom when Mary comes in. Mary says Elliott double-crossed her.  He took Ali’s checking, savings, joint accounts, safety deposit boxes and her shares at The Carrisimi Group.
  16. Spencer asks for Toby’s help to find Caleb. He says that Caleb needs some time to think.  As Spencer is leaving, she runs into the guy she made out with in the elevator, Marco.  He also Toby’s supervisor.  (Spencer is not making good decisions lately.)
  17. Jenna goes over to Ali’s house to see Elliott thinking that Ali is still in the hospital. Ali tells Jenna that Archer doesn’t live there anymore and furthermore, the next time Jenna sees him, she should tell him to go to hell.  Jenna cryptically says that maybe he is already there.
  18. Emily and Aria go to Elliott’s apartment, which is a dump, according to Em. They see evidence that Elliott pretended to be Wilden.
  19. Jenna and Sara meet and discover they have the girls in common (and they both blame the girls for their injuries). Sara offers to buy Jenna a drink and asks if she is a sour girl.  Jenna says she can be.
  20. Hanna finds out that Sara has extended her stay at The Radley.
  21. Spencer asks Hanna why is she wearing one guy’s ring when she (obviously) has feelings for the other.
  22. Emily finds blank passports and plane tickets hidden at Elliott’s apartment. Aria finds a ledger with payments to JM and MD (Jenna Marshall and Mary Drake). They see a book with Elliott’s real name, Archer Dunhill.
  23. Toby knocks on the door and asks Emily and Aria what are they are doing there. He also asks if they touched anything.  (Does anyone else think it is weird that Toby showed up here?)
  24. Mary arrives at Ali’s house humming “Little Sparrow.” It is a song about being crushed by a lying man.  I’m sure this has some significance.
  25. Ali goes to see Marco at the police department. He refers to her as Mrs. Rollins and Ali corrects him.  Marco found out about Elliott stealing Ali’s money.  He tells Ali that Elliott was spotted in Baltimore.
  26. Emily sees Jenna and Sara together at The Brew.
  27. Ali tells the girls she is completely broke.
  28. Hanna is upset that someone knows she killed Rollins.
  29. Ali tells the girls about her fight with Jenna and the fact that she revealed too much.
  30. Ali moves back into her old bedroom. She finds the dry cleaned red jacket with a note that says your friends gave me this, but I couldn’t find a shred of evidence.
  31. Ezra proposes to Aria. It’s weird that “Little Sparrow” played as Aria walked through The Brew to the apartment.
  32. Noel Kahn (who has spent a lot of time working out) meets Sara and Jenna for drinks.

That “Little Sparrow” song has me thinking a lot.  I think A.D. is going to be someone close to the girls and I really don’t trust any of the guys on the show.

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