Pretty Little Liars Recap – “The Talented Mr. Rollins”

Pretty Little Liars

Season 7, Episode 3 “The Talented Mr. Rollins”

Original Airdate: July 5, 2016

Contains spoilers if you have not watched the episode

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS – “The Talented Mr. Rollins” – The PLLs attempt to rescue Ali from the psychiatric hospital in “The Talented Mr. Rollins,” an all-new episode of Freeform’s hit original series “Pretty Little Liars,” airing TUESDAY, JULY 5 (8:00-9:00 p.m. EDT). (Freeform/Eric McCandless) SHAY MITCHELL

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  1. Hanna puts on a fake engagement ring. Aria sees the burn marks on Hanna’s back, but Hanna doesn’t want to talk about them.
  2. Spencer says she told Em not to ask for Mary’s help and Em says she wouldn’t have seen what she saw. She thinks Elliott and Mary are familiar with each other.  The others do not believe Elliott is evil at first.
  3. When Elliott comes into Ali’s room, she is not in the bed. She jumps onto Elliott’s back and tries to choke him.  They fight until he injects her with something that takes the fight out of her.  Elliott then puts a Hannibal Lector mask on Ali.
  4. Spencer shushes in the opening.
  5. Ashley gave Emily a bartending job at The Radley.
  6. Aria tries to talk to Hanna again about what happened when she was kidnapped.
  7. Emily tries to ask Sabrina on a date, but Sabrina turns her down.
  8. Spencer goes to Toby’s house to ask for his help. Yvonne says Spencer is causing them problems.  Spencer finds out Yvonne and Toby are engaged.  Spencer puts the file in her purse and leaves.
  9. Em, Aria and Hanna go to talk to Dr. Freedman at Welby. He’s not concerned about Ali’s care.  Aria says they think Ali is being abused.  She then adds that if Dr. Freedman doesn’t check on Ali, they will file a complaint against Drs. Rollins & Freedman.
  10. Ali is not restrained and masked when Dr. Freedman checks on her. He tells the girls Dr. Rollins is taking good care of Ali.
  11. Seeing Toby’s happiness made Spencer think about her relationship with Caleb. She tells him things have changed since Hanna went missing.  Caleb admits that he and Hanna kissed the night Hanna went missing.  Spencer asks if he still has feelings for her.  A call from Jason interrupts the conversation.  He didn’t know Ali was in Welby because Elliott didn’t contact him.
  12. Later, the others don’t understand why Spencer didn’t give Toby the file.
  13. Spencer says whether Ali killed Charlotte or not, she doesn’t deserve to be tortured. Jason is out of the country, so they have to do something now.  They decide to go through the trunk Aria saw at Ali’s house.
  14. Hanna apologizes for kissing Caleb and says she is over him.
  15. Aria uses Emily’s keys to Ali’s house to search Elliott’s trunk. She finds some painful looking tools and various vials of medicine.
  16. Spencer and Hanna stall Elliott outside with a snarky conversation about Ali. He says if they keep pushing it will be detrimental to Ali’s health.  Sounds like a treat.
  17. Aria puts the key back in the wrong wall sconce. On her way out, she takes pictures of Elliott’s credit card statements.
  18. Hanna and Aria go to Amish country to where Elliott is supposedly from. Aria admits that she and Liam broke up.
  19. Emily sees Sabrina on a date at The Radley.
  20. Elliott has a recipe for latex and blue contacts. Wilden had blue eyes, so Spencer and Em figure out that Elliott pretended to be Wilden.
  21. A little girl named Eliza in Amish country tells them that they look like the dolls Charlotte gave her. Elliott and Charlotte used to visit there all the time and Eliza saw them kissing once.  She asks if Charlotte is coming back.
  22. Sabrina says her dinner guest is her ex, then she asks Emily to dinner.
  23. Emily asks Toby to look at the Mary Drake file.
  24. Rollins finds the key in the wrong sconce. He packs up some of the scary looking tools.
  25. Emily says Caleb and Spencer will get back to normal when they get back to DC. Spencer doesn’t think they will get back to normal until they expose Elliott and Mary.
  26. Elliott has been giving Ali a stimulant to make her hallucinate.
  27. Em receives a text message with Elliott’s location, then a S.O.S. message that she figures out is from Ali.
  28. Toby researches Dr. Rollins. It shows he had a moving violation in 1958.  So, Elliott is either a vampire or he is using a false identity.
  29. Rollins is taking Ali somewhere in his car. The girls are following his location with Hanna driving.
  30. Ali distracts Elliott and jumps out the car. She takes off running and he chases her.
  31. The girls see Ali run past. They also see Elliott right in front of their car.  Hanna doesn’t brake quickly enough and plows into him.
  32. Elliott Rollins is dead with a head injury and blood pouring from his mouth.

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