Pretty Little Liars Recap – “Hit and Run, Run, Run!”

Pretty Little Liars

Season 7, Episode 4 “Hit and Run, Run, Run!”

Original Airdate: July 12, 2016

Contains spoilers if you have not watched the episode

hit and run

Quotes of the episode

“She kissed him, Em.  Recently.” – Spencer to Emily

“Timing is for figure skaters and comedians.  You either love someone or you don’t.” – Spencer to Emily



  1. Spencer, Em and Aria are digging a grave for Elliott Rollins and crying. They believe there’s no other way.
  2. Ali and Hanna both looked stunned. Hanna comes over to help.  Aria says they can still go to the police.  Spencer says they can tell them Hanna cannot tell the left pedal from the right pedal.  As the wonder how to get Ali back into Welby, Ali reaches into the grave and pulls out Dr. Rollins’ badge.
  3. Ali shushes in the opening.
  4. Em looks through Elliott’s phone, but she doesn’t see anything suspicious.
  5. Aria is going take Ali back to Welby while Spencer makes it look like Elliott took the train to Delaware. Hanna doesn’t think they are going to get away with this.  Hanna thinks she is going to jail for vehicular manslaughter.
  6. Toby is researching Dr. Rollins and not going home to Yvonne.
  7. Hanna showers the blood and mud off in Spencer’s barn while Spencer obsessively cleans the mud they tracked in. Emily paces.
  8. Caleb comes by, but Spencer has the chain on the door and won’t let him in. Hanna listens nearby.  Caleb says that it was a moment of confusion when he kissed Hanna.  He tells a story about how he wanted to tell Spencer he was leaving Washington, DC.  They spent the night hanging together and he didn’t want to ruin the moment.  Hanna, Caleb and Spencer are all crying for different reasons.  He didn’t tell Spencer about the job and he told them the next day that he didn’t want it.
  9. Caleb asks Spencer to open the door so they can talk. She doesn’t because she would have to explain the mud on the floor, Hanna in her robe and why Em is in the shower.  Spencer says she wants to, but needs more time.
  10. Aria takes Ali back to Welby.
  11. Spencer is drinking at the Radley while Emily works. Em will pack up some of Elliott’s stuff to make it look like he left in a hurry.  Emily says that Spencer cannot blame Hanna for things being rocky with Caleb.  Spencer says Hanna kissed Caleb recently.  Em didn’t know that and says maybe the timing is off.  Spencer says timing is for figure skaters and comedians.  You either love someone or you don’t.
  12. Aria loses Ali. She finds her on the stairs.  Ali doesn’t want to go back in her room.  She asks Aria to promise she will come back.  Aria puts the restraints back on Ali, so the nurses can see what Rollins did.
  13. Aria asks if Ali killed Charlotte. Ali tells her about telling Charlotte about her relationship with Elliott.  Ali left Charlotte in the church, but she heard a door close as she left.  Ali thinks Charlotte would still be alive if she hadn’t left.  Aria says Ali might not be alive if she stayed.
  14. Ali tells Aria to put the Hannibal Lector mask on her.
  15. A man named Marco hits on Spencer at the bar. He asks Spencer what she was doing tonight and Spencer says burying a body.  He thinks it’s a joke.
  16. Hanna and Aria go to burn Lucas’ car, but the car is gone.
  17. Spencer winds up majorly making out with Marco in the elevator until she stops him.
  18. Hanna says she left the car by a tree that looked like Keebler elves would live in it.
  19. Spencer calls Em saying she cannot do her part.
  20. Mona arrives in the woods with the newly repaired car. I bet she knows about that car shop with the scary lady.  Mona was suspicious of Elliott, so she put a tracker on his car.  When she saw it drive into the woods, she decided to check it out.
  21. Mona asks what Aria and Hanna did with the burner phone.
  22. Emily lectures a drunk Spencer about almost ruining the plan. Spencer says they are right back where they started.
  23. Spencer, Aria, Em, Hanna and Mona meet for brunch. Mona says she heard Elliott on his phone dropping his phony American accent.
  24. Spencer thinks Elliott was working with Mary, but Mona says they cannot be sure of anything. Just as they wonder who else it could be, Jenna comes tapping in.  She recognizes their voices.  She tells them she came back for Toby’s engagement.
  25. Alone, Spencer tells Hanna she needs to be mad at her a little longer.
  26. Jenna is waiting for Toby outside the police station. She wants to make amends.
  27. Hanna tells Mona it was time to stop the car if she hadn’t gotten the pedals mixed up. Hanna had a flashback to being kidnapped and wondered if she hit him on purpose.
  28. Mona notices Hanna’s fake ring as Hanna notices her bracelet is missing.
  29. Emily and Aria go to visit Ali at the hospital and see a ton of police officers there. Toby sees them and comes over.  He tells them to come with him.
  30. Spencer goes back to the barn and Caleb’s stuff is gone.
  31. Mary goes to see Ali and tells her she is in charge now.
  32. Elliott stole the identity of a dead doctor and Toby says the police will find him.
  33. Mona breaks into Elliott’s car to find Hanna’s bracelet. They hear a phone ring.  It’s Jenna and she refers to Elliott as Archer.

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