Pretty Little Liars Recap – “Bedlam”

Pretty Little Liars

Season 7, Episode 2 “Bedlam”

Original Airdate: June 28, 2016

Contains spoilers if you have not watched the episode



Quote of the episode

“I’m me because of what has happened, what I’ve done and because of who I’ve loved.  I like that person.” – Aria to Liam


  1. Hanna is in the car with Mary. She refuses to go to the police until she talks to her friends.  Hanna is suspicious of Mary because Ali never mentioned her.
  2. Mary says families have secrets “and sometimes those secrets are actual people.”
  3. Mary drops Hanna off at Spencer’s house. They let her know who Mary is, so she thinks Mary is the one after them.
  4. Ezra answers a knock at the door. It is flowers with a note that says, “Couldn’t have done it without you.  Glad we’re on the same team.” – AD
  5. Later, at Lucas’ loft, Hanna tells Caleb that she always felt safe around him, which is why the kiss happened.
  6. Emily is concerned about Ali and wants to warn Elliott. Em and Spencer are both concerned about Hanna, who has the “dollhouse look.”
  7. Spencer is upset about the vibe she notices between Hanna and Caleb.
  8. Hanna doesn’t want to call Jordan, probably because she is still hung up on Caleb.
  9. Spencer ignores Caleb’s attempts to get her to come to bed.
  10. Em gets a call from Ali. She hears Ali say, “help me” and a struggle is heard.  Em tries to check in, but Ali cannot have visitors anymore.  Elliott says Ali had a “breakdown.”
  11. Hanna is in Grumpy Cat mode and doesn’t want to accept Lucas’ offer.
  12. Emily tells Spencer about her fears for Ali. Em asks if they should ask for Mary’s help. Spencer says no.
  13. Aria breaks up with Liam. Liam then tells her he is going to work on Ezra’s book.
  14. Hanna has a flashback to when she met Jordan. She was mean, he was flirty.
  15. Aria, Spencer and Em go to talk to Elliott, but he refuses to listen to them. He says he spoke to Jason about Ali’s treatment.  They get a text from AD that says, “She’s mine now.”
  16. Hanna goes to seduce Jordan, but he acts like a jerk.
  17. Ezra says that he is surprised Elliott talked to Jason because no one has been able to reach him. Toby wants Jason to back up Mary’s story.
  18. Liam sees Ezra and Aria holding hands. Later, he accuses Ezra’s character in the book of being a predator.  Liam also says he doesn’t want to see Aria talked into something she doesn’t want.
  19. Spencer is at her mother’s headquarters when Mary arrives. Mary says she didn’t take Hanna to the hospital or police station because of her negative past experiences.  Mary admits she spent time at Radley and Spencer asks why.  When they were 14, Jessica was babysitting a sick baby named Teddy Carver when she begged Mary to help her.  Jessica left to spend time with a boy.  When the parents came home, Teddy was dead.  Jessica told everyone the baby was fine when she left.  Mary’s parents put her in Radley where they said she would be safe.
  20. The bar where Hanna and Jordan met is gone. She freaks out, then gives Jordan his ring back.
  21. Em applies for a job at The Radley. She sees Mary and introduces herself.  Mary says Radley was a scary place, but sometimes you find tenderness in strange places.
  22. Em tells Mary that Elliott won’t let her see Ali.
  23. Hanna agrees to go into business with Lucas.
  24. Aria confronts Liam about his talk with Ezra. Liam thinks Aria was seduced by Ezra and Aria says that is not how it happened.  She tells him (and I love this) “I’m me because of what has happened, what I’ve done and because of who I’ve loved.  I like that person.”
  25. Emily and Mary go to see Ali and she is out of it. Ali thinks Mary is her mother and asks why she buried her.  She also says her mother was wrong about Elliott.  Elliott comes in and kicks them out.  Ali begs Emily to stay.
  26. Mary and Elliott go into another room. She says she has been calling him for 2 days.  They were working together to get Charlotte’s money.
  27. Spencer is at home drinking because she was fired via text message. When Caleb comes in the barn, she asks if they made a mistake.  He says it was real.  Spencer wants to know why he is talking in the past tense.
  28. Em texts the others about Ali’s condition and about Elliott and Mary’s conversation. Hanna ignores the texts as she works on her fashion business.

Someone comes into Ali’s hospital room with her music

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