Pretty Little Liars Recap – “Tick, Tock, B*tches”

Pretty Little Liars

Season 7, Episode 1 “Tick, Tock, B*tches”

Original Airdate: June 21, 2016

Contains spoilers if you have not watched the episode

Tick tock


Quotes of the episode

“Will you stay with me?” – Hanna to Spencer “Always.” – Spencer to Hanna


  1. Aria, Emily and Spencer are digging a grave and crying as they prepare to bury someone.
  2. Hanna shushes in the opening.
  3. There is flashback to four days earlier.
  4. Spencer asks Toby if he wants to be a part of this since he could lose his job. Caleb is upset that Spencer could ask that.  Caleb is all Team Hanna, not Spencer this episode.
  5. Aria, Spencer, Emily, Toby, Caleb and Mona see Mary Drake go into the police station. Caleb wants to beat the truth out of her, thinking she is the one that took Hanna.
  6. Toby goes to talk to her instead. Mary says she is the owner of one of the creepiest places in town, the Lost Woods Resort.  She came to the police to report a break-in.  Toby comes back outside and tells everyone that Mary is Jessica DiLaurentis’ twin sister.
  7. The girls receive a text that says, “A lie for a lie, an eye for an eye. The bell tolls for Hanna.”  They hear the church bell ring and run over there.  It looks like Hanna is strung up (side note: that was Ashley Benson hanging up there.  She posted a video of herself being lifted up there on Instagram).  Everyone thinks she is dead.  Just as your heart is about to jump out of your chest, it is revealed it’s a very realistic Hanna mask over a doll, which is stuffed into a mannequin’s body.  Yeah, I don’t think this show ever ticked me off as much as this moment.  Why would they play with people’s emotions like this?  The writers of this show are Uber A.
  8. The doll is one of those evil, talking ones and it says, “You got 24 hours to give me Charlotte’s real killer or Hanna dies. Tick tock, b*tches.”
  9. At Spencer’s house, she texts AD and asks how will she know Hanna is still alive.
  10. Spencer tells the group this can be headquarters since her parents are out of town. When did Veronica and Peter get back together?
  11. Caleb says they have to figure out who killed Charlotte. Mona says this is the first time they’ve all worked together, so they can figure it out.
  12. They figure out someone besides Mary took Hanna. Meanwhile, in this decrepit building, Hanna begs to be let out.
  13. Everyone votes who they think killed Charlotte. There’s mostly votes for Ali, one for Mona and one for Spencer.  You can bet Mona and Spencer voted for each other.  One person didn’t vote.
  14. Aria thinks she saw Ali the night of Charlotte’s murder wearing a red jacket.
  15. Toby says they cannot pretend that the Ali that blinded Jenna never existed. Mona thinks Ali might have snapped and Spencer says maybe it was self-defense.
  16. Mona and Caleb agree to work together to investigate Mary.
  17. The girls and Mona receive a picture of a cowering Hanna.
  18. Emily goes to Welby to talk to Ali.
  19. Spencer, Toby, Mona and Caleb spy on Mary. She is toting a bunch of heavy bags into the Lost Woods Resort.  Spencer and Toby stay behind to break into the resort.
  20. Emily tells Elliott about Mary. Elliott says that Ali had a psychotic break.  Ali is heard screaming and Elliott gives her an injection.
  21. Mary’s room is full of books written in German and French. Her passport shows she has been all over Europe and Latin America.  It shows she flew from Heathrow to Philly one month prior, right before Charlotte died.
  22. Aria and Ezra go to Ali’s house. Ezra finds a locked trunk.  Elliott comes home and Aria and Ezra hide in the closet (cue R. Kelly “Trapped in the Closet).  They see Elliott get the key out of a sconce on the wall.  He removes some scary looking tools and other items from the trunk. Ezra and Aria somehow escape outside.
  23. Spencer calls Caleb and he basically hangs up on her.
  24. Mona and Caleb see Mary with supplies that could be used to cover up a murder.
  25. Hanna is stripped down to her undies. Water begins to flow into the room as she is she shocked with a cattle prod.
  26. Caleb and Mona follow Mary. She goes to Spencer’s house.  Caleb texts Spencer to warn her, but she lets Mary in the house before she sees it.  Mary asks if she is Spencer or Melissa.  She met Spencer a long time ago and says that she and Spencer’s parents used to have a lot in common.  Charlotte, maybe?  We still don’t know who Charlotte’s father is.
  27. Mary and Spencer look like they could be related. Mary also has a thing for caffeine, like Spencer.
  28. Emily asks Ali if she killed Charlotte and Ali says, “God forgive me.”
  29. Mary says Spencer’s family are excellent secret keepers.
  30. Mary also says that Jessica poisoned everyone against her because she was jealous. Mary is back in town because she found out Jessica is dead.
  31. Hanna wakes up and “Spencer” is there. It’s alternate universe Spencer because she doesn’t have any bangs.
  32. “Spencer” tells Hanna she is going to be okay. Hanna says this is just a dream and Spencer cannot help her.  I really don’t think this is a dream.
  33. Hanna says this A is a lot smarter than the others. (This makes me think of Spencer and Mary Drake.)  Hanna says it is a good thing that she doesn’t know who killed Charlotte because she would tell.  “Spencer” obviously takes note of this based on her facial expression.
  34. “Spencer” tells Hanna if there is a way in, there is a way out. She tells Hanna to rest up for tomorrow.  “Spencer” cradles Hanna in her lap and sings, “Hush Little Baby.”
  35. Aria goes to the bar where she first met Ezra after a British guy at that location talks to Mary. Someone plays B26, which was Aria and Ezra’s song.  Aria then goes to see Ezra.
  36. Emily sneaks into Ali’s house while Elliott is sleeping. She finds the red jacket and has some romantic flashbacks involving Ali.
  37. Spencer tells everyone that Mary was institutionalized after a child died in her care.
  38. Em is upset that they are trading Ali for Hanna. Toby says they don’t have time for this, since Ali is safely locked up in Welby.
  39. Caleb takes off with the jacket and Spencer’s phone. He leaves the jacket at the Lost Woods.
  40. Hanna escapes and runs through the woods. Hanna flags down a car.  It’s Mary.
  41. Someone picks up the jacket and places it in a plastic bag.
  42. Elliott speaks with a British accent and tells Ali that he is going to make sure Ali has a long life rotting away in Welby. He says “I know you killed Charlotte,” then injects her with something.

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