Pretty Little Liars “Did You Miss Me?” Recap

Pretty Little Liars

Season 6, Episode 19 “Did You Miss Me?”

Original Airdate: March 8, 2016

Contains spoilers if you have not watched the episode

did you miss me


Quote of the episode

“We’re building a rat trap.” – Hanna to Emily “And you’re the cheese.” – Emily to Hanna


  1. Mona called Charlotte the night she was killed and asked to meet at the diner. Charlotte never showed.  Mona wondered what Charlotte was going to do with all the information she had.
  2. Hanna shushes in the opening credits.
  3. Lucas is back. He claims he doesn’t know what happened to the fireplace that tried to make honey roasted liar out of Aria.  Lucas tells Hanna he is looking at some empty warehouses to buy.  How very A-team of him.
  4. Ali falls down the stairs at the bed and breakfast she is staying at with Elliott. Coincidence?  I think NOT.
  5. The girls do not believe Ali’s fall was an accident either. Spencer thinks the new bad is crossing them off a list.
  6. Hanna goes to see Ali at the hospital. Hanna sees a note with emoji style pictures of the girls with Aria and Ali crossed off.
  7. Mona is seen with Sara’s driver. Emily and Spencer bombard the driver and take a look at the tube he has.  It contains a Radley blueprint.
  8. Ezra tells Aria about the last time he saw Nicole. He feels bad because they had an argument.
  9. Hanna confesses to murdering Charlotte. She bluffs good enough to fool Spencer.
  10. Hanna and Caleb have a plan to use Hanna for bait to trap the new bad. Emily is upset that Hanna will be the cheese in the rat trap.  Spencer says they should back up Hanna and Caleb because they will end up doing it on their own.
  11. Em tells Aria to tell Ezra about the new bad.
  12. Lucas offers Hanna a place to start her fashion business.
  13. Ali has a conversation with someone she thinks is her mother in the hospital. The person tells her Elliott will take care of her.
  14. Mona tells Sara to leave the girls alone and Sara says not until she gets what is coming to her. Sara implies that she can find some of Charlotte’s money.  Mona says no one blames her for what Charlotte made her do, but what she does now is all on her.  Sara taunts Mona saying the girls will never trust her.
  15. Aria tells Ezra it is happening again and they are going to do something about it.
  16. Everyone agrees to help with Caleb and Hanna’s plan.
  17. Hanna texts the new bad, “Leave my friends alone. I killed Charlotte.”
  18. The new bad gets the text. There is some Veronica campaign stuff on the laptop.

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