Pretty Little Liars – “We’ve All Got Baggage” Recap

Pretty Little Liars

Season 6, Episode 17 “We’ve All Got Baggage”

Original Air date: February 23, 2016

Contains spoilers if you have not watched the episode

weve all got baggage

Photo Credit: Freeform


Quotes of the episode

“I would have made her lick the carpet before she left.” – Hanna to Emily and Ali


  1. Hanna, Emily and Ali go into Sara’s room at The Radley. It’s been trashed and Ali asks if she’s been kicked out.
  2. The hole in the wall in the closet is gone. The girls hide in the closet when the maid comes in.  They run out while the maid is in the bathroom.  The maid is wearing a mask, so he/ she is part of the bad team and probably knew the girls were there.
  3. Caleb has corrupted Veronica’s medical file, so the opposition cannot use it.
  4. Emily is upset about her missing eggs.
  5. Caleb and Spencer tell Emily about Melissa’s broken suitcase. Spencer is naturally suspicious of Melissa.
  6. Hanna helps Ella plan her wedding to Byron.
  7. Spencer confronts Veronica about not telling her family about the cancer. Veronica and Spencer clearly have a better relationship than they used to.
  8. Ali gets a text asking if Elliott knows why Charlotte ran out the house that night.
  9. Byron asks Aria to officiate the wedding. Mike is not coming to the wedding because he doesn’t approve.  (Mike is really not coming because he is running around with the shirtless boys of Teen Wolf when this was filmed.)
  10. Melissa lies about how her suitcase was broken.
  11. Aria tells Ezra about writing the chapters for his novel. He thinks it is an act of love.
  12. Aria feels weird about Hanna working on the wedding since Aria didn’t invite any of her friends. She didn’t want it to be awkward between Caleb, Hanna and Spencer.
  13. Ali told Charlotte about her relationship with Elliott, which made her leave the house.
  14. Emily receives a book about baby names and note that says you need to start talking before our baby does.
  15. Veronica does a press conference about her cancer scare.
  16. Hanna goes to The Brew to tell Caleb and Spencer about when she saw Melissa at Fashion Week. Wren left Melissa after Charlotte called him and told him something about Melissa.  Hanna thinks it’s about Bethany.  Melissa asks what Charlotte will use against Hanna and says that someone needs to shut Charlotte up.  Melissa then calls Radley and pretends to be Ali, so that she can talk to Charlotte.
  17. Emily is tricked by the reporter who interviewed Melissa and Spencer.
  18. Ezra tells Liam about his past with Aria, thinking that Aria already told Liam.
  19. Elliott proposes to Ali. Yes, they have been dating 5 seconds.
  20. Someone leaked that Yvonne had an abortion in high school.
  21. Emily goes to the diner where someone called Charlotte from, but it’s closed. A SUV tries to run her down.  Emily climbs up on something and finds the missing piece of Melissa’s suitcase.
  22. Aria officiates her parent’s wedding.
  23. Caleb confesses to being the hacker that exposed Yvonne’s secret, in order to protect Spencer. Veronica kicks him out of the house and off her campaign.
  24. Emily drops the handle, but somehow doesn’t see who picks it up, just that it’s not Sara.
  25. Hanna figures out there are 2 people after them.
  26. Aria marries Ali and Elliott.
  27. The big bad has a piece of Ella and Byron’s wedding cake.

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