Pretty Little Liars – “Burn This” Recap

Pretty Little Liars

Season 6, Episode 18 “Burn This”

Original Airdate: March 1, 2016

Contains spoilers if you have not watched the episode

burn this

Photo Credit: Freeform


Quotes of the episode

“What’s a pink drink?” – Emily to Hanna (and a classic reference for long time fans)

“He’s an adult, not a Pound Puppy.” – Hanna to Ashley

“Is it a coincidence the loft tried to turn Aria into a s’more right after she arrived?”  – Spencer to Emily


  1. Hanna is weirded out by Ali marrying Elliott Rollins. Emily thinks Ali is desperate for a family.
  2. Aria flips through some pictures of her parents wedding. There is a message from the new bad which says, “Give me the killer by election night or you lose.”
  3. Spencer shushes in the opening.
  4. Melissa is now back in London.
  5. Hanna wants to cancel her bachelorette party. Ashley suggests that Hanna invite Mona, since Ali is away on her honeymoon.
  6. Ezra pitched Aria as the co-writer of his book.
  7. Emily is helping Hanna plan her party and wonders what the “pink drink” on the list is. Long time viewers will remember the time a lady set her eyes on Hanna.
  8. Ashley offers Caleb her guest room.
  9. Toby is upset about Caleb outing Yvonne’s abortion. Caleb shows up in some skinny jeans and gets punched by Toby.  I think it was because of Yvonne and not the jeans, but maybe it was a mixture.
  10. Hanna is upset that Ashley offered Caleb the guest room. She says Caleb is an adult, not a pound puppy.  She then accuses Ashley of not liking Jordan.  I think she’s the one that doesn’t like Jordan.
  11. Spencer treats Caleb’s bloody nose on a park bench for some reason.
  12. Mona was fired for telling Spencer about her mother’s medical file.
  13. Aria fits the description of the person that called Charlotte from the diner, so she is taken to the station to do a line-up.
  14. Em tries to find information on the SUV that almost ran her down, but the scary lady that works at a garage is not helpful.
  15. Aria sees Sara Harvey as she leaves the police station.
  16. Melissa is not the person who drove the SUV according to the scary lady.
  17. Aria looks at the description of the person who called Charlotte from the diner (an attractive brunette with a dice keyring).
  18. Peter confronts Spencer about spending time with Caleb after he was fired from the campaign. He says someone was blackmailing Melissa and threatening to reveal the Bethany confession tape before Charlotte was killed.
  19. The person blackmailing Melissa is probably the same one threatening them.
  20. No one at Hanna’s bridal shower knows anything about Jordan.
  21. Mona shows up with a gift for Hanna.
  22. The system at Lucas’ house malfunctions and the fireplace roasts Aria like a marshmallow.
  23. Spencer asks Em if it could just be a coincidence that Mona showed up right before the loft tried to turn Aria into a s’more.
  24. In a flashback, it is revealed that Spencer thought that Toby knocked her when she was a sophomore in college. They argue about what they want out of life.
  25. In present time, Spencer tells Toby that Caleb didn’t leak the info about Yvonne and that A is back. Spencer said she couldn’t judge Yvonne after they almost had to make that choice.
  26. The girls get a text that says, “You didn’t take me seriously so I thought I’d light a fire under your a–.”
  27. Ezra visits Aria in the hospital. She tells him it wasn’t an accident, then she backpedals.  Liam shows up and Ezra leaves.
  28. Spencer leaves Yvonne a voicemail offering her support.
  29. Mona helps Em clean up, then Em notices her dice key chain. Em demands that they talk.
  30. At the garage, someone has left the scary lady a large amount of money.

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