Pretty Little Liars “Where Somebody Waits For Me” Recap

Pretty Little Liars

Season 6, Episode 16 “Where Somebody Waits For Me”

Original Air date: February 16, 2016

Contains spoilers if you have not watched the episode


where somebody waits for me

Photo Credit: Freeform


Quote of the episode

“I poked the bear and the bear stole Emily’s eggs.” – Hanna to Caleb


  1. Hanna and Jordan are holed up in a sleazy hotel.
  2. There is a torture device in the hole Aria climbed down, which is like the one in the dollhouse.
  3. Part of the sanitarium is walled up. Spencer and Aria finds another hole that leads outside.
  4. Ali shushes in the opening sequence.
  5. Caleb shows Spencer the file from Yvonne’s phone. Veronica had a mastectomy 8 months prior.  Spencer didn’t know.
  6. Tanner tells Ali about the murder weapon, which was a long with a hollow end. It made an impression in Charlotte’s neck.
  7. Someone from a restaurant named Two Crows called Charlotte and spoke with her for 3 minutes.
  8. Emily wants to tell Ali about what is happening.
  9. Liam shows up at The Brew.
  10. Emily goes to the clinic to check on her eggs. The freezer with her eggs in malfunctioned and around 30 people were impacted.  (This was a monstrous and unnecessary storyline.)
  11. Hanna receives a note that says, “The honeymoon is over.”
  12. Emily and Spencer tell Ali about the new threat. Ali tells them that the murder weapon wasn’t a golf club.
  13. Hanna tells Emily she is sorry about her stolen eggs.
  14. Emily says whomever killed Charlotte might have done it for them.
  15. Mona set it up for Spencer to find the file about her mother and the fact that the opposition will leak this information. Mona didn’t know Spencer didn’t know about her mother.
  16. Jordan tries to convince Hanna to come back to New York with him.
  17. Liam figured out that Aria has been writing Ezra’s book.
  18. Caleb says Veronica needs to leak her secret before the other side does.
  19. Hanna and Caleb meet for drinks. She blames herself for Emily’s eggs being stolen.  He tells her that she can beat this because she’s done it before.
  20. In a flashback, Caleb is feeding a strange cat while avoiding a party with Hanna’s boss. Neither Hanna nor Caleb knows what the other one wants.
  21. Tanner approaches Emily in The Brew. Charlotte’s murder is the first in Rosewood in 5 years and it happened once the girls were back together again.  Tanner says she will take measures to keep the girls in Rosewood.
  22. Caleb threatens Mona, thinking she is a danger still. She asks who the better kisser is: Hanna, Spencer or her.
  23. Ali stops by to talk to Spencer. Ali says her dad doesn’t have anything to do with her or Charlotte and Jason is busy with The Carissimi Group.
  24. Spencer figures out that Elliot saved Charlotte’s soul, so Ali fell in love with him. Ali doesn’t want to keep it a secret anymore, so she tells Elliot that.
  25. For some reason, Emily, Aria and Hanna search the tunnels at Radley for Em’s eggs. Hanna says they will all have kids someday.
  26. Ezra returns and tells Aria about running into Ella and Byron on the night of Charlotte’s murder. Ezra says he was in Albany and has written 3 chapters of the book.
  27. A piece of Melissa’s suitcase is missing. It could be the murder weapon.
  28. The new bad dusts off the torture equipment.

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