Pretty Little Liars Recap – “New Guys, New Lies”

Pretty Little Liars

Season 6, Episode 14 “New Guys, New Lies”

Original Air date: February 2, 2016

Contains spoilers if you have not watched the episode

new guys new lies

Photo Credit: Freeform


Quotes of the episode

“I used to mellow out with weed.  Just saying.” – Sabrina to Aria

“My brain is telling me to be honest, but my PTSD is telling me to shut the hell up.” Hanna to Spencer

“I was just hoping you were going to tell me all these texts were coming from The Radley.” – Spencer to Caleb “So we could break into Sara’s room and kick her a– together.” – Caleb to Spencer


  1. Spencer and Caleb have sealed the deal. She was so busy that she missed the message from the new bad and her friends.
  2. The girls get together later to talk about this. They think the person that sent the text could have been Ali or Sara.  (I’m distracted because I want Aria’s zebra sweater.)
  3. Hanna admits her boss is physically abusive.
  4. Hanna texts the new bad asking, “Do I know you?” He/she answers “YES.”
  5. Hanna shushes in the opening sequence.
  6. Lorenzo gives a press conference saying they are narrowing down the list of suspects and what the murder weapon may be.
  7. Aria sees her father, who has a room at The Radley.
  8. The girls receive a picture of a nine iron, which may have been the murder weapon.
  9. Aria goes to talk to Sabrina at The Brew to try to locate Ezra. Sabrina says he is out of town, but doesn’t say where.  She also says he is dark and depressed.  Aria asks to be let into Ezra’s loft, but Sabrina refuses.
  10. Emily asks Hanna about why she hasn’t set a wedding date. Hanna says she isn’t ready.
  11. Hanna tells Emily that she told Spencer it was okay for her to be with Caleb.
  12. Hanna says Jordan makes her feel grounded, but she doesn’t really say she is okay with Caleb and Spencer.
  13. Hanna plans to tell her mom and Jordan about erasing the Radley video.
  14. Caleb goes to talk to Toby and he banters with Yvonne, Toby’s girlfriend.
  15. Toby asks if Caleb is still holding on to Hanna and Caleb admits he has connected with someone: Spencer.
  16. Toby doesn’t really say he is okay with this either.
  17. Yvonne is the daughter of Veronica’s opponent. Spencer sees in the opposition research that Toby bought a ring and plans to propose to Yvonne.
  18. Emily talks to Sabrina while Aria steals the keys to Ezra’s loft.
  19. Hanna confesses to Ashley that she erased the security footage, which is backed up at some place called the farm.
  20. Spencer sees Yvonne and Toby at a campaign event. She receives a text that says “I guess she is better than you.  He never put a ring on your finger.”
  21. Aria listens to Ezra’s answering machine. There is a message from Byron saying they need to talk about what Ezra saw that night.
  22. Aria runs to tell Emily what she heard and she is freaking out. Sabrina says she used to mellow out with weed.
  23. Aria thinks her dad had something to do with Charlotte’s murder.
  24. Hanna tells Jordan about the tape and he offers to get her a lawyer. Hanna then receives a text that says, “When the pigs come calling you better not squeal about me.”
  25. Hanna and Spencer talk on the phone and Hanna says that Caleb and Spencer got together quickly (they did). Then she says its fine.
  26. Hanna says her brain is telling her to be honest, but her PTSD is telling her to shut up. (Anyone can guess the PTSD is going to win.)
  27. Spencer shows Caleb the first text the new bad sent, but deletes the one about Toby.
  28. Spencer runs into Toby and Yvonne and sees that Toby didn’t propose.
  29. The new bad watches Emily through the window. He/she is dressed as a mail man.
  30. Aria calls Byron, but he says he doesn’t have time to talk. He is in the back of a car and tells the person with him, “I think she knows.”
  31. In a flashback, Ella and Byron talk about Ella going to see Charlotte. He says that Charlotte will walk the streets over his dead body.
  32. Spencer goes to talk to Toby. He says it was easier being her friend when she was in DC.
  33. Things go better with Caleb. He offers to help kick Sara’s butt, but he hasn’t been able to trace the texts to her.
  34. Aria still has Ezra’s key, so Emily tries to sneak it back. Sabrina catches her and tells her off.
  35. Hanna is ready to talk to Lorenzo about the tape when her lawyer tells her the back-up tape was lost.
  36. Caleb tracks the text down to a phone in a near-empty storage unit. The message on the phone says, “I don’t lurk in the shadows.  I hide in plain sight.”
  37. Byron’s golf set is missing the nine iron.
  38. Ashley comes home and has a drink after stealing the security tape.
  39. The person who was the mailman walks by. He takes off a mask once inside the car.

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