Pretty Little Liars “Do Not Disturb” Recap

Pretty Little Liars

Season 6, Episode 15 “Do Not Disturb”

Original Air date: February 9, 2016

Contains spoilers if you have not watched the episode

do not disturb

Photo Credit: Freeform


Quotes of the episode

“Would you like me to toss you over first like a Frisbee?” – Spencer to Aria

“On second thought, can you come back over here and toss me like a Frisbee?” – Aria to Spencer

“Come on.  You can do it, little big one.” – Spencer to Aria


  1. Ella and Byron are back together and engaged.
  2. Aria shushes in the opening sequence.
  3. Hanna receives a text threatening her about the back-up drive that Ashley stole.
  4. Emily comes to stay with Hanna at Lucas’ place.
  5. Caleb tells Spencer he thinks they need to tell the police about the new texts.
  6. Spencer thinks that Sara is sending the texts, but she doesn’t want to involve Toby.
  7. Emily is weirded out by Hanna referring to the parents of the girls by their first names. She is also weirded out by Ali contracting her to say she is back in town.
  8. Aria tries to find out where Byron was the night of Charlotte’s murder. He says he was with Ella.
  9. Hanna asks Ashley why she stole the surveillance footage. Ashley says the drive is gone.
  10. Aria and Hanna search the house for a drive.
  11. Elliot comes to see Emily and says that Ali wants to apologize. He sees a paper from the fertility clinic.
  12. Spencer shows up for a lunch with Gil, but Yvonne is there instead. Someone set this up.
  13. Elliott tells Ali she needs her friends to support her.
  14. Spencer asks Yvonne for advice for being part of a campaign. Yvonne leaves her phone and Spencer takes it.
  15. Sara goes to see Ali at school. She says she is sorry about Charlotte and for lying to get out of trouble.  She said she felt like Charlotte’s sister and she wants Ali to help put the pieces they knew of Charlotte together.
  16. Hanna texts the new bad and says she has the drive. Caleb has created a fake drive.
  17. Ali comes to see Emily. She tells Emily that Sara and Charlotte might have been closer than she thought.
  18. Emily blurts out something about donating her eggs, but Elliott didn’t tell Ali about it.
  19. Mona comes to pick up Yvonne’s phone.
  20. Hanna drops off the drive and there are random cats brawling in the background.
  21. Ali goes with Emily to donate her eggs. Emily is going to use the money to finish school.
  22. Emily wakes up and Sara is in her room. She adds something to Emily’s IV.  She holds Emily down while Em tries to rip the IV out.  Ali later tells her that she imagined it.
  23. Aria checked in to the room next to Sara’s. She wants Spencer to climb over the balcony and break into Sara’s room.  Spencer offers to toss Aria over like a Frisbee, since she is so little.  Spencer climbs over easily and Aria asks if she can come back and throw her like a Frisbee.  Spencer tells her she can do it and she does.
  24. The couple no longer needs Emily’s eggs, so she wants to donate them to someone else.
  25. Hanna is fired by her boss. She later regrets leaving her panda bear mug.
  26. Aria get into Sara’s room. It doesn’t look like she has been staying there.  Spencer finds a Radley blueprint.  Sara’s room is where Charlotte’s room would have been in the sanitarium.
  27. Aria disappears down a hole in the closet that has a ladder.
  28. Emily receives a message in an egg carton, which says “Give me the killer or I’ll use your eggs.”
  29. The new bad tries to play the surveillance footage, but it is message from Caleb and a virus that takes over the computer. The local A drive has been corrupted and is no longer accessible.  (I loved this moment.  We always have to wait too long to see the evil doer get any sort of punishment.)

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