44 Moments from the “Charlotte’s Web” episode of Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars

Season 6, Episode 12- “Charlotte’s Web”

Original Air date: January 19, 2016

Contains spoilers if you have not watched the episode

charlottes web

Photo credit: Freeform

  1. Hanna has told Jordan, her fiancé, about her past.
  2. Aria hasn’t told Liam, her boyfriend.
  3. Aria is anxious to get out of town.
  4. Sara is staying at the Radley. For some reason, she cannot sign her name.
  5. Hanna says Sara used the “Swedish Syndrome” to get her sentence reduced. She thinks Sara chose to work with Charlotte.
  6. As Aria is leaving, Hanna tells her that she knows Aria left the hotel the night Charlotte was murdered. She asks where Aria went.
  7. Emily does the shushing in the opening.
  8. Aria says she went to get her phone charger. (I thought she was a better liar than that.)  Hanna says Aria was gone longer than that and Aria accuses her of being so drunk she threw up the bathtub.  It wasn’t her, it was Emily barfing.
  9. Aria says she has to get back to her job, so she won’t lose it. Aria lies to the other girls and says everyone stayed in the room that night.
  10. Veronica has convinced Caleb to work on her campaign. Some bloggers have been trying to link the girls to Charlotte’s murder, so Caleb is adding some positive stuff to social media.
  11. Spencer doesn’t think she should go to Veronica’s interview with the press and says she would be a distraction. Spencer thinks this drama will cause her mother to lose the election.
  12. Lorenzo tells Ali that Sara could not have killed Charlotte due to the burns on her hands. (I don’t believe she really doesn’t have use of hands.  Remember when Jenna faked being blind.)
  13. Lorenzo says that Charlotte’s death was violent and there was a struggle. Her neck was broken and there was blunt force trauma before she was thrown from the bell tower.  He asks if Ali’s friends could have anything to do with Charlotte’s death.
  14. Emily is at the doctor getting some type of treatment.
  15. Hanna and Spencer go to Ali’s big, ugly house to talk to her. She says Charlotte’s nails and hands were wiped clean.
  16. Ali is suspicious of Aria because she was still angry at Charlotte and she left town a day earlier than she was supposed to.
  17. Ali invites them, plus Emily, Caleb and Jordan to dinner.
  18. Liam is also Aria’s co-worker and they have a secret relationship. (I guess that’s her thing.)
  19. Emily is broke, so broke she cannot pay for parking.
  20. Hanna tries to convince Jordan to take her back to New York.
  21. Spencer has been in therapy. (That’s not surprising and they probably could all use some therapy.
  22. Spencer admits that she wrote a paper in college about a case similar to Charlotte’s death.
  23. Aria’s boss at the publishing company grills her about Ezra possibly giving back the advance for his next book. Aria later explains to Liam that Ezra is not the same person he used to be.
  24. At dinner that night, Ali mentions that Aria has not been returning her calls.
  25. Emily tells Hanna she is going to stick around Rosewood.
  26. It’s kind of awkward between Caleb and Jordan. It’s also kind of awkward between Caleb and Hanna.  He congratulates her on her engagement.
  27. Lorenzo calls to tell Ali that Charlotte was killed at 4am.
  28. Ali says an awkward prayer saying thanks to the police for working to track down Charlotte’s killer and whomever helped him or her.
  29. Emily lies to her mother about her doctor’s appointment.
  30. Emily’s father left her a large amount of money.
  31. Emily is sitting in The Brew when she sees Aria go to Ezra’s apartment. (Aria is so shady.)
  32. Ezra gives Aria a thumb drive that includes research for his next book. Aria asks where Ezra went the night of Charlotte’s murder.  He says he went home.
  33. Caleb and Spencer bonded 3 years previously in Madrid. Caleb is asked to stick around and work on Veronica’s campaign.
  34. Emily and Hanna watch The Radley footage and see Aria leave with Ezra. Spencer arrives and defends Aria.
  35. Spencer, Hanna and Emily are waiting for Aria when she arrives at the Montgomery home. She tells them that she and Ezra talked and took a walk the night Charlotte was murdered.
  36. Aria thought she saw Ali, but it was Charlotte. Ezra is bitter that Nicole disappeared, but Charlotte gets to walk around free.  He puts Aria in a cab and she goes back to the hotel.
  37. Aria notes how angry he was and thinks he lied about going home that night.
  38. Spencer says she thinks she told Ezra how to commit the murder when he read her paper. Aria will look guilty by association if Ezra killed Charlotte.
  39. Spencer later tells Veronica about the paper. Veronica tells her that she is not a liability.
  40. At her father’s grave, Emily admits that she flunked out of school after her father’s death. She hasn’t told her mother.  Sara Harvey is lurking in the background (waiting for Em to hit her again, maybe).
  41. Aria looks at the “research” on Ezra’s thumb drive. It is stories about kidnappings and killings.  (Ezra has really lost it.)
  42. Hanna deletes The Radley’s security footage from the night Charlotte was murdered.
  43. Ali invites Lorenzo over to her house to tell him that she thinks her friends had something to do with Charlotte’s murder.
  44. The new “bad” / new A puts flowers on Charlotte’s grave.

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