34 Moments from the “The Gloves Are On” episode of Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars

Season 6, Episode 13 “The Gloves Are On”

Original Air date: January 26, 2016

Contains spoilers if you have not watched the episode

the gloves are on

Photo Credit: Freeform


Quote of the episode

“Really, because I know you like to shop out of other people’s carts.” – Melissa to Spencer


  1. Hanna, Spencer and Emily are at The Radley spa discussing Aria. Spencer thinks Aria is hiding something, which is why she didn’t tell them about leaving the hotel at first.
  2. Hanna reminds them that they are there to relax, then startles them by telling them that she erased the tape. Sara is lurking again.
  3. Spencer shushes during the opening credits.
  4. Pigtunia (Aria’s stuffed animal, which is mentioned frequently in the books and a couple times on the series) makes an appearance while Aria is chatting with Liam.
  5. Lorenzo tells Ashley that the tape from the night Charlotte was murdered has been deleted.
  6. Lucas is back in Rosewood. He is a magically rich tech boy.  He asks if Hanna is engaged to Caleb.
  7. Melissa is back, also.
  8. Caleb goes to make Spencer breakfast and Melissa asks Spencer when did that happen. That being a relationship between Caleb and Spencer.  She said she knows how Spencer likes to shop out of other people’s carts.  (Burn.)
  9. Ashley asks Hanna if she or her friends tampered with the security tape. Of course, Hanna lies and says no.
  10. Ezra gives Aria the first two chapters of his next book over lunch. Ashley lets Ezra know he will not be served alcohol at The Radley because of an incident before when he broke a chair.
  11. A jerk of a reporter from Hollis grills Spencer about Charlotte when the interview is supposed to be about registering young voters.
  12. Pam reads a letter from Pepperdine and confronts Emily about dropping out of school as Sara watches.
  13. Hanna tries to get Spencer to ask Veronica for help with Ashley’s possible legal problem. Veronica’s not a lawyer anymore.
  14. Aria reads Ezra’s chapters to Emily and Emily asks if the book is about Aria. Aria says they had a high school relationship, but Emily reminds her that Ezra wasn’t in high school.
  15. Emily tells Aria about Sara following her everywhere.
  16. Hanna apparently has an awful job and boss as she is forced to research her boss’ next pet when she is supposed to be working in fashion.
  17. Spencer says that Hanna looks happy when she mentions Jordan. She is, then Spencer starts the awkward Caleb conversation.  Spencer asks if she feels weird around Caleb.  Hanna asks her if she has feelings for Caleb and if Spencer and Caleb were intimate when they were in Madrid.  Spencer says no and that she isn’t sure that Caleb feels the same way about her.  Hanna says she should find out, but she looks sad.
  18. Aria typed Ezra’s story to try to inspire him to write more. She tells him that he needs to finish the book to show the world who he is.  She uses all the good adjectives to describe him and he disagrees.
  19. Mona is working for Veronica’s opponent and after Veronica turned her down.
  20. Hanna wants to know why Aria is so concerned with Ezra’s book. (Hint: It’s because she is in luv with him and Liam is just a cheap substitute.)  She asks why Aria doesn’t ask Ezra about the night Charlotte was killed.
  21. Hanna catches Emily giving herself an injection. Emily’s not sick, she is donating her eggs.  (I didn’t want Em to be sick, but this was a bit of a letdown.)
  22. Lorenzo interviews Hanna regarding her alibi. He invites Lucas into the room to verify her story.
  23. Melissa is upset about an interview with a Hollis reporter. She saw words written on his notepad, such as cover-up, source and tape.
  24. Melissa asks Spencer what happened to the tape she gave Spencer where she confessed to burying Bethany. Spencer says she destroyed it.
  25. Emily tries to talk to Sara, but Sara just brings up whatever happened to her hands.
  26. Aria goes to the Ezra’s apartment to talk to him and the other girls show up. Hanna blatantly accuses Ezra of killing Charlotte.  Spencer says she may have planted the idea into his head.  He tells them to leave and Emily says not until they get the truth. He yells at them to get out.
  27. Ezra admits he is not sorry that Charlotte is dead.
  28. Spencer goes home and asks Caleb who he thinks killed Charlotte. Caleb thinks it was Sara.
  29. Spencer tells Caleb that Sara shocked herself on the bomb while she was trying to blow up Radley. She somehow blames the girls for this.
  30. When Emily arrives at home, Pam tells her that she doesn’t want Emily to go through something by herself again. (Of course, Em doesn’t tell her about her eggs.)
  31. At Lucas’ loft, he asks Hanna if she had something to do with Charlotte’s murder. Hanna says her mom is wondering the same thing, which makes it hard to go home.  Lucas says she can stay at his place while he is out of town.
  32. Caleb and Spencer decide to be more than friends.
  33. The girls all receive a text that says “You know who did it and I’m going to make you talk.” It’s signed with a devil’s face.
  34. The new bad throws away the black hoodies and searches for uniforms.


This episode was okay.  As I mentioned, the whole Emily secret thing was a letdown.  I feel like this show keeps building me up to expect some spectacular storyline, then it lets me down with something weak and water downed.

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