48 Moments from the “Of Late I Think of Rosewood” Pretty Little Liars episode

Pretty Little Liars

Season 6, Episode 11 – “Of Late I Think of Rosewood”

Original Air date: January 12, 2016

Contains spoilers if you have not watched the episode

of late i think of rosewood


Photo credit: ew.com


Quote of the episode

“It’s been a long time.  Do you think they’re still upset with me?” – Charlotte


1)  It has been five years since the night Charlotte admitted she was A.  Ali is now a teacher and she is told by Charlotte’s doctor that the judge has set a date for the hearing regarding Charlotte’s possible release.

2) Ali writes a letter to Spencer, Hanna, Aria and Emily asking them to testify and say they are not afraid of Charlotte.

3) Ali goes to visit Charlotte and Charlotte is worried the girls are still upset with her.  (Considering all she did, that would be understandable.)  Ali promises to bring Charlotte home.

4) The show has a new opening with someone different doing the shush thing each week.  Ali does it this week.

5) Emily is popping pills in The Brew when Spencer, Hanna and Aria come in and they reunite.

6) Hanna is engaged to someone.

7) Emily took longer than everyone else to finish school.

8) Aria is seeing someone named Liam.

9) Spencer is too busy to date.

10) They are feel conflicted about Charlotte being let out after having 5 A-free years.

11) Pam has been seeing someone, but they are taking a break.

12) Radley has been turned into a hotel and Ashley works there.

13) Ezra lives in the apartment over The Brew.  Nicole is either dead or missing.

14) Veronica is campaigning to be a senator.  Peter is working on the campaign.

15)  Spencer goes to see Toby, who is still friends with Caleb.

16)  Toby is building a house and Spencer wants to know who it is for.

17)  Ali wants the girls to say they are not afraid of Charlotte.

18)  Sara Harvey’s criminal charges were resolved.

19)  Jason doesn’t think Charlotte should get out.

20)  Ali doesn’t care if the girls forgive Charlotte, she only wants a chance to have a real family.

21)  Mona shows up at Veronica’s rally.  She asks if Spencer still has nightmares because she does.

22)  Toby tells Emily that he and Spencer were out of sync, which caused their break-up.  He loves Rosewood, but Spencer obviously has dozens of reasons to hate it.

23)  Toby has a degree, but he was passed over for a promotion.

24)  Emily couldn’t see the point of anything after her dad died.

25)  At the hearing, Ali says Charlotte is the missing piece of her family and she wants to bring her home.

26)  After Ezra shows up, Aria has flashbacks and admits that she is still afraid of Charlotte.  She had a public panic attack when a train she was on stopped in a tunnel and went dark.

27)  Mona says she cannot be angry at Charlotte anymore.

of late i think of rosewood 2

Photo Credit: mtv.co.uk


28)  The girls meet at Radley and they receive a text that Charlotte will be released.  (Did they ever find Eddie Lamb by the way?)

29)  Hanna says Aria was the only honest one.  The girls then proceed to get drunk.

30)  Spencer says she misses their faces and they agree to meet more often, but not in Rosewood.

31)  Spencer slurs that Ali and Charlotte can stay in that big, ugly house and bake cookies.  Hanna invites the others back to her suite, since they are obviously not functioning.

32)  Spencer admits that she never thought the judge would let Charlotte out.

33)  Aria thinks it would be the biggest cosmic joke ever if Charlotte gets to live happily ever after.

34)  Emily says if she can, so can they.  There is camera overhead taking in everything they have said.

35)  The next morning, Hanna comes back into the suite as Spencer is waking up.

36)  Spencer tells Hanna about Toby building a house, when all she got was a chair from him.

37)  The phone rings, waking Emily and Aria.  Emily knocks over her purse, revealing a lot of medicine, including injections.

38)  Ali is on the phone.  Charlotte is missing.

39)  Charlotte has been murdered.  Her body is on the grass next to the church.  She has flowers clutched in her hand.

40)  Dr. Rollins thinks Charlotte committed suicide.

41)  Emily stays with a devastated Ali.

42)   Caleb shows up at Hanna’s door when he heard what happened and thought he could help.

43)   Caleb is staying in Spencer’s barn and mentions Spencer more than once.

44)  Charlotte is shown in the open casket at her funeral.  If she is still alive later on, the writers really have no idea what they are doing with this show.

45)  Sara Harvey shows up wearing her black widow veil.

46)  As the girls leave, Lorenzo stops them.  He says it would be easier if they stayed in town.

47)  Charlotte was dead when she was thrown from the church bell tower.

48)  Sara has left and someone watches the girls from a dark car with tinted windows.


The midseason started strongly, but they usually do.  There is already a new mystery, a new bad and we have to get to know the girls as adults.  There is definitely some potential here.

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