22 Reasons Why – The Makings and Explanations of Pretty Little Liar’s A

Pretty Little Liars

Season 6, Episode 10 – “Game Over, Charles”

Original Air date: August 11, 2015

Contains spoilers if you have not watched the episode


Photo Credit: ew.com


“Aria, maybe you thought he was always happy to see you, but I could never get past the bulge in his pants.” – Mona


“Wait, you don’t think that’s Ali’s chopped up body in those bags?” – Hanna

“What?  Isn’t that what we’re all thinking?” – Hanna

“No.”  – All


“Mr. D abandoned him, but Mrs. D taught him to be A.” – Emily


“I could never trust Mona.  She was Hanna’s legit friend and she ran her over with a car.  Where’s the loyalty in that?” – CeCe (Charlotte)


“But the game was like a drug and I was really good at playing it.” – CeCe (Charlotte)


“You can’t steal people from their families and lock them up to play with like they’re your toys.”  – Ali

“Yes, I can, and I did.  I know you don’t believe me, but I love all of my dolls.  That’s why you’re still alive.  I would never let anything really bad happen to them.” – CeCe (Charlotte)


“Game over.” – CeCe (Charlotte)


Some background information

A is on the roof at the beginning of this episode and the girls, plus Ali are trying to talk him down.  There is then a flashback to the moment when they lost Ali at the prom.  Mona surprises them in the maze.  Mona knew Clark was a cop because she noticed his gun, unlike Aria whom she chides.  Mona has been stalking Ali’s phone and Ali has been getting texts from Charles.  The server for Charles phone is at the Carissimi group.  The girls, plus Mona, head there while Sara stays behind to call “Tanner.”


A drags in Jason, who looks dead, while Ali wakes up in a cell.  What looks like Mr. D’s dead body is in front of the cell.  Meanwhile, the girls arrive at The Carissimi Group and see men loading bags into a van.  I don’t think it’s Ali’s chopped up body like Hanna thought, but seriously, what is in those bags?  In the building, Sara magically gives them a code to get into a locked room.  0907 has a significance for Charles.  Sara magically waits outside as the doors close.  This super technology screen appears and they see a live feed of Ali’s cell, Jason and Mr. D. and the fact the Ali is with Charles(!).  Charles turns around and it’s the character we have known as CeCe.  I’ve watched this episode three times and my original eloquent reaction was “Nuh-uh.” Did it look to anyone else like CeCe’s face was digitally added?  Anyway, sh– is so real now that Aria has to take off her headband.

The World According to CeCe / Charles / A

1) Jason and Mr. D aren’t dead, yet.

2) CeCe thinks the girls came between her and Alison (which makes Emily take off her headband.  They also figure out that Tanner is probably on CeCe’s payroll).

3 )No one understood how much CeCe loved Ali.  Ali was like CeCe’s living doll.

4) Young Charles tried to give Ali a bath to soothe her, not drown her.

5) Mr. D had Charles put into Radley, using the bath incident as an excuse.   In reality, Mr. D had an issue with Charles wanting to wear dresses.  Jason and Mr. D can hear her talking, they just cannot move. (Mona confirms that CeCe did the same thing to her, where she couldn’t move and looked dead to us.  They feel bad for Jason, but not Mr. D.)  Mr. D never visited her at Radley.  (We already knew what a jerk Mr. D is.)  CeCe was mostly left alone at Radley for 7 years.

6) When CeCe turned 12, her mom bought her a yellow dress.  From then on, Mrs. D bought CeCe the same clothes she purchased for Ali, almost like they were twins.

7)  CeCe reveals what happened to Mrs. Cavanaugh.  Charles and Bethany were on the roof and Charles is wearing a dress.  They make up stories and Charles is a good liar, (like the other members of his family).  Mrs. Cavanaugh comes to the roof and Charles doesn’t want her to see him in a dress.  Bethany pushed Mrs. C off the roof and immediately says that Charles did it, calling him a freak.  No one believed Charles, not even his mother.  She paid off Wilden to make sure Mrs. C’s death looked like a suicide.  (Aria says now they know who taught Charles to treat people like dolls.  Emily says Mr. D abandoned Charles, but Mrs. D taught him to be A.)

8) Charles was diagnosed with Intermittent Explosive Disorder, which should have been Bethany’s diagnosis.  Charles was given drugs he didn’t need.

9) Charles was let out for his own funeral and Mrs. D accepted her as a daughter.  (I imagine there were also surgeries involved to change Charles into Charlotte.  Meanwhile, Red Coat is at Radley, about to blow it up.)

10) CeCe was let out of Radley to attend classes at Upenn.  One day she called in a bomb threat, so she could go see her family.  She found Jason having his yearbook picture taken and introduces herself as CeCe.  Charlotte claims that she and Jason did not have a sexual relationship.

11)  Mrs. D didn’t know Charlotte was CeCe until the day they left for Cape May.  CeCe says she wanted to be with her family.  Mr. D thinks Charles is dead.  Charlotte thinks this is to cover her dirty little secret, Mrs. D says it because Mr. D would never let her be herself.  Mr. D not recognize her.

12) Bethany found out about Mrs. D having an affair with her dad, so she snuck out of Radley wearing CeCe’s clothes.  She planned to hurt Mrs. D.  CeCe also snuck out and she is the one that hit Ali with the rock, thinking it was Bethany.  CeCe begged for her mother’s forgiveness, but her mom won’t look at her.

(Mona is crying and admits that she is the one that killed Bethany.  She was sending threats to Ali.  She didn’t want to hurt her, she wanted to scare her.  On that night, Mona was overwhelmed by thoughts of Ali torturing her.  She hit Bethany with the shovel, thinking it was Ali.  Mona thinks that she killed an innocent person, but Spencer says Bethany wasn’t innocent.)


13) Mrs. D pays Wilden to take CeCe back to Radley and cover for her.  CeCe was alone again until Mona showed up.  Mona was drugged, so she thought CeCe was Ali.  Mona told her stories about the girls.  CeCe stopped visiting Mona before she snapped out of her drug daze.  She said she could never trust Mona because Mona was Hanna’s legit friend and still ran her over.  CeCe agreed to help Mona with the game if Mona helped CeCe get out of Radley.

14) Mona told CeCe that the girls were happy that Ali was gone, which really pissed CeCe off.  (Mona doesn’t remember that).

15) CeCe kept seeing a blonde in a red coat and thought maybe it was Ali.  She knew Ali would show up if the girls were in trouble.

16) The night of the fire in the woods, CeCe was there and Sara was the decoy.  That’s when CeCe confirmed Ali was alive after she rescued the girls.

17) After Ali asked why CeCe kept playing the game and CeCe says the game was like a drug and she was really good at playing it.

18) CeCe attacked Ali in her living room to keep her from leaving and to make the threats seem real.

19) CeCe said she never hurt anyone.  She only got mad when they didn’t listen.  Ali tells her she cannot steal people from their families and play with them like her toys.  CeCe said she can and she did.  She says she loves all her dolls, which is why they are still alive.  She claims she would never let anything bad happen to them.

20) CeCe kind of admits to killing Wilden and says that Sara was the black widow at the funeral.

(Emily is naturally upset.  Mona has a weapon built into the heel of her shoe and she uses it to break a panel and let the other girls out.  Mona stays to see how the story ends.  She takes her cape off.)

21) CeCe found Mrs. D’s body, but did not kill her.

(The girls find Sara, who is also Red Coat.  Emily punches Sara and the world cheers.  Ali talks CeCe down from the ledge.)

22) CeCe says the game is over.


It is now Labor Day weekend.  Sara has been released from the hospital and Ali says what happened wasn’t their fault.  The girls and Ali have gathered to say goodbye and the head their separate ways and Ali stays in Rosewood.  Spencer quotes Winnie the Pooh, saying, “How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.”


Five years later, Ali is writing Mrs. Rollins on a chalkboard in a classroom.  The girls come in and warn that “he” is coming for her.


Overall, I found this episode to be compelling and it was sad to see the girls go their separate ways for a while.  It was also heartbreaking to see a small child left at a psychiatric hospital for being transgender.  What is disappointing is that CeCe was not a major character and has been missing while the actress did other work.  I do not have any issue with the character being a transgender, but a lot of opinions I saw on the Internet say otherwise.  That hate is so unnecessary and that hate is part of what created A.

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