On Display – “frAmed” Pretty Little Liars Recap

Pretty Little Liars

Season 6, Episode 8 – “frAmed”

Original Air date: July 28, 2015

Contains spoilers if you have not watched the episodeframed - 7-28

Photo Credit: ew.com


“Maybe someone can put a fist to that face.” – Hanna

“Honestly, I’m suspicious of everyone these days.” – Ezra

“I think your wardrobe speaks a lot louder than mine.” – Emily


The girls are gathered at Ali’s house watching the news.  They are talking about Charles.  Spencer wonders if they can do age enhancement to figure out what he looks like now, so they can put a face to the name.  As usual, Hanna is angry and suggests that maybe someone can put a fist to that face.  The newscaster says Charles may be responsible for Mrs. D’s death, which is news to Ali.  Ali remembers Charles giving her frosting at the arcade when they were little.  He cried when it was time to go and said it was the best birthday ever.  Hanna mouths off being completely insensitive to Ali’s feelings about her brother.


Hanna and Ashley are chatting later.  Ashley thinks Mr. D can explain the money that came from The Carissimi Group.  Hanna says A gives, so that he can take it away.  Ashley says they can turn in the money after they talk to Mr. D.  They walk around the corner and Mr. D’s office is surrounded by reporters, as he rushes inside.  Ashley tells Hanna she doesn’t want her to give up on her future.


Aria is talking to Clark at The Brew.  He is asking a lot of questions about Charles, which naturally makes him look suspicious.  Ezra lurks nearby, listening. Aria mentions that she cannot go to the photo contest finals.  After Clark leaves, Ezra states the obvious about Clark asking a lot of questions.  He says he is suspicious of everyone these days.  Isn’t everyone who watches this show?  Aria states the obvious also and says Clark can’t be a DiLaurentis.  I’m not sure about that considering how random this show is.


Ella doesn’t want Aria to go to the gallery.  Ezra offers to escort Aria there.


At Lorenzo’s place, Lorenzo tells Ali that she can fix things with her friends, but they need help understanding.  Ali says her dad is treating her like she is a threat after calling the police.  Mr. D has been talking to Tanner and Ali wants to know what he has been saying.  Lorenzo says it must be hard having Charles as a brother and Ali says she is sorry that Lorenzo was hurt.


Lorenzo wishes he could have stopped Charles and made him answer to what he has done.  Lorenzo says he has a buddy on Tanner’s team that he can talk to.  Ali says she made him soup, then they kiss because soup is the new aphrodisiac.


Hanna is still talking about the check from the Carissimi Group.  Spencer says they should cash out Hanna’s account and return the money.


Aria and Ella show Tanner Aria’s entries for the photo contest.  Tanner offers to have officers at the gallery.  Ella asks if Tanner is sure Aria will be safe and Tanner tries to assure her.


A is watching footage of said gallery when Red Coat joins him.  Oh, trouble…


Emily is helping Aria pick out a dress to wear to the gallery.  Spencer and Hanna will meet them there.  Aria says she found her prom dress and it spoke to her.  Emily says Aria’s wardrobe speaks louder than hers, which is completely true.  The school board might not let them go to prom.  Aria asks Emily to be her prom buddy, with slow dances where Emily leads.  Emily wants to slow dance with Sara for some reason.


Hanna and Spencer arrive at The Carissimi Group.  Hanna thinks the room might be bugged.  Rhys Matthews comes into the room and he is a Jason look-alike.

framed - rhys

Photo Credit: Wikia


Tanner has been recording her meetings with Mr. D., so Lorenzo can find out what he said.  Tanner has called in a profiler to try to get more information.  Lorenzo gets a text and asks Ali for a glass of water, which of course makes him look suspicious.  Lorenzo then says Ali can leave while he takes a nap.


Aria and Emily are on Aria’s bed talking about Sara.  Emily didn’t tell Sara about the chip because she doesn’t have one.  Emily wants to ask Sara to the prom, but doesn’t know how.  Aria says they can go as a group, so it won’t be awkward.  Aria doesn’t want to ask anyone to the dance and says maybe Caleb and Toby will dance with her.


Rhys asks Hanna why she is returning the check. Rhys doesn’t answer their questions and is as shady as a DiLaurentis.  Spencer asks to speak with Rhys’ boss as Hanna casually takes his picture.  Rhys ends the meeting and as they leave, Hanna and Spencer both think that he looked like a DiLaurentis.


Ali does Lorenzo’s laundry for some reason, then steals his pass to get into the police station.   Oh Ali, you don’t know whether you want to be nice or not.


Spencer and Hanna arrive at the gallery.  Hanna says The Carissimi Group is one elaborate black hoodie.  Spencer says they will talk about it later since the night is important to Aria.  Hanna shows Em the picture of Rhys and she thinks it is Jason.


Aria asks Ezra to the prom as a friend.  Nicole arrives and Aria goes to talk to Clark.  Clark is obviously lying about stuff.


Aria’s pictures are not the ones on display, but instead the pictures of the girls on the slab in the dollhouse.  They all have flashbacks.  The pictures are titled, “Stolen Dolls” because Charles thinks Tanner stole the girls from him.  Ella is naturally upset that Charles did this and asks when they will find Charles.


Ali arrives at the police station.


Outside the gallery, Em wonders how Hanna can look at the pictures.  They see Rhys across the street and decide to follow him.


Ali goes into the evidence room and looks around.  Tanner catches her.


The girls, minus Aria, see Rhys go into a creepy looking building.


Tanner tells Ali she is never where she is supposed to be.  Ali recognizes the baby rattle in the evidence as hers.  She thinks part of Charles wants to stay connected to his family.  Tanner says murderers can be as sentimental as mothers.  Tanner tells Ali they will use lethal force on Charles if necessary.


Ezra comes out of the gallery and offers to give Aria a ride home.  Ezra says he as an interest in Habitat for Humanity and I think he has an interest in Nicole.  Aria says Charles wants them back.  She tells him how they were drugged when Charles stripped them and posed them for the pictures.  Aria thought she was in Iceland when she woke because of how cold she felt.  She realized where she was and terrible things kept happening.  She says she still feels freezing cold all the time.


The girls observe another car pulling up to the building Rhys went in.  It’s Clark.  This is too much for the girls, so they leave.


Lorenzo has to report to the disciplinary committee because of Ali stealing his pass.  He doesn’t believe Ali’s intentions.  Ali says they are going to kill her brother and she doesn’t know him.  Lorenzo says he wished Ali had asked.  Ali says he would have said no, so she would have done the same thing.  There’s that old Ali again.


Ella stops by to see Ashley.  The schoolboard has decided the girls cannot go to prom, Ella says the police aren’t doing enough and they need to protect the girls.  Red Coat watches them.


The girls go over to Aria’s house.  Em tells her about Clark at the abandoned doll factory.  Sorry, but how stupid is it that this building exists.


Tanner watches the footage of the gallery.  She sees a guy that looks like Rhys / Jason switching the photos.


Charles has a kidnap kit that includes 6 syringes in his trunk.  My guess is he wants to complete his collection of Aria, Spencer, Emily, Hanna, Ali and Mona.  Red Coat is driving the car and hands Charles 2 prom tickets.


This episode is really building up to the finale and it makes you distrust everyone a little more than usual.

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