It’s Your Birthday, Charles – “O Brother, Where Art Thou” Pretty Little Liars Recap

Pretty Little Liars

Season 6, Episode 7 – “O Brother, Where Art Thou”

Original Air date: July 21, 2015

Contains spoilers if you have not watched the episode

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Photo Credit: ABC Family

“We all remember how to read.” – Emily

“Aria?” – Spencer to Aria “What?” – Aria to Spencer (Under her breath) “Leave the doll alone.” – Spencer to Aria

“Tell her to get her a** over here.  I’ll show her confrontation.” – Hanna

“We can’t ambush A.  Charles has everything but superpowers.” – Emily

“You’re not going near Charles, A or whatever that freak’s name is.” – Toby


The show finally remembers that it has a plot to wrap up in a few episodes.  Aria tries to call Ali, who is not answering, while Spencer researches the microchip that was implanted into the girls.  They are supposed to meet with Lesli and want Ali to be there with them, but Ali’s panicking father is already driving them out of town.  Ali sees the card from Charles and asks if Charles is coming after them.  Um, yeah.


Hanna comes downstairs where her mom has a surprise for her: a $50,000 scholarship from the Carissimi group.  Jason recommended that Ashley apply for it, which of course makes this suspicious because it is DiLaurentis related.


Emily runs into Claire, one of Sara’s friends, at The Brew.  Claire is surprised that Sara has a job or that she remembers how to read.  The jerky girl has forgotten that Emily was also held in the dollhouse.  Claire says Sara didn’t deserve what happened to her and that she wants to see her.  Emily says Sara is at therapy and will be back in two hours.


Toby is back and feeling super fresh.  Toby says they don’t do secrets anymore because it almost ruined their relationship.    Yeah, let me know how that works out.


Aria and Hanna are in Mona’s room, but Lesli hasn’t shown up.  Spencer arrives as Aria looks like she is about to twist the head off of one of Mona’s dolls.  Spencer tells Aria to leave the doll alone.  Mona receives a text from Lesli who says she isn’t coming because this kind of confrontation could set her back emotionally.  I’m just glad not to see her face.  Hanna doesn’t feel the same way and tells Mona to tell Leslie to get her tail over there and Hanna would show her confrontation.  Okay, Hanna would been entertaining.  Lesli not so much.


Spencer asks Mona if she saw anyone that could have been Charles the night of Ali’s disappearance.  Aria asks if she saw him at Radley when someone stole the game from Mona.  Mona says she doesn’t know because she was so drugged.


Emily volunteers to go with Sara to meet Claire.  Sara mentions the kiss she and Emily shared and Sara says she has had enough pretend kisses over the last three years.  What an odd thing to say, but it makes sense considering what we find out about her on the last episode.


Lorenzo goes over to Ali’s house to look for her.  Jason answers the door and says Ali and her dad are out of town and he doesn’t know when they’ll be back.  Lorenzo says Ali usually calls him back right away.  Jason says he didn’t know they had a usually.  Ha.  Jason says Lorenzo can tell the police to they can take off since Ali won’t be back for a few days.  Lorenzo says he thought Jason didn’t know when she would be back, Jason says he doesn’t and Lorenzo leaves.  Jason spots a card, a balloon and a plastic frog on the porch.  It is an invitation to Charles’s birthday party, which says to come alone or not at all.


Mike visits Aria in her room, as she is getting rid of the dolls she photographed.  Mike tries to say the photos were creepy in a good way.  He asks if Aria told Mona not to talk to him.  Mike hasn’t seen Mona since they were rescued from the dollhouse.


Emily and Sara go to meet Claire.  Emily is a third wheel.


Hanna and Spencer are talking at The Brew.  Spencer says that Toby knows she is lying.  Hanna goes to the website for the Carissimi Group.  She sees they’re the ones that shut down Radley.  Spencer says that carissimi means beloved.  Hanna says like Charles was a beloved son.  Spencer says what if Mrs. D’s favorite charity was also Charles’ bank account.


Spencer receives a call from Ali.  Ali is in a hotel room.  Her dad made them leave in the middle of the night and took her cell phone.  Ali says Charles is alive and he threatened her dad.  He is coming home for his birthday.  Jason is determined to meet him.  Spencer asks why Mr. D didn’t tell them and Ali says Charles is not after them this time.  Mr. D knocks on the door and Ali tells Spencer to lock the door and be careful.  Mr. D is more upset than usual and asks Ali for one day to figure everything out.


Sara tells Emily she is going to live with Claire so that she and Emily can go on a real date.  Yeah, sure.


Spencer, Hanna and Aria go to talk to Jason, but he won’t open the door.  A cop says maybe Jason doesn’t want to talk to them.  Spencer sees the red balloon in the house.


Mike goes to see Mona.  He brought her a basket of the dolls that Aria had been photographing.  Mona says she doesn’t want to see him.  Mike says that all that matters is that she is alive.


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Hanna put a tracker on Jason’s car.  Spencer says they need to remove their chips and leave their phones behind.  Emily says they cannot ambush A since A has everything but superpowers.  Aria thinks they should go to the police, but Spencer thinks Charles won’t show up.  Spencer then says she will tell Toby, so that he can protect them.  Emily asks how are they supposed to remove the microchips.  Hanna gets a tray of medical supplies, including a scalpel.  She says she and Spencer have been studying online.  Spencer asks who wants to go first.


Someone, maybe Emily can be heard saying, “Ow” as Hanna says “Hold still.”  Toby hears this when he stops by in the middle of his shift.  He asks Spencer what’s up with the Band-Aid.  Spencer asks him to hold off on his questions and tells him not to tell anyone what she is about to say to him.  Spencer shows him a picture of Mrs. D and tells him that the boy named Charles is A.


Mona asks Mike what Aria used the dolls for and he says photographs.  Mona says of what we went through when she sees that one of the dolls has its hands tied.  Mona and Mike end up kissing and making up.


Toby says Tanner should have known about this weeks ago.  Spencer says that A had a knife to Sara’s throat and threatened everyone.  The girls come downstairs and Hanna states that Jason is on the move.  Toby tells Spencer she is not going near Charles, A or whatever the freak’s name is.  Toby tells everyone not to go near Jason or he will tell Tanner.  Hanna’s neck starts bleeding, so they go back upstairs.  Spencer tells Toby to be careful and to call her.  Toby picks up Spencer’s bag of pot candy without her noticing.  He later convinces Lorenzo to join him with tracking Jason.


Spencer is worried about Toby and Aria says he can take care of himself.  Toby is taking too long to call, so Spencer is going after him.  Hanna is going also and Emily says she didn’t let Hanna perform surgery on her for nothing.  Aria thinks of calling 911 like a smart person, but she puts her phone down and joins the others.


Jason arrives to meet Charles and Charles sees the girls’ trackers all show they are at Spencer’s house.  Jason goes into an old arcade and ignores a call from his dad.  Why are there so many abandoned buildings within the vicinity of Rosewood?  Man, the suburbs of Pennsylvania are starting to look like Detroit. Anyway, Jason says he came alone as a shadowy figure approaches.


Mona picks Ali up.  Ali asks if Mona told Mike where she was going.  Mona asks how Ali got out and Ali says sleeping pills.  That’s a dose of old Ali, pun intended.  Mona says she is glad she could help because she owes Ali more than a car ride.  Ali calls 911 and says her friends and family are in danger.  She says she knows who A is, her brother Charles DiLaurentis.


The cops bust into the DiLaurentis house.  One of the officers sees the invite from Charles to Jason.


At the arcade, Jason is finally close to Charlie, as he calls him.  Toby and Lorenzo burst in that moment.  Charles knocks some stuff down and injures Lorenzo.  Charles also turns the lights on and Toby can’t focus because he has a belly full of pot candy.  The girls arrive as Charlie begins to use a game as a weapon.  Jason gets Spencer out of harm’s way.  Charles runs as Aria, Hanna and Emily scrape Lorenzo off the floor.  Spencer asks Jason if he is okay and he tells Spencer not to touch him.  The cops become the third set of people to burst into a room on this episode.  They tell everyone to put their hands up.


At home, Ashley tells Hanna it is not her job to catch Charles.  Hanna says she doesn’t want to take the scholarship because it might somehow be connected to the DiLaurentis family.  Ashley thinks Hanna deserves the money and she already deposited the check.


Aria is sitting on the floor of her bedroom crying when Mike comes in.  He asks if Aria is okay.  He tells her that he and Mona are going to work things out.  He also tells Aria that she is brave and she shakes her head.  She says that she is afraid all the time.    Aw.


Spencer goes to see Toby at the police station.  He is super toasted.  Spencer says she didn’t know about the candy and she should have told him she was having problems.  He says he needs her to leave because he doesn’t want anyone to see him.


Aria is a finalist in the photo contest.


Emily comes home and Sara is gone.  She smashes her chip.


Jason is about to take a drink when Ali stops him.  He is upset that his parents tried to erase his memories.  Jason was going to tell Charles to turn himself in and drive him to the police station.  He just wanted a moment alone with his brother.  They hear a boy’s voice calling Jason.  In the attic, there is a video of a young Jason and Ali at a “second cousin’s birthday.”  They are playing with plastic frogs and red balloons, get it?  There is a note that says, “I wanted to trust you.”


Charles gets a present.  The card says “Happy Birthday, Your Friend and Ally.”  The gift is a photo of the party at the arcade.


This was a pretty entertaining episode.  Of course, it is annoying to have Charles slip away again.

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