He’s Alive! – “No Stone Unturned” Recap

Pretty Little Liars

Season 6, Episode 6 – “No Stone Unturned”

Original Air date: July 14, 2015

Contains spoilers if you have not watched the episode


Warning: this episode was largely an annoying, boring waste of time, but there were some good one-liners and a little plot development.


Photo Credit: ew.com

“Mona has always been shady about this girl and now we know why.  They were sharing a strait jacket.” – Spencer

“She was passing out juice boxes while the rest of us were making sure we still had kidneys.”  – Spencer

“She probably has to drag Mona here on a leash.” – Spencer

“Now you tell me after I tried to shimmy up her drain pipe.” – Hanna

“I have incompletes in everything except lunch.” – Spencer

“She has a hairbrush that smells like a cat box.” – Hanna

“Why am I beeping?   I haven’t stolen anything yet. – Hanna

“B*tch chipped us.” – Spencer


Emily and Spencer are discussing Lesli and Emily says this is crazy.  Why yes, yes it is.  Spencer says Mona has always been shady about Lesli because they shared a strait jacket.  Spencer also doesn’t trust Mona because she was freely walking around the dollhouse passing out juice while everyone else was making sure they still had kidneys.  Spencer states that Hanna will have to drag Mona in on her leash.  Gee, I don’t think Spencer is a Mona fan.


Spencer thinks that Lesli’s motive for possibly being A is that she thinks they killed Bethany.  Hanna arrives and says Mona is on lockdown for going to Radley.  Spencer doesn’t think she would be helpful, anyway.  Hanna is upset to learn this after she tried to shimmy up Mona’s drainpipe.  (That sentence doesn’t seem right after I typed it.  Ha.)


Mr. D finds a birthday card on his windshield.  He sees Emily riding her bike and asks if she saw who put it there.


Clark catches Aria putting his negatives back.


Caleb notices a lump on the back of Hanna’s neck.  No, this isn’t a very special episode when Hanna finds out she has cancer, but more on that later.  Hanna leaves to go meet Spencer.


Emily picks a shirt for Sara to wear to work.  Seriously, does Em have a purpose anymore?


Dean comes over to drop off a book for Spencer and a box of pot-free brownies.  She tells him about not wanting to do the valedictorian speech.  I wish she would tell her mom that she doesn’t want to do, so I can stop struggling to spell valedictorian.  Spencer says she doesn’t understand why they want her to speak since she has incompletes in everything except lunch.  Dean states the obvi and tells her to say no if she doesn’t want to do it.


Hanna and Spencer talk on the phone since Spencer was held up by Dean.  Hanna is in Philly to spy on Lesli.  Spencer mentions the gift from Dean and Hanna says that Toby should hurry home.  Please hurry home, Toby before Spencer makes out with Kol and ends up being turned by him.  I really don’t want to see Spencer’s blood lust if she is turned into a vampire.  I think she would rival Stefan as a ripper.  Random, but probably true.  This episode bored me so much that I am thinking about television show crossovers that will never happen.


Anyway, Hanna sweet talks a valet into giving her Lesli’s keys.


A friend of Emily’s stops by The Brew.  She knows Em from Habitat for Humanity.


Spencer and Hanna search Lesli’s car.  She has a hairbrush in there that smells like a litterbox, according to Hanna.  I’m not sure what’s up with Hanna smelling random things.  Spencer finds a badge to Lesli’s workplace.  Lesli also stores a box with several pairs of the fake glasses she wears.  She also has four cages large enough to fit the girls.  Well, that would make the dollhouse seem cozy.


At the dump, A has left Aria a doll in her image with a knife through the eye.


Em goes to The Brew and finds Ezra chatting with her friend, Nicole.  Ezra told her what happened to Emily and the girls.  Nicole invites Emily to join her for a job in Thailand.  Emily asks if she can bring Sara.


Spencer stops by Caleb’s place to get him to make a copy of Lesli’s work pass.  Spencer mentions the speech she doesn’t want to give again.  Sara says she would give the speech.


Caleb is looking at a book in The Brew when Ashley approaches and tells him he doesn’t need a book.  She says Hanna may never tell them what happened and Caleb says he feels like he lost her.


Aria calls Emily and asks her how A always knows where they are.


Ezra drops by Aria’s house to give her a recommendation letter for the photo contest.  Ezra spots the Aria doll and real Aria says it is for a photo shoot.  Ezra finds that disturbing like a normal person would.


Spencer arrives at home and Dean is waiting for her.  He is upset and Spencer tries to explain.  Dean was worried when Spencer did not show up at the NA meeting.  He says he can’t see her anymore because he wants to grab her and kiss her.  He also doesn’t care if she has a boyfriend.  I feel uncomfortable before Spencer.


Caleb shows up in Hanna’s room.  Ashley gave him a house key.  Hanna and Caleb have a roll in the sack that makes everything all better.  I guess Caleb is that good.  By the way, I was laughing as I typed that and do not mean it.


Sara tells Emily that someone followed her and injured her with their car.  Sara identifies Lesli’s car.  Sara also says she can’t go to Thailand.


Aria, Hanna and Spencer go to the lab where Lesli works.  Aria says she wants to tell Ezra what is going on.  Some equipment starts buzzing whenever Hanna is close.  She wonders why it is beeping when she hasn’t stolen anything yet.  Spencer figures it out, A put locater chips in them.  At least we know A isn’t using one of Bonnie’s locator spells.  Sorry another TVD reference.


Emily tells Nicole she cannot go to Thailand.


Photo Credit: imdb.com

Hanna lets the animals out of their cages in the lab in a moment of anger (and flashbacks).  Hanna has a snack in her purse and tells Spencer not to feed it all to the raccoon because it is her dinner.  Mona shows up and ask if they have lost their minds.  Maybe a little.  They accuse Mona of working with A.  Mona says that Lesli hated Bethany and Lesli only heard of Charles when he snuck out of Radley the same night as Bethany.  Mona looks at Charles’ file and says no one would want his liver due to the medications he was taking.  See, this is why this show needs Mona, even if she is untrustworthy.  She is the smartest freaking character on this show.


Mona says that Charles is alive and probably planning something big, which is why he is distracting them.  Mona dismisses the photo of A saying if you caught A in a photo it is because A wanted to be caught.  School them, Mona.


Mr. D has been trying to find out information on Charles.


Hanna tells Emily about the chip and Charles being alive.


Spencer goes to Dean-less NA meeting.


Aria sees Ezra chatting with Nicole and it looks a little more than friendly.


Emily checks Sara for a chip, then they kiss.


Mr. D digs up Charles’ grave.  The birthday card from earlier is shown.  It says, “Dear Daddy, Coming home for my birthday.  You should plan a party to die for.  Just you.  Love, Charles.”  Charles is watching him.  Yikes.


This episode was pretty terrible, but I am glad everyone is figuring out that Charles is still alive.

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