Dead Ends – “She’s No Angel” Recap

Pretty Little Liars

Season 6, Episode 5 – “She’s No Angel”

Original Air date: June 30, 2015

Contains spoilers if you have not watched the episode


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“Huh, you’re giving me cramps.” – Aria

“My mom just got back from Curves and I’m not having this argument with her after she’s pumped iron.” – Spencer

“And there’s a bunch at school too.  They stand outside the bathroom while you pee.” – Hanna

“Kinda hard when someone’s kicked you in the teeth before you’ve even brushed them.” – Ali

“I’m like ‘Hello, I should be biting your head off, freak.” – Hanna

“It’s not your cookie.” – Spencer to Hanna “Okay, first you’re sexting Toby like some dog in heat, and then you’re gumming at your dessert like my grandma.  How long do you want the cookie to last?” – Hanna to Spencer



Spencer is having a pot cookie induced nightmare where Maddie Ziegler is dancing.  Some people thinks the dance means someone gave birth in Radley.  Spencer sees a pair of shoes with C. DiLaurentis on them, then she sees the shadow of Charles.


The next morning, Spencer is talking to Aria on the phone.  Aria asks if she saw Charles’ face in the dream.  Spencer says it was a nightmare, which is why she fell out of the bed.  She didn’t see Charles’ face and doesn’t know who the girl in the dream is.  She tries to get Aria to remember the room from the dream, but Aria won’t.  Aria says she is having a hard enough time walking by the photo lab.  Spencer asks Aria what she did with the dye.  Aria says Spencer is giving her cramps.


Spencer eats a pot cookie and tells her they cannot throw away clues.  Spencer says her mother is bothering her about giving the valedictorian speech at school.  Aria asks to give her a reason to go to graduation.  Spencer thought Aria’s dad excused her from ever going to school again.  Spencer says her mom just got back from Curves, so she’s not having this discussion with her after she pumped iron.  I think this was one of my favorite lines of the season.


Hanna is startled when she goes into her kitchen and Mona is sitting there wearing sunglasses.  Mona asks about the police presence.  Hanna says they’re always there and there a bunch at school too, some of which stand outside the bathroom while you pee.  TMI, Hanna.  Mona says she wishes she never came back.  Mona doesn’t feel safe being around Ali since she sent her to jail.  She thinks Ali is plotting revenge.  Hanna reminds her that A is still out there.  Mona says she needs to go the police station regarding faking her death.  She says the investigation cost more than their sewer system, so it is a crime.  Hanna tells her they need to track anyone who ever had contact with Charles.  Mona thinks that Mr. D has information.  Hanna says Ali is so embarrassed that she only leaves her house to go to church.  Mona reacts to that and Hanna says Ali has changed.  Mona asks Hanna to drop her off at the police station.


Ali hears the police talking smack about her.


Emily enters her room after taking a shower.  Sara is talking to her drunk mother.  Sara says her mom wants her back.  Emily asks Sara if she has ever thought of being legally emancipated.


Aria is in her dad’s office when Clark stops by.  He invites Aria to do a photo shoot at a junk yard.  He tells her about a photo contest where the prize is an internship in Los Angeles.


Ali is outside drinking tea when her father comes out.  He says she can come to the office to work, but she says she can stay there and wear ear plugs.  She tells him about the cop and he says he would let it go.  Ali says it is kind of hard when someone has kicked you in the teeth before you brushed them.  He tells Ali she has to own her bad behavior because it catches up with you.  She tells him he would know.  Oh, snap!


Hanna and Mona go to The Brew.  A nervous Mona asks her to hurry up and order.  Lesli is in Rosewood because she was summoned by the police for helping Mona.  She goes off on Mona, then Hanna when she tries to intervene.  Lesli tells Mona not to call her again.  I really do not like this character.


Photo Credit: ABC Family

At school, Hanna tells Spencer what happened.  She says she should be the one biting that freak’s head off.  Spencer is texting and Hanna says she’s rude.  Spencer says that Toby is away until Monday and that is a long time to wait.  Hanna asks wait for what and when Spencer smiles, Hanna says “Ew.”  Hanna says to Spencer cup might runeth over, but hers is bone dry because Caleb is treating her like a cracked egg that fell out of the robin’s nest.  Hanna receives a text from Mona, who is now afraid of Lesli and Ali.  Spencer tells her to stay out of it, but Hanna refuses.


Hanna says they need Mona to get into Radley.  She doesn’t believe Charles is dead until someone proves it.  Hanna tries to grab a piece of Spencer’s pot cookie when Spencer smacks her hand and tells her it is not her cookie.  Hanna wonders what is up with Spencer sexting Toby and gumming a cookie like Hanna’s grandma.  She asks Spencer how long she wants the cookie to last.  Hanna asks if Spencer is buzzed.  Spencer is one step away from hanging with Travis on the grassy knolls (Clueless reference).


At the junkyard, Aria is setting up a photo shoot of dolls.  Clark takes her picture and invites her to dinner because all the girls cannot have platonic friends besides each other.  She turns him down and says she’s not dating.  Clark says he recognizes her from the news.  He is on the long list of characters not to trust.


Lorenzo is talking to Ali about working at a camp.  He believes she can make a difference with the kids.  Mr. D comes in the house and asks if Ali complained about one cop so she could swap him for another one close to her age.  Mr. D believes in his daughter so strongly, doesn’t he?  Lorenzo tries to ask questions about the incident with the trash talking cops and Mr. D tells him to leave.


Caleb is helping Sara with her emancipation stuff.  Emily says Sara was only 14 when she ran away, so she didn’t have a job before.  Caleb says they expect her to have a high school diploma and a means to support herself.  Caleb was emancipated, so he knows how hard this is.


At the junkyard, Aria spots a hooded figure.  The person knocks a shelf over to keep Aria away.


Spencer goes to what I assume is a Narcotics Anonymous meeting.  Dean / Kol from The Vampire Diaries (the drug counselor that lived with her until Veronica threw him out) is there.


Aria is helping Clark hang up his film to dry at Hollis when she sees that he took a picture of the hooded figure.


Caleb offers Sara a job working with him.


Hanna meets Lesli at The Brew.  Lesli apologizes to Hanna and wonders if Radley helped or hurt Mona.  Hanna slips and says that Radley holds the answers.


Aria steals Clark’s negatives.


Dean drops Spencer off at home and tells her she can’t rationalize her drug use.  He asks Spencer to call him the next time she can’t sleep.  She asks Dean to throw her pot cookie away.  Spencer sees Mona putting a card in Ali’s mailbox.  She tells Spencer she looks better than the last time she saw her.  Spencer says she was on a hospital gurney and Mona says she was too, but Spencer looked more graceful being rolled.  This new awkward Mona strikes me as suspicious.  Spencer asks Mona if there could have been another girl in the dollhouse.  Mona says she never saw the room from Spencer’s dream, but I think she is lying.


Sara goes to talk to someone and finds out that while she is working on being emancipated, she can stay with Emily and her mom.  Sara wants to get a tattoo to celebrate her freedom.


At Radley, the name Carissimi Group is prominently featured.  Spencer sees the girl from her dream on a poster on the wall.  The one unlocked room is the room from Spencer’s dream.  Who else thinks this is set-up?


Sara gets a birdcage tattoo and encourages Emily to get a tattoo also.


Charles has allegedly been dead for 6 years.  Sometimes the math on this show doesn’t make sense.  Spencer finds a record of Charles’ organs being donated.  A doll in one of the tubs scares the girls.


Aria is looking at Clark’s photos and it looks the hooded figure has a bust.  Aria sends a text to girls posing the idea that A might be a girl.


Lorenzo stops by Ali’s house.  He says Mr. D is not angry at him, but at himself for not protecting his family.  Lorenzo asked the cop from that morning to trade shifts with a lady cop he thinks Ali will like better.  Then, Ali and Lorenzo kiss.  Mr. D comes home and Lorenzo leaves before Mr. D can peck him.


Sara sees Aria’s text on Emily’s phone.  Sara says she has seen the girl a couple of times and I think she is lying.  Sara is upset that Emily kept the search for A a secret.  They then run from a hooded person.


Spencer and Hanna catch Mona at Radley taking Lesli’s record.  Lesli was there long enough to know Charles.


Ali gets a text from Hanna and is about to go over there.  Mr. D asks if Lorenzo will be there too.  He tells Ali that she is not going anywhere and threatens to take her far away.  She asks if he is going to bury her at Aunt Carol’s next to Charles.  I don’t think he knew Charles’ “grave” was there.


Hanna thinks it is Lesli in the picture at the junkyard.  Lesli’s roommate at Radley was Bethany.  That seems too coincidental.


Mona calls Lesli to tell her that the girls know.  Lesli freaks out.


In one of the moments I found to be the creepiest of this season, Charles carefully combs a doll sized Aria wig on a tennis ball.


The girls are going down the wrong road again and it is annoying.  There is so much this season could have been, but it is barely entertaining.

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