Charlie, the imaginary friend

Pretty Little Liars
Season 6, Episode 3 – “Songs Of Experience”
Original Air date: June 16, 2015
Contains spoilers if you have not watched the episode

songs of experience

Photo Credit: ABC Family

“You can’t exactly ask for a hall pass to go feed your hostage.” – Spencer
“Then he has a right to know and maybe get un-messed. He’s my brother, too.” – Spencer
“I’m under every stone that someone turns over. I make people into people they never were. It’s all my fault.” – Ali
“It’s not about telling her. It’s about telling each other.” – Hanna
“Imaginary, like Mr. Biscuit? Long story.” – Hanna
“There’s nothing imaginary about Charles and Ali’s dad knows it.” – Emily
“Did Mr. Biscuit ever make any threatening phone calls?” – Aria to Hanna “Leave Mr. Biscuit out of this.” Hanna to Aria
“Other towns have nice toxic dumps. Rosewood has you.” – Andrew

The morning after Sara’s bombshell (to the girls anyway) that she didn’t think Andrew was the one in the dollhouse, Spencer is talking to Emily on the phone. Emily says that Sara is pretty sure Andrew is not Charles. I’m 100% sure. Anyway, Sara is in the shower. She takes a lot of showers. Emily says Andrew was in school the whole time Sara was held captive. Spencer says that Mona being A didn’t cramp her style, but Emily counters saying Mona didn’t have someone in a cage. Spencer says you can’t exactly ask for a hall pass to go feed your hostage.

Emily talks to Aria and Aria needs to believe that Charles is Andrew. Aria talks to Hanna, who is going back to school. Hanna thinks that Andrew as Charles makes sense. How so? Hanna says that Aria has to walk into school with her. Hanna tears out a page of her yearbook that has Andrew on it.

Emily is getting ready for school when Sara asks her if she can stay at the house until Emily returns. Emily gives Sara a burner phone, so that Sara can keep in touch. Sara says they described her on the news as feral and Emily says she looked more like a lost puppy. Emily startles Sara by touching her and Emily says she will stay home with Sara.

Aria goes to The Brew. She says she’s not ready to go to school. Ezra says she can stay there, where she is “safe.” It’s not really safe because Charles has been all up and through there.

Spencer is in Ali’s room telling her she needs to ask her dad about Charles again. Ali says A is for Andrew and Spencer asks why Charles would put that name in front of them. Ali says if Charles were real and her father knew, he would be at the police station. Spencer says she wishes she was as sure as Ali is, if Ali is really sure. Ali tells her to go. Spencer says she is going to talk to Jason and Ali tells Spencer to leave him out of this because he is messed up enough. Spencer thinks he has a right to know and maybe that will help him get “un-messed.” She points out Jason is her brother too. Ali says to leave him alone because she doesn’t want anyone else hating her. Ali says she is under every stone someone turns over. She makes people into people they never were and she thinks it is her fault the girls ended up in the dollhouse. Spencer says she doesn’t blame her.

Hanna is outside school when Dr. Sullivan sees her. She asks Hanna to stop by, then Hanna goes into school by herself.

Aria is going through some of the photos she has taken and notices a doll in her room. Where did the doll come from? She pauses on a picture of Andrew and asks who are you. Ezra comes over and asks her what she wants to know about Andrew.

Hanna is having a session with Dr. Sullivan. She says A hated that the girls were friends. Hanna wants the girls to have a session together.

Aria and Ezra call Andrew’s doctor pretending to be from the Rosewood Police. Andrew’s information is sealed because he was adopted.

Ali runs into Lorenzo again. He is flirty. Toby notices this from where he is having coffee.

Pam, Emily and Sara are talking. Sara tells them her mom gave her clothes away because she needed the space. Sara says she ran away before because she was tired of pretending she was happy. Pam tries to comfort her. Hanna calls Emily from outside Emily’s house.

Spencer and Toby are cuddling when Toby asks her for a favor. He asks Spencer to talk to Ali about Lorenzo. Spencer says it is Ali and Lorenzo’s business. Spencer says that people can change. Toby thinks that even Ali rescuing the girls benefited herself. Toby says that Ali has a history with cops (she does) and Lorenzo doesn’t know about her past. He also says that if Spencer completely trusts Ali, he will drop the whole thing.

Emily comes outside and Hanna tells her to get in the car to go see Dr. Sullivan. Hanna is staging an intervention. Aria pulls up and tells them Andrew was adopted, so he could be older than they think.

Spencer goes to talk to Jason. Jason says his dad is trying to figure out how many people he can sue at once. Spencer says she wants to talk about “their” family. She tells them how they found a name in the dollhouse: Charles DiLaurentis. Jason looks stunned. She tells him she hasn’t gone to the police because they want to know what it means. Jason says he doesn’t know a Charles either and that Andrew must have done that to mess with Ali. Spencer gets a text from Hanna and announces that she has to go. Jason is thinking about the name. He knew someone named Charlie, but says Charlie doesn’t exist.

At Dr. Sullivan’s office, the girls wait for Spencer as Dr. S takes a call. Aria asks what are they supposed to tell Dr. S. Hanna responds that it’s not about telling the doctor, it is about telling each other. Emily says sometimes it is better not to talk about things. Hanna asks Emily how has she been sleeping. Spencer comes in and tells them what Jason said about Charles. Charlie was Jason’s imaginary friend when he was little. Hanna asks if he was imaginary, like Mr. Biscuit. When the girls look at her, Hanna says it is a long story.

Mr. D told Jason that Charlie had to go away and Jason never saw him again. Aria asks why Mr. D didn’t tell Ali this. Hanna thinks that the home movie they saw in the dollhouse was Jason and Charlie. Emily adds that Charles is not imaginary and Mr. D knows it. Aria thinks that they should tell Dr. Sullivan everything. Emily receives a Facechat request. It shows Sara sleeping and gloved hand pulling a knife on her. A message then says, “Mention me and someone dies. You have thirty seconds to leave. A countdown begins on the phone. Dr. Sullivan comes back into the room and the girls are gone.

They all come rushing into Emily’s house to check on Sara. I wonder if they stopped running to get their cars. Sara is okay and Spencer doesn’t think they should tell Sara about what happened. Hanna wonders who made the call if Andrew is in jail. Aria asks if Mr. Biscuit ever made any threatening phone calls. Hanna requests that Mr. Biscuit is left out of this. Ha. Pam comes home and tells the girls that Andrew is going to be released because they aren’t charging him. He has an alibi for when Mona and Sara disappeared.

Jason watches Mr. D in the office like he doesn’t trust him at all.

The girls go to tell Ali about the imaginary Charlie. Hanna points out that her dad lied to her. Ali says Jason always said something was missing from their family. Emily asks if there could be proof of Charlie in the house. Hanna tells Dr. S over the phone that Ashley slipped in the shower due to soap, so they all had to leave the session. Sometimes, these girls do not lie well.

Ali and Spencer search one room, then go outside to search in the flower pots. Ali says Toby is not going to like this because he hates her. Spencer can’t really defend Toby because it is true. Ali asks Spencer if she met Lorenzo and if Toby talked to him about her. Ali thinks it is pointless to like someone like Lorenzo because it could never go anywhere. Spencer says they have been given a second chance, so they should use it.

Aria searches Mrs. D’s sewing room. She finds a photo of Mrs. D with Jason and Charles in a jar of button. Aria shows the girls the photo and says she used to hide her candy money from Mike by putting it in a button jar. Ali says her dad should be home soon, so they should go. Hanna says maybe she shouldn’t be alone. Ali says she will call them.

The girls see Andrew leaving the police station. He tells Aria to leave him alone. Aria says she is glad Andrew is out and he says that’s not what he heard. Andrew says he was trying to find them when he was missing those three weeks. He wanted to be the hero, but was arrested instead. Andrew tells the girls they will graduate with honors so the school can get rid of them. Andrew says other towns have nice toxic dumps and Rosewood has them. Ouch. During all of this, Toby and Lorenzo have shown up. Spencer introduces herself to Lorenzo as Ali’s friend. Toby glares.

Spencer thinks that Andrew won’t hate them forever. Spencer says that Charles wanted them to feel alone and isolated, hence make people hate them. Hanna mentions a game with switches that involved hurting people. Aria says she thought she was the only one and asks if anyone ever received a shock. No one has. Spencer says the point was to make them think they were hurting each other and there was a point when they would hurt each other.

Emily comes home and Sara has cut off her long, blonde hair.

Spencer comes home and Veronica tells her she can’t go anywhere without her mom knowing where she is. Spencer says she will try to sleep on her own tonight. Veronica says she heard the girls tricked Andrew into helping them and asks if it’s true.

Ali places the photo of her mom and the boys into a photo album. Jason comes home and she shows him the picture.

Spencer takes the stolen anti-anxiety pill.

Jason and Ali confront Mr. D when he arrives at home. Ali shows him the photo and asks who the other boy is. We can’t hear what he says, but Charles watches them through the window.

I’m so glad the Andrew “is” A storyline is over. I wish this season was heavier on truth, instead of lies.

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