Charlie, The Lonesome Brother

Pretty Little Liars
Season 6, Episode 4 – “Don’t Look Now”
Original Air date: June 23, 2015
Contains spoilers if you have not watched the episode

dont look now

Photo Credit: ABC Family

The girls gather in Ali’s room. Hanna and Aria ask her questions, but Spencer says to give her a minute. Ali says Charles is her brother and there is flashback to the night before. Mr. D tells Jason and Ali that Charles was 15 months older than Jason. They knew he was troubled from an early age. The doctors didn’t know what was wrong with him, but by the time Ali was one, it was too dangerous to keep him in the house. Charles was institutionalized at Radley. Jason asks why no one knew about Charles and Mr. D says they moved to Rosewood after Charles was put in Radley. Aria asks Ali why they kept Charles a secret and Ali says it is because they wanted her to have a normal childhood.

Ali says that Charles is dead. He overdosed on pills when he was 16. He was cremated while Mr. D was out of the country. Hanna thinks Charles is still alive and Ali is defensive. Spencer says they need to find proof of his death. Hanna says they need to go to Radley and Aria reminds her that it is closed.

Hanna arrives at home and Caleb says Ashley said he could spend the night.

The next morning, Pam tells Emily and Sara that she made them appointments with Dr. Sullivan. Sara goes to take a shower and Emily says Sara might not be ready to talk. Pam tells Emily that she does have to see Dr. Sullivan.

Aria researches Charles and doesn’t find anything. Her dad comes in and tells her that Tanner wants to meet with them. He says he is there when Aria needs to talk. Aria says she doesn’t want to ever talk about it. He invites her on a daddy/daughter date and Aria says she is going to Hollis to develop some of her photos.

When Hanna wakes up, Caleb is in a chair looking out the window. He didn’t sleep because A is still out there. There was a 10 minute gap where there was no police protection outside. Who expects Rosewood Police to do a good job?

Spencer calls a Radley hotline to see what happened to the records. They are being transferred to the patients’ new doctors or they will be destroyed. Ezra comes over to see how Spencer is doing. Ezra thought this was over, but he thinks the police will find A. Sabrina, the new baker at The Brew appears. She is a medicinal pothead and clumsy. Spencer has a flashback to waking up the dollhouse covered in blood.

The girls are talking in Spencer’s kitchen. If they can get Charles’ file, they will find out if he is dead or if he was released. Spencer looked up the records place, which is close by. Hanna says Caleb will drive them there, but the others don’t want Caleb to know about this. Caleb has been clingy and Hanna doesn’t care about what may happen to Sara. Hanna is douche sometimes. Spencer is jittery and she asks if the pills are helping Emily and Aria. Aria says she threw hers away after they gave her a headache. Spencer suggests that they meet at The Brew in an hour. Spencer goes to Aria’s house to try to retrieve the pills from the garbage. Oh my Spencer. Sometimes you make me sad.

Ali is sitting at home with her dad and she asks about Charles’ remains. His ashes were scattered at the lake and there wasn’t a funeral. Mr. D says it was a relief when he died because he is a bigger douche than Hanna.

At the file storage / shredding place, Spencer is told she would have to go through her doctor to get her file. Spencer suggests they talk to Jason and Ali to see if they can get Charles’ file. Hanna spots that the back door is open, so they sneak in.

Emily tells Hanna that she went to see Dr. Sullivan. Dr. S asked if things are okay between the four of them. Hanna asks is it and Emily says they will get there. Spencer has another flashback. Aria finds Charles’ file and there is only a record up until age 16. There are only 2 visitors on the log, Mrs. D and his Aunt Carol. Someone comes, so they leave. Caleb is waiting for them outside.

At home, Hanna tells Caleb they went to get Spencer’s file. Aria’s dad was worried about her because she wasn’t on campus or at home. She also didn’t answer her phone. She says her phone died and she mixed up the days she was supposed to be at the studio. Caleb admits that he put a tracker on Hanna’s car. Pam tells Emily that she found Sara on the roof, staring at the sky. Pam thought she was going to jump. Byron says he is taking Aria to Hollis when she goes and he wants to know where Aria is at all times. Caleb wants to make sure Hanna stays safe, but she wants the tracker off. Caleb is still dealing with not knowing where she was for 3 weeks. Pam doesn’t think Sara should stay with them, but Emily thinks she can help her and Pam thinks they can’t.

Spencer asks Sabrina at The Brew to make her some pot brownies. When Emily wakes up the next morning, Sara is gone.

Jason is upset that his parents lied to him about Charlie. They made him doubt himself. Jason doesn’t believe that he and Ali know the truth now because he thinks more people in their family know about Charles. Ali tells him that their Aunt Carol visited Charles many times. Jason remembers that he went to Aunt Carol’s house to hide out from Wilden after he was injured in the elevator. His mother was at the house and Jason asks if she is fixing up the property to sell. Mrs. D says she is keeping it. Jason says he would like to stay there for a while. Mrs. D says there is a plumbing issue and when Jason says he will just stay the night, Mrs. D says it is a mess in there. Mrs. D firmly tells him no and she says she will see him at home. Jason hears a noise from inside. Mrs. D closes the door and Jason leaves.

Jason never went back, but wonders why his mother kept the place. Ali thinks Charles was living there.

Sara tells Emily that that she went home, but it didn’t work out. Sara says she doesn’t want to waste time in therapy.

Hanna, Ali, Jason and Spencer go to Aunt Carol’s house. Ali asks why Charles would do what he did. Spencer says she wishes she knew. The electricity has been turned off in the house.

Aria is at Hollis developing photos. She goes to get chemicals off the shelf when she sees the note A has left that says, “You’re MY doll, b*tch” on a container of pink hair dye. She was a flashback to the dollhouse. Charles has written on a board that she has to use the dye or she will get a surprise. Aria tells the camera that she is not his doll. She wrecks some of the stuff in the dollhouse, like she did Ezra’s apartment that time. When she wakes up in the dollhouse, A has cut off her hair.

Aria panics and tries to get out of the darkroom and the door is stuck. A guy named Clark lets her out.

It’s now dark at Aunt Carol’s house. Hanna wonders why their mom would keep the smelly, old house with no one living there. Caleb calls Hanna and she ignores the call. Spencer has another flashback. She asks the camera, “What did I do? What did you make me do?” She is covered with blood everywhere, even her mouth. Spencer asks Hanna if she remembers everything Charles made her do. Hanna does, Spencer doesn’t. Hanna thinks she imagined the blood, which was gone the next morning. Spencer says blood was smeared across the floor, like someone dragged a body out. Hanna thinks it was fake blood and mind games, but Spencer thinks she hurt someone.

Aria is ready to leave Hollis and Clark gives her a photo that he took.

Ali and Jason find a grave with Charles’ name on it. Jason says that this is what his mother didn’t want him to see. Jason thinks she wanted to keep this memorial to herself. Hanna thinks the headstone is fake, so that they will be thrown off track. Ali says that is ridiculous. Hanna tries to dig up the grave, but Jason stops her by saying the grave is real because there are roots growing around the tombstone. Ali says that Charles is really dead, then she and Jason hug. That is rare.

Hanna says that A led them down the wrong path with the stupid blocks and anagrams. Spencer thinks that someone from Radley has assumed Charles’ identity.

Emily takes Sara swimming because she is on a different show, like Aria used to be.

Byron comes in Aria’s room and asks if she is hungry. He starts to leave to make dinner, but Aria stops him. She tells him her room in the dollhouse looked like her real room. She starts to cry and tells him behind the window was a dirt wall. There was no closet behind the door and the room was locked at all times. There was no way for her to get out. She sobs and her dad holds her.

Hanna comes home and Caleb is waiting with questions. He asks Hanna why there is dirt all over her clothes. Caleb asks why Hanna is lying to him. Caleb says Ashley invited him to stay for a while and Hanna doesn’t want him too. She says Caleb is suffocating her and his need to keep tabs on her is making her feel like she is still in the bunker. She asks for space.

Ezra catches Spencer picking up the pot cookies that Sabrina made. Ezra says he can’t imagine what Spencer went through, but when the cookie high is over, her problems will still be there. Spencer says she can’t sleep because her mind won’t shut off. She just wants to quiet the noise.

Ali comes home and her father is there drinking. He tells her why Charles was put in Radley. When Ali was 11 months old, Charles tried to drown her in the bathtub.

A is monitoring the girls via trackers.

Even before knowing about what is going on with Charles, this episode annoyed me. Why waste time in a short season acting like something is going on when it’s not?

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