Pretty Damaged Liars

Pretty Little Liars
Season 6, Episode 2 – “Songs Of Innocence”
Original Airdate: June 9, 2015
Contains spoilers if you have not watched the episode

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS – “Songs of Innocence” – Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer are out of the Dollhouse but far from free of its lasting effects in “Songs of Innocence,” an all-new episode of ABC Family’s hit original series “Pretty Little Liars,” airing Tuesday, June 9th (8:00 – 9:00 PM ET/PT). (ABC Family/Eric McCandless)

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“Reality has been through a lot and so have we.” – Spencer
“No Charles DiLaurentis in this family.” – Kenneth DiLaurentis
“Then, I thought well now you know what happens to bad little girls.” – Sara
“Ali, I am going to say this as delicately as I can. Your father is a liar.” – Spencer to Ali “That was the delicate way?” – Ali to Spencer
“The goblin snuck into the Campbell house and switched babies on them.” – Ali to Spencer “We both know there are more conventional ways somebody can end up with more than two parents. That’s how you and I got to share a brother.” Spencer to Ali
“I don’t wanna own it, I don’t wanna memorialize it. I don’t want to think about it being in a diary somewhere in my room. I want a nice, big wall between before and after.” – Aria
“They went through a lot.” – Toby to Ali “We all did.” – Ali to Toby
“I can’t look at it anymore. It’s ruined.” – Hanna
“Don’t look at him. Look at me.” – Hanna
“I said don’t look at him. Why do you keep looking back and forth?” – Hanna
“He just played games with us.” – Hanna to Ashley “What kind of games?” – Ashley to Hanna “Truth or dare. Who do you love more, me or her? Who deserves water today, you or somebody else? You decide or you lose your turn and somebody else gets to pick. Lots and lots of games.” – Hanna to Ashley
“Pretty strong? What happened to we’re gonna get the son of a b*tch?” – Spencer
“I’m not angry!” – Emily

The second episode of the season opens with the girls in Spencer’s hospital room. Aria asks where Mona is and Spencer says she is down the hall. So is the other girl, Sara. Hanna heard them talking in the ambulance. The police found plans and journals in Andrew’s house and at the farm. Emily asks if Andrew and Charles are supposed to be the same person. I ask why we are asking questions that don’t make sense. Spencer says reality has been through a lot and so have they. They have been through a lot, but they need to think a little harder about who A is. Aria says that Charles is Andrew. Spencer says they shouldn’t tell the police about Charles, they will know it is the truth. That makes no sense and the Rosewood Police wouldn’t know the truth if it bit them in the…

Toby finds Andrew in the woods and tackles him. He asks for five minutes alone with Andrew, but Toby’s new partner, Lorenzo tells him to do his job. Yeah, Toby, especially since Andrew is innocent. Toby handcuffs him and reads him his rights.

Mr. D is lecturing Ali about putting her life in danger, saying that she had no obligation. He is raising her to be a douche like he is. She asks who Charles DiLaurentis is and he says there is no Charles DiLaurentis in this family. It is obvious that he is lying.

Emily goes to see Sara in her hospital room. She tells Emily that she ran away and hit her head or someone hit her on the head. She thinks she deserved what happened to her saying now she knows what happens to bad, little girls. That is such a creepy thing to say. She says she is tired when Emily tries to ask more questions.

Toby visits Spencer in her hospital room and tells her that they caught Andrew. The police found a journal stating that he hated Mona and Ali and the girls represented the “feminization of society.” Um, okay. Andrew has not confessed, of course. Toby tells her that they never gave up, then they kiss and hug.

Pam is picking Emily up from the hospital. She saw Sara leave with her unseen “Mom.” Pam says that Sara was in the dollhouse for over two years. I think we can assume the girl is going to have several issues.

Hanna arrives at home and she is startled by her mother as she has a flashback.

Aria and Ella arrive at home. Aria has a number of prescriptions: supplements, antibiotics and anti-anxiety meds. Ella says she is staying for a couple of nights. Ella thinks that Aria is not ready to talk to the police, but Aria says she is. She doesn’t want Andrew to get out of jail. Ella goes to make some tea and Aria opens her window. She has a flashback to the dollhouse when she tried to open a window, but it was a fake window.

Spencer is having the worst homecoming as she searches for her anti-anxiety meds, which she obviously needs. Veronica asked them not to give it to her because of Spencer’s previous drug issues. Spencer says that she needs them and Veronica says she wants them. Veronica refuses to bend and Spencer says she is really back home.

Emily is in her family’s attic. She pulls out one of her father’s army jackets and one of his guns. Not good, not good at all.

Spencer cannot sleep and has a flashback to the dollhouse. The sirens are going off and Spencer pushes a button. A girl screams as soon as she pushes it. Back in her real bedroom, she gets up and props her door open.

Ali comes over to Spencer house to tell her what Mr. D said. Spencer says she will put it delicately, then she outright calls Mr. D a liar. Ali asks if that was the delicate way. Spencer asks why he didn’t question who asked or where she heard the name. Spencer says that Ali may be related to Andrew and Ali says that maybe a goblin snuck into the Campbell house and switched babies. Spencer says there are more conventional ways to end up with more than two parents, which is how they share Jason as a brother. Spencer then tries to change the tone of the conversation by thanking Ali for getting them out of the dollhouse. Ali says Spencer would have done it for her.

Aria is at The Brew when she asks Ezra to sit with her. She thanks him again and he says he still didn’t get the thank you card in the mail. Aria says she’s still looking for the perfect one, something with kittens on it. Ezra asks if Aria is alright and she says she will be. He says maybe she can put her thoughts on paper and she says she won’t be doing that. Aria says she doesn’t want to own it, doesn’t want to memorialize it and doesn’t want to think about it being in a diary somewhere in her room. She wants a wall between before and after.

Emily practices at the gun range. It’s so wrong, I don’t want to talk about it.

Hanna has ripped all the wallpaper off her walls. Caleb visits and she tells him she wants to change her whole room.

Toby is outside with Lorenzo when Ali approaches. Toby introduces them. Ali says she talked to Spencer and Toby says they went through a lot. Ali says they all have. Toby doesn’t disguise his dislike for Ali.

Ashley comes home as Hanna and Caleb are taking Hanna’s mattress out of her room. Hanna says they can sell or give away her stuff. Ashley asks her where was she planning to sleep. Hanna says she can’t look at it anymore because it is ruined. Ashley and Caleb exchange worried looks. Hanna doesn’t like this and tells her mom not to look at Caleb, but to look at her. She doesn’t understand why the keep looking back and forth at each other. It’s because they think she lost it.

Pam confronts Emily about going to gun range. It’s the law that Emily not use the guns, not just a house rule. Emily says she doesn’t want to talk and that she told Paige not to come back because she wants Paige to be happy.

The next day, Ashley suggests Hanna go shopping with the girls for new stuff for her room. Hanna doesn’t want to and Ashley asks what happened to her in the dollhouse. Hanna said he played games with them and Ashley asks what kind of games. Hanna says truth or dare, who do you love more me or her. Who deserves water more, you or someone else? She had to decide or she would lose her turn. That sounds awful, but I’m sure more awful things happened to them in there. Ashley offers to get her whatever she wants for her room.

At the police station, a lady detective tells Aria and Ella that they have a paper trail connecting Andrew to the silo. Ella asks how Andrew could afford that. The detective asks if Aria actually saw Andrew in the dollhouse and Aria admits that he was masked. Aria then lies and says she saw him. The detective and Ella both know she is lying.

Toby and Spencer are sitting on a picnic blanket, but neither one is eating. Toby says that the case against Andrew looks strong. Spencer asks how they went from we’re going to get the son of a b*tch to this. Toby questions the evidence. Toby says he doesn’t know what happened in the dollhouse and asks why they haven’t talked about it.

Emily has flashbacks as she practices at the gun range. Pam catches her there.

Ali attends church and sees Lorenzo there. Lorenzo approaches her and Ali says she remembers meeting him. Ali says she used to go to church when she was a kid. Lorenzo says he won’t tell anyone that he saw her there.

At home, Pam confronts Emily again about going to the gun range. Emily says she didn’t break the rules since she rented a gun. Pam tells her she should never bring anger to the gun range and Emily screams that she’s not angry. Emily asks if they were down there for three weeks. Pam says it was a little longer than that. Emily says she felt like there wasn’t any time in there and that she can see in Sara’s eyes how much time she spent down there. She wonders how it would be if the same thing happened to her. Pam says that Andrew is in jail and Emily says there are still more bad people out there (yeah, like the real Charles). Emily thought the gun would take away some of the fear, but she made it worse. Emily cries and her mom comforts her.

Aria tells Spencer about lying to the police. Aria tells Spencer she is sorry, but won’t say what for. Hanna called Aria and said they should go back to school. While Aria goes to help Ella, Spencer steals one of her anti-anxiety meds.

Caleb blows up an air mattress for Hanna, so that she doesn’t have to sleep in her mom’s bed. He tells Hanna that she is the greatest person he ever met. She says it’s not true, but it sounds good. Caleb tells her that she and her friends will get through this. Hanna says she wants her night table back.

Ali sees Lorenzo at a restaurant (maybe the Grille) and apologizes if she seemed rude in front of the church. She’s embarrassed about what people might think, that it is for show or because she went crazy in jail. Lorenzo offers her a little hamburger (he didn’t call it a slider), so she sits down with him.

Hanna is using Caleb as a body pillow when Ashley comes in. She tells Caleb to stay and sits on the floor near the door.

Aria is taking pictures when Ella comes in to ask what happened at the police station. Aria says she doesn’t want to talk about it and that A has to be Andrew.

Emily is in her room in the dark. She goes outside and Sara is there in the bushes. No, that’s not creepy. Sara says she ran away. Pam and Emily talk to Sara on the porch and Sara says her mother doesn’t want her at home. Pam says Sara can stay there. Sara asks Emily if she is sure Andrew is the person from the dollhouse.

Veronica comes to check on Spencer. She says she and Spencer will watch TV until they both fall asleep. Emily calls everyone to say what Sara said about Andrew.

Andrew is shown being questioned at the police station.

Ali looks at a photo album that has missing pictures. It appears that someone is watching her though the window.

Plot wise, not a lot happened on this episode. We were shown how much the dollhouse has emotionally impacted the girls. Not to be insensitive, but I am ready to get back to solving the mystery.

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