Dollhouse Nightmares

Pretty Little Liars
Season 6, Episode 1 – “Game on Charles”
Original Airdate: June 2, 2015
Contains spoilers if you have not watched the episode


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“You may be a dude, but you’re still a b*tch.” – Hanna
“She’s not Jenna. – Emily
“You know you’re dying when you are not hungry or thirsty anymore.” – Mona
“You can handle it, Aria. We all can.” – Mona
“It feels like someone is ripping my brain out through my eye sockets.” – Spencer
“I hate surprises.” – Spencer
“Whatever the hole is, I don’t want to go there.” – Hanna
“If we don’t poke the bear, it’ll just keep hibernating.” – Ali
“Toby, what the hell?” – Jason
“You know what they say: give a girl a good pair of shoes and she can conquer the world, right?” – Ali
“I will kill you for what you are doing to our families.” – Aria
“We’re going to find Mona and get out of here tonight.” – Spencer
“No, she’s at a dead stop.” – Caleb to Ezra “That’s a poor choice of words.” Ezra to Caleb
“A does have a soul.” – Emily
“Game on, Charles.” – Spencer
“Let’s torch this place.” – Aria
“There’s no way I’m dying in this hell hole.” – Spencer
“We are not giving up.” – Hanna
“Say goodbye to your soul.” – Aria

The season 6 premiere of Pretty Little Liars opens with a blonde girl drawing a sun on the wall of the dollhouse. There are marks on the wall counting the days she has been there (a lot of days). She watches the girls run out of the dollhouse. Next, we see the girls in the same place we left them, trapped outside the dollhouse. A locks them the out the dollhouse. Hanna tells the camera that “You may be a dude, but you’re still a b*tch.” Hardcore Hanna is back. Spencer tells the others that Charles was so close, she could feel his breath. Mona asks if she recognized anything, like a smell. Emily replies that Spencer is not Jenna. Spencer says Charles was familiar, like someone you know when you were really little. Is anyone else guessing that Charles is related to Spencer and Ali, like Jason is?

Just as Emily worries that it is going to be cold, a thunderstorm starts. Charles leaves them out there huddled together. They are left outside for what looks like days. Mona tells them that a person knows they are dying when they are not hungry or thirsty anymore. Aria says she is not dying because she is so thirsty, she considered drinking her own pee. Emily says she would drink sweat from a jock strap. Gross, but funny. Aria says she can’t handle this much longer and Mona says she can, they all can. I guess Mona is currently on Team Liars.

One morning, the doors to the dollhouse open. Hanna asks Mona what to do and Mona says maybe it’s not mad at them anymore. They all walk in with the arms linked. They should have held on because Charles gases them and grabs Mona. The girls wake up on slabs like they are in the morgue. Spencer says it feels like someone is ripping her brain out through her eye sockets. Ouch. Emily thought A harvested their kidneys, but Spencer thinks A wanted them to look dead to send a message to their families. That is so cruel.


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Mona comes in with a tray of aspirin and juice. Hanna asks her what happened to them. Mona says not to call her Mona because that b*tch is dead to her. Aria calls her Ali and asks if she knows what A did to them because they are scared. Mona says she is scared too. Spencer asks how long they were unconscious and Mona says only a few hours. Mona also says that she has been in her room, so she doesn’t know anything. Emily asks if she’s sure. Emily borrowed some of Hanna’s sass.

Just then, the voice over the intercom instructs them to return to their rooms for their surprises. Mona says no, then says they have to go or else. It will steal them in the night and put them in a hole if they do not obey. Spencer hates surprises, but Hanna doesn’t want to find out what the hole is. The girls go into their rooms and the doors slam shut. Spencer says, “No, no, no.” Someone says “Oh my God” and someone else says “Please, no.” We aren’t shown what horrors they are experiencing and in a way, that is more terrifying.

It is now three weeks later. A news reporter says the four girls were abducted almost a month ago. Ali is going to give a statement. Caleb and Ezra are outside Ali’s house, along with a swarm of reporters. Ali’s murder conviction has been overturned and the police suspect Andrew of taking the girls (eye roll). Ali gives her speech and she asks Andrew not to hurt her friend. She says she doesn’t want the police at her house, then she goes into the house with her father. Caleb and Ezra leave. Kenneth gives Ali a hug and says this better work. Tanner, Toby and two other cops are in the house. Tanner says that Andrew has been obsessed with the girls since Ali went missing, so he will take this opportunity to grab her.

According to Ali, if they don’t poke the bear, it will keep hibernating. That sounds like something Hanna would say. Kenneth doesn’t like this idea and Tanner tells him that Ali will have 24/7 police protection.

In the dollhouse, the girl from the beginning of the episode delivers a tray to Spencer. Spencer thinks it is Mona and bangs on the door.

In Ali’s house, everyone is waiting for something to happen. They see a shadow and everyone springs into action. The officers pull their guns, but it’s only Jason. Jason asks Toby what the hell, maybe because he at least expects Toby to know better. The phone rings and it is a call from a blocked number. There is a song playing. The police track the call and see that the caller is in the house. They close Ali in the pantry and tell her not to open the door. Toby opens the door to Ali’s room and there is a hooded figure in the rocking chair. Holy crap. It is just a mannequin wearing a pig mask, so your heart rate can slow down. A phone in the mannequin’s pocket rings and Tanner answers it. It is a pig squealing. What is up with this show and pigs?

The cop that was supposed to watch Ali abandoned her post. Ali is gone. She is shown running through a wooded area. Toby tells Jason his mom used to play the song on her piano that the caller played. It’s called “Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree.” Tanner thinks this message is about the Campbell Apple Farm and that Ali went there to meet Andrew. Ali is actually meeting Caleb and Ezra in Ezra’s car. They are the ones that placed the call. Toby texts Caleb saying they are in the clear because the police are going to the apple farm. Ali says this is the only way because A won’t come near her with the police there.

Ezra asks if they are sure Andrew got the message from the speech Ali made to the reporters. Ali says Andrew will be at the kissing rock because he won’t miss a chance to get his hands on her. Ali looks nervous and Caleb tries to reassure her saying they will track her every step of the way and Toby will know where they are. Caleb has put a tracking device inside of a pair of boots for Ali to wear. Ali says a girl with a good pair of shoes can conquer the world. She doesn’t asks which one of the weirdos knew her shoe size.

At the dollhouse, the announcer says over the speaker that they should proceed to Ali’s room to prepare for her arrival. The doors unlock and Spencer and Aria come out first. They are dressed like they were the first season of the show and Aria has pink stripes in her hair. Emily comes out next. She wants to ask if they are okay, but she knows what they have been through the last three weeks. Aria says they shouldn’t talk about what they’ve been through until they get out of there. Spencer says she doesn’t know if she can find the words even then. Hanna comes out of her looking traumatized. Emily hugs her and says they are together now.

Hanna doesn’t want to get into trouble again, so they go into Ali’s room. There are boxes of Ali’s stuff from home. Some of the items are wrapped in newspapers, including one that says Ali’s conviction was overturned. Hanna doesn’t believe it is a real paper. Emily wonders how A got all of Ali’s stuff and Spencer says they should be wondering why. Hanna asks if A forced them to sign a welcome card for Ali. Emily thinks they are getting ready for the real Ali’s arrival. Hanna wonders if A will need Mona anymore.

Mona is the hole when Charles shines a flashlight on her. She promises to be a good Ali, but he leaves her there.

Back in Ali’s room, Spencer finds a toy with the initials “C.D.” on it. Aria tells Spencer she needs help with something in the closet. Mona has carved “He’s going to kill me” into the closet wall. Uh-oh.

There is a news story on the TV that Radley has been permanently closed. Tanner asks Toby if he knows where Ali is. A police officer, Barry Maple, is watching footage of Ali’s press conference. He sees someone who might be Andrew. They get a partial plate from the car.

Ali arrives at the kissing rock. She hears music and follows it to a car. She starts the car and the GPS gives her directions. Caleb and Ezra are following and Caleb tells Ezra not to follow too close. Ezra is not good under pressure and says this better not be a colossal mistake. Caleb says he promised Hanna’s mom he would get the girls back and he’s going to do it.

The girls go into Hanna’s room. Aria has her stuffed animal Pigtunia and says A is making the dollhouse their home. Charles took their stuff before he took them. He has been plotting this for a while. Hanna shows them an article about their families. Aria cannot imagine what they are going through. This enrages her and she tells the camera that she will kill him for what he is doing to their families. Emily and Spencer make her stop. Hanna says not knowing where they are has made her mom physically ill and Ashley had to be hospitalized. Spencer says they are going to find Mona and get out of there tonight. Spencer to the rescue.


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The generator still shuts down at night. Spencer writes on an Etch-a-Sketch that Charles is a DiLaurentis. Okay, everyone knows this.

Mona is still in the hole. She sings “Hush Little Baby,” then she sobs. This show is so freaking dark now.

Ali reaches her destination in Tyler State Park. The car is out of gas and she has no cell service. She pushes the roadside assistance button. A man over the speaker says what she needs is in the trunk. He then says “Open the trunk, Alison.” Creepy.

Ezra asks if Ali’s car has moved and Caleb says she is at a dead stop. Ezra says that is a poor choice of words. Ezra tells Caleb to call Toby because this doesn’t feel right.

Tanner reads an entry from “Andrew’s Journal.” Everyone knows Charles wrote this and planted it, right? It says “I fantasize about watching them scream, about watching what it takes to make them turn on each other. It’s not that I hate them, I don’t. They aren’t evil. They just play everyone like game pieces. Like pawns. I’m no pawn and they can’t play me.” Wow, that’s something, isn’t it?

Toby tells Tanner they have tracked Andrew’s car to outside Tyler State Park. Caleb and Ezra pull up to find that the car Ali was driving is missing, but no Ali. Caleb opens a welcome card, which was in the trunk. It says to leave everything behind or they die. Ali left the boots pointing into the woods.

At the dollhouse, the generator cuts off and Spencer comes to get Hanna. Spencer explains that the anagrams all spelled Charles DiLaurentis. Some of the toys in Ali’s room where Ali’s, but some were Charles’. Spencer thinks that they can get to the playroom from the vault room and use the items to bargain with Charles. She thinks there must be a secret passage way, considering how Charles disappeared. The generator comes back on and the sirens blare. Emily sees a light and they find a way into the vault room. There are pictures of two babies and two blond boys. Emily comments that A does have a soul. They watch the video of Mrs. D with the baby and the two blond boys. Charles is watching them through a camera and Spencer tells him “Game on.”

Spencer holds the film in place until it catches on fire. Charles gets a motion detection alarm indicating that Ali has arrived. Spencer holds the flaming film and says they want Mona back. Aria says they should torch this place. Spencer and Hanna light a doll on fire. Charles is looking between the girls torching his prized possessions and Ali waiting in the woods. He slams his fist down and grabs his mask.

Outside, Ali hears footsteps. It’s only Caleb and Ezra.

In the dollhouse, the whole crib is now on fire and Aria wonders if Charles isn’t there, since he’s not responding. The fire begins to spread and Spencer declares there is no way she is dying in this hell hole. Hanna says they are not giving up. Emily grabs the curtains to smother the fire and in the most terrifying moment of the episode, Charles is standing right there watching them through glass. They all gasp and stare at the masked Charles.


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Caleb thinks that A sent them on a wild goose chase, but back to important stuff in the dollhouse. Emily tells them to throw the pictures and baby clothes into the fire. Aria tells him to say goodbye to his soul. Charles gives in and pulls the fire alarm. It is amazing that he cares more for his memories than he does for keeping the girls trapped. I feel oddly bad for him. I guess that’s what happens when you have a villain with a soul.

Ali hears the alarms and they follow the sound. They see smoke coming from underground. Ezra sees something and says to call 911.

The girls find Mona and use a rope to get her out of the hole. They climb out of the bunker. Outside, Ezra finds the door and they pry it open. Hanna runs to Caleb, Emily to Ali and Aria to Ezra. Spencer hugs Mona until Toby arrives with the rest of the police. Spencer tells him that they have a name and Toby says it’s Andrew. I didn’t want to talk about it, but he called her babe.

A man yells that there’s another girl down there. In the dollhouse, a policewoman asks the girl her name and it’s Sara Harvey, a.k.a. the girl who disappeared around the same time as Ali.

Emily thanks Ali for saving them. She then asks Ali who is Charles DiLaurentis.

This season started out with a bang. I’m glad they didn’t keep the girls trapped in the dollhouse for a long time. I’m so ready to get this Charles mystery solved.

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