Dollhouse Disco

Pretty Little Liars
Season 5, Episode 25- “Welcome to the Dollhouse”
Original Air date: March 24, 2015
Contains spoilers if you have not watched the episode


“An accessory is a necklace or a handbag, not a chain gang.” – Aria
“What, they think Ali’s the big, bad wolf?” – Spencer
“They can take everything from us, but they can’t take us from each other.” – Spencer
“We just had an accident.” – Emily “Yeah, I did in my pants.” – Aria
“We heard you, b*tch.” – Hanna
“You’re not alone anymore. There are five of us and one of him, her, it, b*tch.” – Hanna
“I didn’t think you were wearing that to make a fashion statement.” – Mona
“It has a name.” – Spencer
“Hanna Marin – Food and Beverage. Bite me.” – Hanna
“Forcing the girls to keep things from you is what A does best.” – Toby
“I don’t know any girls named Charles.” – Spencer
“I’m so excited I get to have my senior prom in a dungeon.” – Emily
“You quit the swim team. You quit Paige. You even quit Maya.” – Spencer
“Am I the only one that has goosebumps?” – Aria
“Is that you Charles?” – Spencer
“A has a soul.” – Mona

The episode opens with the girls in the back of a police van being transported to a new prison. Aria can’t wrap her mind around the term “accessory” and thinks it should refer to a necklace or handbag, not a chain gang. Hanna says them being arrested for murder brings them to a new low. Spencer says the police think they are accessories, not murderers. Hanna says they are all going to jail, so A wins. They are being separated from Ali because a tip was received that the five of them were planning something big. My guess is that this came from A, like the evidence against them. Spencer wonders if they think Ali is the big, bad wolf.
A depressed Hanna says they will probably be split up too. Hanna says in jail, they treat you like a criminal until you forget that you aren’t one. The first night is the worst. Emily says she should’ve have asked for the sugar coated version of what jail is like. Spencer says they can take everything from them, but they can’t take them from each other. They exchange “I love yous” before the van crashes. Emily confirms that they had an accident and Aria said she had one in her pants. Giggle. A hooded figure opens the door to the van and gases the terrified girls.

Toby is sent to inform Spencer’s parents and he tells them the guards were neutralized with the date rape drug. Veronica immediately says this was an abduction and Peter wonders who would take the girls. Veronica thinks Mona and Peter thinks Ali. Toby says Ali wouldn’t be able to pull off something so elaborate. Tanner is weirdly keeping this out of the press. The other girls’ parents do not know. Peter thinks the police will be gunning for the girls.

Spencer wakes up in a room that looks like her own, but she is still in her prison jumpsuit. She tries to get out, but the door is locked. Hanna is experiencing the same thing. Emily looks up and notices a camera. She calls for the other girls. Aria goes around her room and realizes that the books are fake and the closet opens to a brick wall. Spencer breaks the window in her room, but is just another brick wall.

A voice over the PA says “Welcome. Willkummen. Bienvenidos.” The doors open and the voice says to follow the lighted pathway, so the girls creep out of their rooms. They realize this is A’s dollhouse and they are the dolls. The voice tells them to follow the lighted pathway again and Hanna is feeling sassy again and grumbles, “We heard you b*tch.” They follow the pathway into a room that looks like Ali’s living room. A masked girl is playing the piano. Emily asks if it’s Ali, but it’s Mona! Mona is alive. I don’t care if it doesn’t make sense, I’m glad she’s back. The shows dynamic was missing something without her.


The girls are all shocked, naturally. Mona tells them that she is Alison. Okay, then.


Toby, Ezra and Caleb are working together. Caleb has figured out where the van’s GPS was hacked.

Emily is pacing around the room, trying to find a way out. Mona tells her to sit down and have tea. She offers Hanna a cookie. Hanna says they thought Mona was dead and Mona says, “Thank God for Mrs. Gruenwald.” Mona sits down with them and Hanna calls her Mona. Mona says not to call her that. They all think Mona is insane now and Emily touches Mona’s blonde hair and mouths it is real. A bell chimes and Mona walks away like a doll. They go into the game room and Spencer notices some toy blocks.

Mona says they need to start the game. They are playing Mystery Date. Mona opens the door on the game and it is Ezra at the Ice Ball. Another door opens to reveal a picture of Caleb at the same event. There is a chime and Mona opens a mailbox. There is an envelope for everyone containing prom invites. Hanna stands up and threatens to kill A if Caleb shows up. She tells Mona she is not Alison and that she is not alone anymore. She says it is five of them and one of “him, her, it, b*tch.” Emily says Hanna is right and they need to find a way to get the hell out of the there.

A doesn’t like that and sirens start blaring. Mona says it won’t stop until they are back into their rooms.

A has replaced the traffic camera footage of the van with a cartoon wolf driving a car. Ezra punches a wall and Toby offers him some ice. Ezra says he doesn’t need ice, he needs Aria. Drama king.

Hanna is sleeping when she hears someone open her door. It is Mona who says they have three minutes since the generator restarts every night. Mona tells Hanna and the other girls the way out. Mona also tells them about a vault, but she doesn’t know what is inside there. She explains to girls what happens when you don’t make it back in your room before the generator restarts. “It” does not provide food or water for days and it blasts the siren. It also plays a recording of people crying at your funeral. That is incredibly sick and twisted.

Mona asks if her mom is okay and no one really knows since she hasn’t been spotted. Mona says A wants her to be Ali, so she pretends. Hanna and Aria tell Mona about the trial and how they were arrested as accessories. Mona quips that she didn’t think the orange jump suits were fashion statements.

Spencer’s parents go to see Ali in jail. Ali asks if Spencer is okay and Peter tells her to drop the friend act. Ali says she is Spencer’s friend. Veronica asks Ali where Spencer is and Peter threatens Ali if she lies. Ali cries and says she doesn’t know where the girls are. She says A took them and also killed Mona and Ali’s mom. Ali tells them she is telling the truth because she doesn’t have anything to lose.

A watches the girls in their room via the cameras. The others are sleep, but Spencer is up thinking about the playroom. She figures out that the blocks spell Charles and whispers out loud, “It has a name.” Everyone already figured out A’s name is Charles, but whatever.

When Mona wakes up, there a present for her: a gas mask and a note that says because you are my favorite. I guess the other girls are about to be punished for being bad dolls.

Toby shows Tanner evidence that the van was cyber attacked while transporting the girls. Tanner thinks Caleb did the cyber attacking because she is an idiot.

Spencer tells the girls about the blocks. They go into large room where A has set up stations for them to plan prom. Hanna is ticked off that A/Charles has assigned her to food and beverage and tells him to bite her. Aria notices the songs on the list are from seven years ago. The Night at the Opera theme was the prom theme the year Melissa took Ian. There’s a clue. Mona writes them a note asking them if they received gas masks. No one else has.

The Hastings come over and tell Toby and the guys that they know about A. I can’t imagine them interrogating Ali to get all the details.

Spencer complains about the decorations while Hanna eats the snacks. Spencer and Mona talk about the things they will need to decorate.

The Hastings want to know why no one had told the police and Toby tells them it is because Tanner twists the evidence around to fit her theories. Peter wants to tell the press, but the guys let him know it is not a good idea. Ezra tells them everything he knows is in the boxes stacked up, plus he has a dozen more at a storage unit. The Hastings still cannot wrap their heads around this and Toby explains that forcing the girls to keep things from them is what A does best. I think what A does best is very weird and over the top things. Ezra tells the Hastings that their secrets are in those boxes to and Veronica says no more secrets. The police arrive and Caleb leaves.

Veronica gets a call from Melissa and Andrew listens in. Oh snap, could he get more suspicious?

The girls talk about A and Spencer says she doesn’t know any girls named Charles. Spencer is going to use the supplies they were talking about to build something to shut off the power. I have no idea what they are talking about. Emily says Charles will be there and Mona confirms that it is five of them and one of him.

Emily comes in the prom room the next morning refusing to help and sarcastically says she is so excited to have her senior prom in a dungeon. Spencer picks a fight with her saying Emily quits everything, including the swim team, Paige and Maya. That last one was definitely a burn. Emily and Spencer fake scuffle while Mona gathers what she needs.

At the police station, Caleb says if he knew where Hanna was, he would be with her. Tanner doesn’t believe him, of course. The Hastings are acting as Caleb’s lawyers, so Tanner doesn’t have a chance of throwing him under the bus. Caleb tells her he hacked into the police computer and found the location of the van. Veronica says he means that if he hacked into the system, he could find their van. Veronica tries to assure Tanner that someone did take the girls and Caleb says Hanna would call him if she could.

The girls are ready for prom. They give Aria the camera that will shut off power. Spencer tells her to save it for tonight.

Caleb finds where the van is. Tanner puts her hand on Caleb’s shoulder and asks him if he’s sure. He removes her hand and says he is. Ha.

A has prom dresses waiting for them.

The police search the grounds where the van was found, the old Campbell farm.


At the prom, Charles has set up a bunch of mannequins. Aria asks if anyone else has goosebumps. This is definitely scary and incredibly creepy. Charles is amongst the mannequins. He has dark hair. Mona comes in wearing the Ali mask. Spencer calls Charles and says she has a crown for him. Hanna says this is his prom, so he should be crowned king. He steps forward and Aria sets off the camera which temporarily blinds him, not like what they did to Jenna. The lights go out and the girls run instead of fighting Charles. I would have punched him in the face and shattered the mask before I ran.

Toby finds A’s lair at the farm.

Spencer goes into the vault room as the power starts up. She watches a video of Ali’s mom with two young blonde boys. Charles approaches Spencer and Spencer asks if that is him. She turns around to face him, but Mona comes in. I really want to see Charles’ face and hear him talk, darn it. Charles disappears. Mona looks around at all the keep sakes in the vault room and she states that A has a soul.

In A’s lair at the farm, Tanner watches a video of the girls in the dollhouse and asks Toby where the place is that they’re watching after nothing is found at the farm.

The girls make it outside, but there is an electric fence. A song plays with the lyrics, “Don’t fence me in.” Charles is so twisted. The girls turn around and around looking for a way out. An aerial view shows that they are in the middle of nowhere.

Even though I was disappointed in not finding out who Charles was, this was a heck of an episode. The dollhouse was genius and the prom scene was genuinely scary, like how the show used to be. The idea of giving Charles / A a soul adds depth to the story. He is not just a villain, he is the way he is because of something that happened to him. I cannot wait to find out what that is.

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