Up the river

Pretty Little Liars
Season 5, Episode 24- “I’m A Good Girl, I Am”
Original Air date: March 17, 2015
Contains spoilers if you have not watched the episode

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Photo Credit: ew.com

“Probably took her a while to cross the River Styx.” – Spencer
“A kind of followed me to the U.K.” – Spencer
“I can’t. There a barracudas with duller teeth.” – Emily
“Who the hell is Lesli Stone?” – Ali
“Well, you’re kind of hard to forget when you try to pinch off someone’s head.” – Aria
“She’s making you and your friends look like a coven of witches.” – Caleb
“You need somebody to tell the jury the truth before that four eyed freak whips out some fake picture of you stashing a weapon in Mona’s sock drawer.” – Caleb
“I guess you didn’t learn that up on the horsey estate.” – Caleb
“The kid is ready to put on his big boy pants and offer up a little insight.” – Caleb
“Stop looking at me like I’m the town pump.” – Spencer
“Closed mouth or open.” – Emily to Spencer “Drink your sauce.” – Spencer to Emily
“Bullesye, b*tches.” – A

It has been two months since the start of Ali’s trial. A news reporter and an expert are discussing her case. Sara Shepard (the writer of the Pretty Little Liars books) plays the expert. She says that Ali is the ultimate mean girl and that the prosecution has a surprise witness. In court, it is shown that the witness is Lesli. Emily says she knew she was trouble and I did also. Aria wonders where she has been all this time and Spencer says it probably took her a while to cross the River Styx. Snap. On the stand, Lesli says she talked to Mona all the time and Mona sent her a card saying that Ali threatened her 2 weeks before Thanksgiving. Mona said Ali told her if she opened her trap about the fake kidnapping, Mona would be eaten by worms. I don’t believe this chick for a second.

Lesli goes on to testify that she did not take the card seriously and makes an ugly fake crying face. Lesli says she realized something weird was going on when she came to see Mona’s mom. She says Mona’s friends were on edge about anyone asking questions or touching Mona’s things. Lesli continues to weave her tale saying she practically attacked by Mona’s boyfriend and Hanna wouldn’t let her go into Mona’s bedroom. Spencer goes outside to call Caleb and runs into Toby in the hallway. It is awkward. He asks about her college interview and Spencer admits that A kind of followed her to the U.K. Toby says she should have called him and she says she was told not to. Spencer then mentions Melissa’s roommate, who was “very sweet” to her. That gets Toby’s testosterone flowing.

Emily comes out of the courtroom and says they need to talk to Hanna. Spencer asks why and Emily says she can’t talk about it, but there a barracudas with duller teeth. Sounds like Lesli threw Hanna under the bus. I really didn’t need to see that. Later, Hanna is on the phone the girls. Ali is on the phone too. She is upset that Lesli said she stalked her and Ali wants to know who the hell is Lesli Stone. She’s either Mona’s friend or on the A team. Either way, she is up to no good. Hanna thinks it’s the former and she wants to see Ali fry. Spencer asks what they can do. Ali mentions that someone may have seen her on Thanksgiving.

There is a flashback and Ali is on a playground, waiting for Cyrus. She hears a noise and sees a scarf laying on a bush. Ali then runs, so she didn’t know if it was a man, woman or squirrel, according to Spencer. The time is up on the call, before Spencer can be any more sarcastic.

Aria is researching Lesli when Mike comes home. She snatches him into her room and tells him what Lesli said in court. Mike says he only met her once and Aria says he is hard to forget when he tries to pinch someone’s head off. It wasn’t quite that bad, Aria. Mike says that he might have to testify and Aria says no. She thinks that Mike will become A’s target and tells him to answer yes, no and I don’t remember if he is called to the stand.

In jail, Ali passes Hanna a note in a stack of jumpsuits that says “Come back tomorrow at 8:05.”

Toby tries to see what is going on at the police station, when Tanner asks him to go on a coffee run. Toby asks why he is being forced to photocopy tickets and get coffee and wonders if he is being punished for something. Tanner tries to pretend like the other officers have been working long hours and could use some coffee. I hope they at least buy Toby something for the next Administrative Professional Day.

When Mike comes home, Aria is on the couch. He brings in a package with him. He tells Aria that he cannot keep what he knows to himself if he can help Hanna and Ali. There is a weird smell coming from the box and when they open it, they find a cow’s tongue inside. Ew. Aria warns Mike that next time it will be his tongue on the porch. Ella comes in and asks if everything is all right. Of course, they do not tell her what is going on.

Aria goes to The Brew to talk to Ezra. Ezra thinks Aria should go to the police. Aria says that Hanna did that, that’s why she’s in jail now. She asks Ezra to take Mike to his cabin and he agrees to get Mike out of dodge.

Spencer and Emily go to the playground to look around and a guy startles them. He and his group clean up them playground. His name is Matt Buckler and he is with the Divine Trinity Youth Group of Harrisburg, PA. I’m sure they did a close up of his business card for a reason.

Aria is helping with yearbook when Andrew shows up and startles her. She tells him she asked Ezra to get Mike out of town for a few days. Andrew questions why Aria asked Ezra, instead of him. Aria says Mike bonded with Ezra after Mona’s memorial service and Andrew says he could bond with Mike also. He goes on a mini rant saying Ezra has Mom and Pop on his side too since they agreed to this. Okay, now would be a good time for Aria to back away slowly.

Caleb goes to visit Hanna in jail and she tells him she does not want to talk about Lesli. Caleb says Lesli is making her and her friends seem like a coven a witches. I guess that’s worse than Vikings. Caleb goes on to say someone (Mike) needs to tell the jury the truth before the four eyed freak (Lesli) produces a fake picture of Hanna hiding a weapon in Mona’s sock drawer. A weary looking Hanna says she only has 30 minutes with Caleb and she doesn’t want to spend 28 of it talking about that. Caleb asks about Mike talking and Hanna says she doesn’t want him to spend his last two years of high school being tortured by A. It amazes me how much the girls want to protect anyone from going through what they have been through.

Caleb doesn’t know what to do and is upset that he can’t even hold Hanna’s “frickin’ hand.” He still thinks Mike needs to speak up and Hanna says he’s just a kid.

At school, Emily spots a girl with the youth group symbol on her jacket and the scarf Ali saw at the playground. Spencer starts to charge forward and Emily says she will talk to her since Spencer can be too aggressive. Emily asks her if she has been to that playground and the girl immediately accuses Ella of telling her daughter.

Aria is trying to find a quote for yearbook when Ella comes in to talk to her. Ella suggests she look in Hamlet for a quote and Aria says maybe Frankenstein. Ella tells Aria that Spencer and Emily didn’t have a right to corner the girl at school. Aria says they didn’t corner her, they are just trying to find a witness. Ella has promised to keep Kendra’s secret because she was high at the playground. Ella says Aria should distance herself from Ali and Aria asks if she should do the same with Hanna. I don’t think the parents understand how strong the bond is between the girls.

Caleb is waiting in the dark at Ezra’s cabin. At first glance, I thought he was Ezra’s twin and it startled me. I’ve had this theory that Ezra has a twin since the episode when they were in Ravenswood when his clothes and eye color were inconsistent throughout the episode. Anyway, Caleb says Mike needs to come back with him and tell the truth. Ezra says Caleb is not taking Mike with him. Mike says he wants to go back and tell the truth. He goes outside while Caleb and Ezra bicker. Ezra says that Mike is too young to deal with this and Caleb counters that he was living on the street and trying to live on $11 a week when he was that age. Ezra admits that Caleb’s life was hard, but Mike’s doesn’t have to be. Caleb argues that life doesn’t get easier by avoiding things and he guesses that Ezra didn’t learn that on the “horsey estate.” Oh, snap! That was a burn.

Ezra asks Caleb if he is going to be there for Mike in the fallout or if he only cares about Hanna. Caleb doesn’t really answer and says Mike is ready to put on his “big boy pants” and tell the truth. Just then, they hear Mike take off. Uh-oh!

At home, Spencer asks Emily if she drinks tomato juice. Emily says she doesn’t care and Spencer says she might because it might be tomato sauce. Emily asks if they should get Toby’s help with Kendra. Spencer says no because she and Toby just danced around the fact that she basically dated two other guys. Emily looks horrified and asks what she means. Spencer asks her to stop looking at her like she’s the town pump. Ha. Spencer admits to a few kisses, but defends herself saying Toby has not wanted to be with her since he put on a uniform. Emily asks if the kisses were closed or open mouth and Spencer tells her to drink her sauce. Kendra knocks on the door and says they need to talk. I’ve never seen anyone tell the truth so quickly on this show.

Hanna meets Ali at the prison laundry. Ali causes a distraction and Hanna updates her about Kendra. Ali burns her arm and tells Hanna to slam her arm in the dryer, so they can talk in the infirmary. Hanna can’t, so Ali does it for her. Ali’s lawyer asks what happened and Ali says it was an accident. Ali passes Hanna a note and Ali’s lawyer demands it. She opens and wonders what the heck it is. Ali has tried to figure out the anagram from Mona’s room. I can’t tell if she could spot her own last name in it.

Caleb and Ezra find Mike’s car on the side of the road with an arrow through the front window.

Kendra tells Ali’s lawyer what happened on Thanksgiving. She’s not a good witness because she was high. The lawyer says is putting Alison on the stand.

Someone shoots arrows at Caleb and Ezra. My guess is Katniss. They throw rocks at the person, then run.

Toby comes over Spencer’s house to talk to her. He refuses to choose the police force over Spencer, then they kiss.

A bloody Mike is shown running through the woods, then he is maced. Just then, Aria is trying to call him at the cabin. Aria then calls Andrew asking him to go to the cabin to check on Mike. Ezra and Caleb find Mike tied to a pole. Caleb takes a picture before they untie him.

At trial, Ali’s lawyer demonstrates that Ali had a fractured arm that never healed properly. This shows the jury that Ali could not have attacked Mona.

Caleb and Ezra go to Tanner to tell her about Mike. She is not helpful because she has her own agenda.

The prosecutor cross examines Ali and Ali is forced to admit she once won an award in archery. The girls get a text that says “Bulleye, b*tches.”

Toby comes into the police station and Tanner tells him it is too late to help Spencer or her friends.

In the hallway, Ali admits to her lawyer that she cheated to win the award. Andrew shows up at the courthouse telling Aria he is an award winning Pathfinders scout. It really seems like it was him attacking Mike, Ezra and Caleb in the woods.

Ali is found guilty of murdering Mona. The girls all start crying. Tanner has Aria, Spencer and Emily arrested right there.


Photo credit: http://pretty-little-liars.wikia.com/wiki/I’m_a_Good_Girl,_I_Am

A is playing with a department of corrections van with mini dolls in it. Where does A get all of this stuff from? There is a blonde doll inside the fortress. A takes the Spencer doll out of the van and places her in the fortress, closing the gate behind her. A then reaches for a corsage.

I cannot believe Ali was found guilty, considering that Mona’s body was never found. I guess A’s behind the scenes manipulation worked. I know what A has planned for the girls and it is terrifying.

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