Ali On Trial

Pretty Little Liars
Season 5, Episode 23- “The Melody Lingers On”
Original Airdate: March 10, 2015
Contains spoilers if you have not watched the episode

pretty-little-liars-recap (1)

“We’re not talking about ethics.” – Veronica to Spencer “That’s for sure.” – Spencer to Veronica
“If we start stepping on each other, none of us are gonna make it out alive.” – Caleb
“She would never leave you and Aria and Em. You guys are like a band of Vikings.” – Caleb to Spencer “Well, less pillaging, better hygiene.” – Spencer to Caleb
“You know, when all of this is over and we are safe and sound, I need to talk about bottling you. ‘Essence of Best Boyfriend,’ we’re going to make a fortune.” – Spencer
“Do you want to give up and just go shopping? – Aria to Emily “Not just yet.” – Emily to Aria
“I don’t think Alison killed anybody.” – Spencer
“Think like Mona. Just for a minute.” – Emily
“What the hell is a chandelier ritual?” – Aria
“It’s just my face. Sometimes it does things without checking with me first.” – Aria

Ali gets the opening scene again, as Rebecca explains the court set up to Ali and her father. Kenneth doesn’t want the jury to decide, but Rebecca says that is the American way. Ali still wants to take the stand. Rebecca says the prosecutor has a harder job than she does because he has to convince 12 people beyond a reasonable doubt.

Ted and Ashley visit Hanna in jail. Ashley tells Hanna she is going to Ali’s trial. Hanna is still trying to convince her mom that Ali is not framing her. Ashley thinks Ali is capable of anything. Ashley also says that she doesn’t care about the truth, she cares about getting her daughter out of jail. That sounds wrong, doesn’t it?

The Varjak phone number is the same number from the personal ads found at Ali’s house on the Christmas episode. Spencer says they cannot convict Hanna if there was no crime to accessorize, so she is trying to work backwards to prove Ali did not commit the crime. Veronica comes downstairs and suggests to Aria, Emily and Spencer that they not go to Ali’s trial. Spencer says she wants to support her friend, who is innocent. Veronica says she is not talking about ethics and Spencer says that’s for sure. Burn. Aria and Emily gather their belongings to avoid being a part of the Hastings’ verbal crossfire. Veronica stops Spencer from joining and tries to get her to promise she won’t go to court. You know Spencer isn’t going to listen.

Caleb, Spencer, Aria and Emily gather in The Brew to chat. Varjak’s phone number is secure, so Caleb cannot trace or track it. Emily wonders why he doesn’t answer when they call. It is because he is plotting to punish them for getting too close. Spencer sends Varjak a text. Aria asks Spencer if she is going to the trial and Spencer says she doesn’t know. Emily asks Caleb if he is going to see Hanna today. He says he will see her tomorrow, but Hanna will try to call him today. Emily says Hanna needs to get to Ali to see what she knows about the phone number.

Spencer tracks Jason down because he was ignoring her messages. Jason says he doesn’t have to listen to anything Spencer says because it is her fault that Jason has to testify. Spencer says they have to talk because Ali isn’t guilty. Kenneth comes out of the building and tells Jason to get in the car. He also tells Spencer to stay on her side of the wall and the fence. This dude is such a douche.

Aria goes into a classroom where Andrew is and he says Aria has been hard to find. Aria says she has been busy with family stuff and she is glad Mike is out of town because of the trial. Andrew says he is getting tired of memorializing Mona. Aria guesses that Mona was an aggressive competitor and Andrew says she was vicious. Mona liked both winning and taking the credit. Aria asks if Andrew is trying to say that the world is better off without Mona. Back away, Aria. Andrew is showing his dark side.

Emily is at home when she receives a collect call from Ali. Ali asks if Emily will be at the trial and Emily says she will try. When Ali questions her, Emily then says she will be there.

Ali is shown getting ready for her trial. The trial begins and Kenneth, Jason, Cindy and Mindy are among those attending. Emily and Aria show up. Ali looks happy, then disappointed that Spencer is not there. The prosecutor gives his opening statement, saying that Ali killed Mona because of a high school feud. That would be over simplifying it, even if it was true. The prosecutor also says the kidnapping story was not true. Well, everyone figured that.

Aria calls Spencer to say if they know about the fake kidnapping, they probably know about New York too. Spencer thinks this is because the police found Cyrus. Kenneth confronts Emily and Aria in the hallway, blaming them because they knew the kidnapping was fake and he thinks they talked Ali into it, not the other way around.

Ali is on laundry duty again when Hanna comes in. Ali says the personal ads are real. She never talked to A in person, she just texted him or her. Ali didn’t tell the girls because she wanted to keep them out of danger. The person texting her said they knew who killed her mother. Ali thought she was texting Mona because the texts stopped when Mona was killed.

At home, Veronica tells Spencer she knew what was going to happen at court too late to warn anyone. Spencer says she doesn’t understand why her mom and her sister kept her away from her friends. Veronica says her only concern is keeping Spencer out of prison.

Caleb visits Hanna in prison. Hanna tells him she knows that Ali is afraid. Caleb promises to get Hanna out and Hanna asks that he is careful as to what he promises her. Hanna says she wouldn’t believe her own story and says that they might not get the result they want. Hanna asks Caleb to stay safe and to disappear, if he needs to.

Aria, Caleb, Emily and Spencer are together when Varjak calls. Aria doesn’t want to answer, so Caleb takes the phone from her. Of course, Varjak doesn’t want to chat. He is playing a song in French. They later play the song for Hanna, who heard it in Mona’s room before. Caleb figures that A was the one texting Ali, not Mona. They think that Mona may have hidden clues in her room. They wonder if Mrs. V is at home, but she hasn’t shown up for the trial. Spencer asks Hanna to think of hiding places in Mona’s room. Caleb says they will find something, if it means Hanna will get out of jail. Aria tells Hanna to stay strong before the call ends.

Caleb apologizes for taking the phone from Aria earlier. She says it’s okay, but Caleb says if they start stepping on each other, none of them will make it out alive. Thanks for pointing that out Caleb, as I have said something similar. Emily asks if they should go to see Mona’s mom and Spencer says all of them together would intimidate her. Aria offers to go since she is the least intimidating and Emily says she will drive her (Emily’s car makes a reappearance).

Caleb asks Spencer to stay behind and she does. Caleb thinks he should have taken off with Hanna when he had a chance. When Spencer asks him why he didn’t, Caleb says Hanna would never leave Spencer, Aria and Emily behind. He compares them to a band of Vikings and Spencer says with less pillaging and better hygiene. Caleb says Hanna told him to get out of dodge, but he thinks she means all of them should leave. Spencer says it must have been hard for Hanna to tell him that. Caleb is not thinking of leaving and Spencer suggests that when all the drama is over, they should bottle and sell Caleb’s “Essence of Best Boyfriend.” Watch her, Caleb. She’s a fresh one. Caleb asks if Spencer has talked to Toby, but she says it is not a good idea under the circumstances.

At Mona’s house, Aria knocks on the door, but Mrs. V doesn’t answer. Aria goes back to Emily’s car and says if Mona knew what was going to happen to her, she would have left clues. Emily thinks they are going to get dragged down the rabbit hole with Ali. Aria asks her if she wants to give up and go shopping and Emily says not yet. I think someone was watching them from inside the house.

Spencer is outside reading the newspaper when Jason approaches. He apologizes for what his dad said earlier. Spencer says she wishes she hadn’t trapped Ali for the police. Jason let her run away because he thought that she could be telling the truth. Jason said he made a mistake by listening to Spencer. Spencer says she likes to be sure of things, even when she shouldn’t be. Someone used that against her. Spencer doesn’t think Ali killed anyone. Jason is ticked off because he has to testify against his sister tomorrow.

The next morning, Spencer is about to leave a note when Veronica catches her trying to leave the house. Spencer tells her mom she is going to the trial.

In court, the video of Mona being attacked is shown. The prosecutor asks Jason, who is on the stand, why he told the police about Ali’s alibi being false. He says he doesn’t know. Spencer whispers to the girls that he is changing his story. Jason says he no longer believes it is Ali in the video. The prosecutor asks Jason if he knows a girl named Hanna Marin. The prosecutor wants to explain to the jury why Jason may have changed his identification of the attacker. He then asks Jason who is Ashley Marin and asks him to point her out in court. The prosecutor asks Jason if Ashley worked for him and if they saw each other socially. Jason admits that some of their meetings were in private. The girls are like is he saying what they think he is saying. Yes, Ashley smashed that. The prosecutor asks if these private meetings led him to change his testimony.

In the hallway, Aria says that both Hanna and A must have known about the affair. Emily asks if Jason’s testimony hurt Ali and Spencer says it did. Spencer goes over to Jason to see if he is okay. He’s not and he has been kicked out of the house. Spencer tries to confirm his relationship with Ashley and Jason says it is none of her or anyone else’s business. He tells Spencer to cross her fingers that she doesn’t end up in the witness chair before walking away.

Spencer goes and tells the girls they are going to Mona’s house. Clue search time!

At home, Ashley tells Ted she shouldn’t have gone to the trial. Ted says it wouldn’t have made a difference. It did make a difference because she was there to be publicly accused of being a cougar. Ashley tells Ted he can go and she doesn’t just mean he can leave her house. He says he’s not going anywhere and Ashley says she is being practical. He tries to give her a clean slate, but she says there is no such thing. Ashley says maybe that is the way it is supposed to be. Ted says he is going to finish his coffee. Ted’s reaction was weird and off-putting. I totally do not trust him.

Aria, Spencer and Emily knock at Mrs. V’s front door, but she doesn’t answer. Spencer thinks she is hiding. As they are leaving, they hear the French music playing through Mona’s open window. Emily tries the door, which was locked before, and it opens. They all run to Mona’s room and see that it has been ransacked. Aria isn’t sure that A may have found something and may just be distracting them.

After Emily tells them to think like Mona, Spencer finds a typed note in a hand mirror which says
“Chandelier’s rituals
Sister launched lair
A ruler’s list chained.”
A lot of people on the internet figured out these are all anagrams for Charles DiLirentis.

Andrew is outside the house, like a creeper. As the girls exit, it is shown someone has thrown an ice pick through the window so hard that it stuck in the hardwood floor. This is some dangerous strength and aim.

The next morning, Aria and Emily come into The Brew. Aria wonders what the hell is a chandelier ritual. Andrew approaches Aria and says he made a bad impression by saying what he said about Mona. He says he saw her face. Aria gives the weird excuse that sometimes her face does things without her knowing. Andrew says Mona didn’t deserve what happened to her. He then gives Aria a kiss she doesn’t look like she wants.

Ashley visits Hanna in jail and says she is sorry for having an affair with Jason. Hanna assures her that everything will be okay. Jason visits Ali in jail. She tells him he had the right idea a long time ago when he left Rosewood and urges him to leave again. Jason says he believes Ali and she says she let a lot of things happen that she shouldn’t have.

Spencer is reading in front on the fireplace when Veronica comes home. She doesn’t say anything to Spencer. I guess that is her punishment. Spencer has the note card from Mona’s room tucked into her book.

Emily is cleaning up The Brew, then sits down to listen to the whisper machine. There are some random secrets, then the French song plays. I knew A would somehow use this machine.

In a lab, technicians are testing the ice pick. It is from Boo Boo’s Ice Cream. I still don’t know what that means.

In the final scene, A shreds documents that used the Varjak name. I knew the girls were getting too close to him. He puts the shredded paper in Tippy the bird’s cage. At least Tippy is still alive and not in a barrel.

There was a lot going on and a lot of details were given leading up to the season finale.

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