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Pretty Little Liars
Season 5, Episode 22- “To Plea Or Not To Plea”
Original Airdate: March 3, 2015
Contains spoilers if you have not watched the episode


Photo Credit: ABC Family

“How is telling the truth not a good idea?” – Ali
“I was trying to protect you.” – Melissa “Okay, well the last time you did that, somebody got killed.” – Spencer

If you didn’t believe in Ali’s desire to start fresh, she might start to convince you. She has a meeting with her lawyer, Rebecca. She actually utters the question “How is telling the truth not a good idea.” Considering she is one of the biggest liars on the show, that definitely shows a shift in character. Ali says no one can back her story of being lured away by Cyrus that day. No one will believe Cyrus set her because of the false kidnapping story. The DA is offering Ali a plea deal, if she names the person that helped her. The deal is 15 years, with release after 10 for good behavior. That’s not a good deal for a person that is innocent of the crime. Her chances of being acquitted are slim and she may be looking at life without parole. It is better than when they were trying to give Ashley the lethal injection. The police think Hanna helped Ali kill Mona. Wow, the police aren’t very smart on this show.

Spencer, who is still in London, is on her laptop when Melissa comes into the flat. Spencer wants to go home, but Melissa wants to spend time with her. Spencer says she has a lot going on with her friends and Toby. She says that Toby becoming a cop ruined their relationship. What ruined her relationship was that she didn’t realize he would take his job seriously and not just do whatever she told him to.

Emily and Aria are talking in a classroom. Ali told Hanna that she doesn’t know who Varjak is. Aria called the hospital, Cyrus is now in the ICU. He’s lucky A didn’t kill him. Emily thinks they should tell the police about A, but Aria says they will end in jail if all their secrets come out. Emily says they might end up in the ICU with Cyrus if they don’t. Aria wants to protect her brother from ending up in any trouble. Emily says maybe Ezra can help them and Aria looks uncomfortable.

Colin invites Spencer to go see a play. He convinces her by telling her it is Hamlet at the Royal Shakespeare Theater.

At home, Hanna comes downstairs and hears Ashley and Veronica talking. Veronica tells Ashley about the plea deal and the suspicion around Hanna because she was seen at the storage unit that contained the body. The bone fragments found in the barrel were too small for DNA testing. I have a hard time believing that. I’ve seen real cases on Investigation Discovery where they extracted DNA from a drop of blood from 1985. If they can do this, they can test the mitochondrial DNA of the contents of the barrel. Gosh, I think I know too much.

Anyway, Veronica tells Ashley that Hanna visited Ali in jail and tells Ashley to prepare in case Ali signs the deal. Hanna later talks to Emily, but Emily doesn’t believe Ali will sign. She is back to defending her Ali. Emily offers to talk to her.

Aria talked to Jason and he said Ali isn’t taking any visitors besides her dad. He also said that Ali is considering taking the plea. Emily wants to tell Spencer about this, but Aria says this will either make Spencer bomb her new college interview or Spencer will immediately come home. Emily says they should talk to Ezra to see if he can figure out the Varjak mystery.

Aria and Emily are at Aria’s locker when a note from Andrew falls out. Emily is immediately suspicious and Aria admits that she kissed Andrew. I’m sure Emily now thinks very little of Andrew after witnessing him with Spencer.

Hanna is at Caleb’s place and he tries to assure that if Tanner had enough evidence, she would have arrested her. Caleb says they need to figure out what evidence the police have, so he is going to ask Toby and make him answer. Ha, I would like to see that. Ashley comes over and says Hanna needs to come home with her. Uh-oh!

At The Brew, Ezra says he never came across the name Varjak before in his research. Ali’s passport, which had the name Holly Varjak, was planted along with other items. The stuff from Mona’s lawyer was also a set-up, done by either A or Mona. Emily says any of them can be convicted next. Ezra asks for the name of the lawyer, it is James Weilan.

Melissa loans Spencer a dress to wear on her night out and says that is what sisters are supposed to do. Spencer says she wasn’t aware of that because they never did. Melissa says it was because of the secret she kept. She thinks about burying Bethany alive every day. I mean, who wouldn’t? Spencer says she wants to work on her relationship with Melissa, but asks for no more lies. Sorry, but that is going to last five seconds.

Ezra goes to see the lawyer, James. Ezra pretends to have questions about franchising The Brew, then he asks about Mona. He asks if Mona hired James or if someone else paid him to lie. The lawyer tells him the meeting is over and Ezra tells him an innocent girl’s life is at stake and the person that hired him might be the real killer. James doesn’t care and threatens to call security. Ezra threatens to call the police. Neither one is called.

Ezra and Aria are waiting outside for Ezra. He admits that James didn’t tell him anything. They see James comes rushing out of his office.

Someone has trashed Ali’s prison cell and has written “Take the plea” on the wall. A’s Orange is the New Black minions are after her again.

Back at home, Ashley demands to know what is going on with Hanna. Hanna admits that she thought Mona’s body was in the storage unit. Ashley is shocked, naturally. Hanna tells her mom that someone is framing her and Ali.

Spencer is not impressed by the play she saw with Colin. She wonders if Hamlet could have started over if he made it to England. I’m sure she is wondering about herself.

Ashley is upset that Hanna didn’t talk to her, again naturally. Hanna admits that she doesn’t know who is after her.

Ezra, Emily and Aria follow James to a huge gated property. Ezra sees a text from Andrew on Aria’s phone, where Andrew refers to her as beautiful. Awkward.

Emily runs through the gate after James’ car. Ezra and Aria are busy having an awkward moment that they do not make it through the gate before it closes. Emily goes to take a look around while Ezra looks for another entrance. There is video camera watching them.

Ali is in the prison laundry when everyone suddenly leaves her by herself. She hears a noise and tries to run, but she is locked in. She then screams in terror.

Aria explains to Ezra that Andrew has been tutoring her. Yeah, that’s what they call tutoring these days.

An injured Ali calls her lawyer and asks if she takes the plea deal, will they move her somewhere safer.

Back at the flat, Spencer kisses Colin. I don’t know what is wrong with this girl recently.

Veronica goes to see Ali in jail. Ali says she will take the plea if she gets what she wants. Veronica says the plea is not the answer and Ali will have to live with the lie if she implicates Hanna.

Emily goes through the trash and finds a pizza receipt with Varjak’s name and a phone number. A is getting sloppy.

Caleb comes over to tell Hanna what Toby told him: a judge issued a warrant for Hanna’s arrest. She thinks that Ali took the plea, so now Hanna wants to run away. Caleb says Hanna should tell Tanner about A. Hanna says then everyone will know everything, including Aria killing Shana. He says Hanna doesn’t have a choice.

At A’s estate, James loads a bag with the contents from a safe in the house. Emily knocks over a garbage can, like a raccoon. James comes to the window with his gun. This guy isn’t playing around.

Caleb and Hanna go to the police station to show Tanner the A texts. Someone remotely hacks into her phone and deletes all the texts. Everyone should have known A wouldn’t let her show that evidence.

James leaves the estate and Emily runs out before the gate closes. She tells them that the house is Varjak’s and James is working for him. Aria receives a text that Hanna has been arrested. Someone calls Spencer in London to let her know. Caleb, Ezra, Aria and Emily gather in the police station. Emily and Aria’s texts are gone too.

Veronica tells Ashley that Hanna might not get out on bail and that Ali did not take the plea. This is one of the first times Ali was not just looking out for herself. Hanna’s blood was found on Mona’s clothes, which we saw A plant.

Spencer is getting ready to go home and explains to Melissa that Hanna has been arrested. Melissa tries to get her to stay, even though Spencer doesn’t really have another interview scheduled. Veronica and Melissa thought Ali would name Spencer as her accomplice, so they wanted her away from Rosewood. Melissa said she was trying to protect Spencer and Spencer coldly says the last time she did that, someone was killed. That was so mean that I’m still shaking my head. Spencer then leaves in a huff.

Emily calls Varjak, but no one answers. I’m sure Varjak is looking at his phone smiling, like the creeper he is.

Ezra and Aria meet to talk. Aria says she couldn’t sleep because she was worried about Hanna. Ezra says that Hanna is strong. Aria admits that she has been avoiding Ezra. She then admits that she did miss out on a lot of high school because of her relationship with him, but she doesn’t regret it. Aria thinks that when she goes away to college, she should be single. Ezra looks like he is holding back his emotions, including anger. He says they should end it now. Gosh. They say they want to remain in each other’s lives. So, after five seasons of drama, their relationship ends with a whimper.

Ali sees Hanna being led to her cell and Hanna gives her the death stare. Later, Rebecca meets with Ali to say she will be able to serve her time in a minimum security jail. Ali says she changed her mind, she’s not taking the plea. I love how this episode ended with Ali taking a stand. Now I understand why A does what he later does.

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