Hanna, The Angry Dancer

Pretty Little Liars
Season 5, Episode 20 – “Pretty Isn’t The Point”
Original Airdate: February 17, 2015
Contains spoilers if you have not watched the episode

1000.5x2 (6)

Photo credits:ABC Family

“What’s wrong is Mike stealing our stem cells and handing them over to the A team.” – Hanna
“I already have one sister, I’m not looking for another.” – Mike
“I don’t keep underwear in my desk, Aria.” – Mike
“She makes you feel like that girl in fat camp who got caught eating her toothpaste. What? It was minty.” – Hanna
“A can come after me any day of the week. Anywhere. That’s not going to stop me from helping someone I love.” – Emily

The episode opens with the girls searching Mike’s room. The only thing Aria has found so far is that her brother has jock itch. Aria says that this feels wrong and Hanna said Mike is wrong for stealing their stem cells and handing them over to the A-team. Everyone except for Aria thinks that Mike is hiding their blood. Aria finds a necklace under a disgusting gym sock, as she said. The beads spell “I’m with you” in Morse code. Spencer thinks the necklace is for Ali signifying Mike’s dedication to her. I doubt it.

When Emily comes into The Brew, Thalia is on the phone with Emily’s mom. I think this is Emily’s most awkward relationship. Mike comes in and startles Emily since they are not open yet. He orders two coffees and texts away on his phone. Mike says he had a long night and Emily asks him what was he up to. He says he has one big sister and doesn’t need another before he storms out. Emily sends a text stating “Mike just came into The Brew. He’s getting scarier.”

Spencer is having coffee with Johnny in a sitting area outside a cafe. Toby approaches and seems like he wants to punch Johnny. Get in line, Toby. That prick is getting on my nerves.

Hanna is at Caleb’s apartment updating him about Mike. Caleb gets all testosterone filled and asks if he needs to talk to Mike. Hanna says no and tells him about the pageant she is entering. Caleb says there has to be a better way. Caleb says they can ask her mother’s boyfriend for a loan, but Hanna declines since she is afraid of another person turning her down.

Johnny and Spencer spy their vandalism in the window of an art gallery.

Aria is studying with Andrew when Mike comes in, not saying anything to either of them. Mike still has both coffees. Aria is distracted by Mike and asks Andrew if he can follow him to them gym. Mike comes in the room yelling at Aria, asking her why the hell was she in his room. Andrew excuses himself and goes outside. Aria says she was doing laundry, but Mike says he doesn’t keep underwear in his desk drawer. He tells her she will live to regret it if she touches his stuff again. Then he flips the coffee table over. Remember when Aria flipped that coffee table at Ezra’s apartment. I imagine when the Montgomery’s have an argument, there is not a table left standing in the room. Andrew comes back in the house and he and Aria exchange WTF looks.

Spencer and Johnny go into the gallery and tells the owner it is their work. The owner says someone saved it from the garbage, so it is his now.

Hanna is working with a pageant coach, but she cannot answer any of the practice questions. The coach tells her she has to be more than pretty because some girls have been training since they could flush the toilets themselves. Yes, she really said that. Hanna says she dances, then she texts Emily asking her for help with the dance.

Thalia’s husband stops by The Brew looking for her. He tells Emily he knows what is going on and thinks Emily is an experiment and a one-time thing. Ouch.

Mike hides something in a tree and Andrew is watching.

Emily stops by the Marin house to meet Hanna. She has been taking dance lessons since she was three, even though this was never mentioned before. Ashley is concerned about the pageant and Emily tells her it is just about tuition.

Emily asks Ashley if it is okay to date someone if you know it is going to end. Ashley asks if she is asking about Emily or herself. Emily says neither. Ashley tells her that no one should go in with the intention that it is not going to work out.

Aria comes out of Lucky Leons (the bakery where Hanna was once forced to eat pig cupcakes) talking about Mike. Andrew tells her he was about to climb the tree, but he thought he heard someone. The star on the back of Aria top is cute, by the way. Andrew says Mike is definitely up to something in the woods behind Mona’s house. He offers to show Aria the tree, but she says she will go alone. She will live to regret that. Andrew doesn’t think she should be alone in the house with Mike and Aria says her dad will be home soon. Andrew says he will be there for Aria.

Johnny comes by to borrow the toolkit from Spencer. Spencer tells him there is nothing in there to pick the gallery door’s lock. She offers her mom’s lawerly help, but he declines saying something corny about not trusting the legal system. Spencer becomes resolved to help him because her portion of the vandalism already sold.

Emily and Hanna are doing a dance routine to Ariana Grande’s “Bang Bang.” Emily is great, Hanna not so much. Caleb comes in with food and tells Hanna the dance was good, but Hanna is upset that it wasn’t great. She says good isn’t enough for her pageant coach who makes her feel like the girl in fat camp that got caught eating toothpaste. Caleb and Emily give her a look and she explains that it was minty. Caleb shows Hanna that her evil step-sister, Kate has also signed up for the pageant. Hanna says Kate is not going to take this away from her and they will practice until it is perfect.

At the gallery that night, Johnny tears out of his Scooby-Doo van and runs up the stairs to the gallery, as Spencer watches. She picks the lock for him, like an expert. She also gives him a tool to cut the lock on the paintings.

Ashley calls Caleb and he tells her about Kate. Ashley is the most involved parent on this show.

Johnny pulls down the last painting and sets of an alarm. He does his goofy run back to the Mystery Machine. He and Spencer are at a gas station when Toby pulls up in his cop car. Johnny arrogantly explains the stolen paintings and Spencer dumbly defends him. Toby asks Spencer what is she doing there and Spencer keeps mouthing off. Toby tells her to walk away and lets Spencer know she is still on Tanner’s radar.

Aria goes into the woods to find the tree. Bats startle her and she screams.


Hanna and Emily show their routine to the pageant coach and create my favorite scene in Pretty Little Liars history. Hanna starts thinking about Kate and turns into Hanna, the angry dancer. Emily eventually stops dancing to watch her in horror. I don’t think I ever laughed so hard at this show. Please watch the clip for yourself. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b_ID5JvizhY

After the dance, the coach tells Hanna she is not pageant material and later tells Emily she is. Hanna drives off and Emily runs into Thalia. Emily tells Thalia she is done. Thank you.

Aria finds a vile of blood in the tree. She drops her flashlight and Mike picks it up. She asks Mike why is he stashing her blood in the woods and he says it is not hers. The blood belongs to Mona. He tries to snatch the vile from her and she drops it, breaking it. Aria runs out of the woods to her car. It is actually kind of scary.

Hanna arrives at home to drown her sorrows in cold pizza. Ashley comes in and tells her Kate never signed up for the pageant and she isn’t even in town. Emily comes over and Ashley leaves. Hanna receives a text from A saying “Kate won’t win the pageant, but she already won your daddy’s heart.” Man, that’s stone cold, A. Hanna feels like she stuck now, but Emily says she will win the scholarship for Hanna, she doesn’t care what A does.

Veronica kicked Johnny out and he leaves, but not before kissing Spencer. Ew, Spencer, your cheating heart.

Aria comes running in the house yelling for her dad, who hasn’t been seen in forever. Mike is right behind her and she tells him to stay away, threatening to call the police. Mike says he didn’t hurt Mona and tearily tells a story of the night before Thanksgiving when he surprised Mona at home. She was in her room talking to Leslie on the phone as she drew her own blood and stored in the dorm size refrigerator. Mike walked in and asked what she was doing. Mona says she has been offered a chance to make things right for Aria and her friends. She tells Mike her blood will be smeared all over the house and Ali will look responsible because A wants to see Ali locked up. Mona says she hasn’t spoken directly to A because you have to earn it. Mona thinks this will make her everyone’s hero, but she has to go away for a while. Mike asks for how long and Mona tells him to look at the big picture because it’s only temporary.

After watching this episode a couple of times, I realized Mike is lying. He said he and Mona argued for days about this. In actuality, Mona died on Thanksgiving. I don’t know if he’s lying about the timing or the whole story. Mike tells Aria that Mona convinced him she would be safe, but he doesn’t believe that anymore. Mike and Mona were supposed to meet a bunch of times, but Mona never showed up. Mike went to see Ali to see if she knew anything about A. Aria comes to the conclusion that A double crossed Mona and killed her.

Mike says he knows that Ali isn’t A because Cyrus told him Ali was lured out of town by A. Mona gave him the blood as a promise that she would be coming back. What an odd token of love. He hid the blood because he didn’t want Aria to ask questions.

Later, Aria updates the girls. Spencer is shocked that Mike knows about A. Emily asks if they should tell Ali and Spencer replies that they destroyed a lot of the evidence that could have proved Ali was innocent. Emily says they have to tell Ali. Someone watches them from the outside. Also, a hooded male is shown tampering with Mike’s gym equipment.

Overall, this was a pretty good episode. Of course, the comedy element was awesome. I also enjoyed the thrills and suspense. Also, hopefully, this is the last we will see of Johnny.

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