Calamity is near

Pretty Little Liars
Season 5, Episode 21- “Bloody Hell”
Original Air date: February 24, 2015
Contains spoilers if you have not watched the episode


Photo Credit: Entertainment Weekly

“Well, you guys didn’t make a personal appearance, cut her open, pour salt in the wound and exfoliate it.” – Hanna
“Emily’s already popping and locking my way into college.” – Hanna
“Next time, wear pants.” – Nurse aka, Nurse Sassy
“I took one step towards that room and she flew over the desk like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.” – Hanna
“Look, I didn’t eat a crayon, I’m just dealing with oversized toiletries.” – Spencer
“For such a petite girl, you bring a lot of chaos.” – Andrew

The episode opens with Spencer, Aria and Emily in a visting room at the jail, waiting to see Ali. Emily says it is their fault Ali is in jail because they formed a human blockade and helped her get arrested. Aria says that Ali is in jail because of karma… and them. When Ali comes in, Emily tells her what Mike told Aria and Spencer explains the plan was Ali would only rot in jail until Mona figured out who A was. Emily says they will figure out a way to get Ali out of jail. Ali asks where Hanna is and Spencer makes an excuse for her. The guard announces that the hour is over and Ali calls Aria back.

Ali explains that she has to tell her lawyers about Mike. Aria asks her not to and Ali says she will wait, but she might not have another choice.

Later, at school, Hanna admits that she chickened out because of the way she treated Ali when she visited her in jail. Aria is worried about Ali telling her lawyers about Mike because she thinks this will make him A’s target. Of course, A is going to target him. A targets everyone who steps within a few feet of the girls.

Spencer comes home to find Veronica waiting for her. Veronica is upset because she found out about Spencer visiting Ali in jail. She doesn’t want Spencer going back there and she wants her to focus on getting into college instead. Isn’t it weird that Spencer is having such a hard time getting into college considering how smart she is supposed to be? Veronica gives Spencer a ticket to London. Wren scored Spencer an interview at Oxford. Somehow, Spencer is upset. I guess she would rather stay home and play Nancy Drew.

A pageant coordinator (played by Anne Marie Johnson) approaches Emily on the street because Emily’s mom didn’t sign her paperwork. Pam is visiting Emily’s father on the base allegedly, which is the show’s excuse for never showing her. Emily realizes the pageant is going to be a huge time commitment.

Aria and Hanna come to visit Spencer who is packing for her flight, which leaves that night. Aria stops to ask Veronica a legal question. Veronica explains attorney / client priveledge, so Aria pays her a dollar for her services. Wow, now Veronica can have a McChicken.

Emily goes in the kitchen at The Brew to talk to Thalia. It is Thalia’s last day. I guess she couldn’t take the heat.

Veronica tells Aria that Mike could face charges for withholding information from the police and he could possibly go to jail. At least, he’s a minor, I guess.

Hanna is upset that Spencer is leaving right as they find out Ali is not A. Spencer hasn’t told Toby about her trip because she is still behaving like a little girl. Hanna suggests they ask for Veronica’s help with the A situation, but Aria shoots the idea down. I think they should have told their parents what they were dealing with a long time ago.

In jail, Ali uses her finger to write “Mona” in the filth on the laundry room table. Ali gets another visitor: Veronica. Veronica asks Ali why Spencer visited her. Ali tells her it is because she is telling the truth and the girls know that now. Veronica is all like “you’re see through and nobody ever gon believe you” (okay, she didn’t say that) regarding a jury believing Ali’s story because of the lies Ali has told. Ali says she wants to get on the stand and tell her own story. She knows that it is hard to change people’s minds, but she has to try. Ali asks Veronica to coach her. Yet another conflict of interest.

Aria comes home and Andrew is waiting for her. She forgot about their study session. Andrew invites her to see an old movie, All The President’s Men. Aria says she is still sort of seeing Ezra, but she agrees to go as friends. He tells her the movie is about a shadowy figure who knows everyone’s secrets. That sounds like A.

Spencer arrives in London and is greeted by Wren and Melissa’s flatmate. Those two are busy doing something else, like other TV shows.

Ali is back in the laundry room and sees that someone has added to the writing on the table. It now says “Mona told everything.” I guess that would mean she told the thing that only she knows about Ali. When are they ever going to tell us what that is?

Emily sees Thalia as Thalia picks up her last check. Her car is packed with her belongings because she is separating from her husband. Sucks to be her. Emily offers her a place to stay.

Aria comes over to Hanna’s house to tell her she needs to talk to Cyrus. Cyrus was working as a mechanic, using the Hank name. He was injured while working on a car and he is in the hospital. Aria says maybe they can pay him to talk. Hanna says no way since Emily already has to “pop and lock” Hanna’s way into college. Aria wants Hanna to come with her anyway.

Aria and Hanna go to the hospital pretending to be Cyrus’ cousins. Nurse Sassy tells them to use hand sanitizer and to put on scrubs over their clothes. Hanna doesn’t want to, but Nurse Sassy says she’s not risking Hanna giving her patients an infection. Hanna looks up and realizes Cyrus is in the burn unit.

Ali is in her cell when she looks under her bed and finds a can. In the can is a little Ali like doll and note that says “You’re already over the barrel, wanna be in one, too?” The A team has prison recruits now.

Spencer interview at Oxford is going well until her purse begins to leak blood. So gross.

Emily is practicing her dance routine for the pageant when Thalia comes to visit. They chat about Emily’s motivation for joining the pageant (Hanna).

Back at the hospital, Cyrus is in bad shape and says it wasn’t an accident. He writes “Varjack” on a bandage wrapper and Nurse Sassy escorts them out before they can get any more information. Hanna asks Nurse Sassy for more time and Spencer calls Aria on her cell phone. Spencer is freaking out because she thinks A put that in her bag before she got on the plane and she could have been caught by security. I think one of A’s minions could have planted it in her bag there. Spencer wants to come home, but she is afraid that A will plant something else in her bag, like a pinky toe. I want to laugh and I feel sorry for her at the same time because she is starting to have a panic attack. Aria tells Spencer about Cyrus, which only makes Spencer feel worse. Great job, Aria.

Hanna is still bickering with the nurse, so Aria tells Spencer she has to go. Spencer hangs up and receives a text from A stating “Keep calm, but watch your carry on. There’s more blood where that came from.”

Emily tries to teach Thalia to dance, but Thalia cannot dance at all. She falls and her laughter turns to tears. Emily slow dances with her to comfort her. Has anybody else noticed their connection is mainly physical?

Hanna has lost the battle with Nurse Sassy, as she and Aria head to the elevator. Nurse Sassy is also a secret ninja since she flew over the desk “like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” when Hanna tried to get back into the room. In the elevator, Hanna and Aria figure out A is going by the name Varjak. The spelling error means Cyrus spoke to A. Meanwhile, A is wrapped in bandages in the burn unit and stands up like something out of a horror movie. I let out a little shriek the first time I saw this.

Spencer rips apart her suitcase back at the flat. She is still having a panic attack. Colin comes home and tries to comfort Spencer. He tries to treat her like one of his students that just ate a crayon. She says she didn’t eat a crayon, she is just dealing with oversized toiletries. Ha. He teaches her a breathing exercise and offers to make Spencer something to eat.

The pageant lady stops by Emily’s rehearsal to let Emily know that pageant participants are supposed to be a good moral character. Emily and Thalia think it is because she is gay, but it is because of her connection to Ali.

Ted finally called Ashley and she has the engagement ring on. Hanna doesn’t like how long he made her mom wait. I still don’t trust Ted.

Outside, Thalia tells the lady she should fund Emily’s education or they will tell people the pageant is biased against lesbians. The lady speeds away without answering.

Aria is looking for Mike’s schedule, which is above Mike’s weight bench. She stands on the bench to reach the schedule and the bench falls apart. Aria goes crashing to the floor. Andrew, who let himself in downstairs, comes rushing into the room. Andrew notices the screws and bolts do not match and if Mike had used his equipment, it would have crushed his skull.

Veronica is working at home and her Ali file is labeled A.

Aria has sprained her ankle in the fall. Andrew wraps her ankle and says he should be around more because he is a human stepladder. He tells Aria she brings a lot of chaos for such a small girl. Aria looks at the weight bench and starts to cry, thinking of her brother barely avoiding death. Andrew offers Aria his sleeve to cry on and then they kiss. These girls kiss practically everyone, don’t they?

Veronica sees something in Ali’s file and leaves Spencer a message to cancel her flight.

Hanna visits Ali in jail. Ali tells Hanna that being in jail has made Ali realize how it feels to be controlled. Ali asks to start over and Hanna says she doesn’t know, but they can try. She then asks Ali who is Varjak.

In the final scene, a Bible verse is shown “Vengeance is mine and retribution. In due time, their foot will slip. For the day of their calamity is near. And the impending things are hastening upon them. A hooded figure tucks 20 dollar bills into bibles belonging to the jail.

I am really excited by the build of this story and know that A is going to get his/her vengeance.

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