No Cookies for You

Pretty Little Liars
Season 5, Episode 20 – “Out Damned Spot Out”
Original Airdate: February 10, 2015
Contains spoilers if you have not watched the episode

1000.5x2 (7)

“No blood. No cookie. I didn’t make the rules.” – Spencer
“Was Mike here to steal cookies or something else?” – Spencer
“It’s hard to breathe when someone is trying to set you up as an accessory to murder.” – Hanna
“Why? – Aria to Spencer “The dimples mostly.” – Spencer to Aria
“But if Ali can take down Holbrook, a grown a– man with a badge, who knows what she can do to Aria’s brother. – Hanna
“I’m not riding on your handle bars.” – Aria
“Last time we talked about college, I was twelve years old and obsessed with donuts.” – Hanna
“Drugs. Seriously, Em?” – Aria
“I was the best damn hot dog.” – Ezra

The episode opens with the girls at a blood drive, which was organized by Ashley Marin. Emily cannot give blood because of her trip to Haiti. Spencer demands Emily’s cookie, saying “no blood, no cookie” and claiming she did not make the rules. Aria is studying for a test and requests of Hanna that the next time they help Hanna’s mom, that it not involve needles. Ashley comes over to thank them and says a bunch of people from church did not show up. Ashley offers them brownies. Emily takes one and Aria demands the brownie as soon as Ashley walks away.

A lady from church shows up, not to give blood, but to say she hasn’t seen Ashley in church and the pastor seems distracted. She is just there to be nosy and annoying.

Mike comes in, knocking stuff over. He slips something into his jacket pocket before a nurse chases him away. Spencer wonders if Mike was there to steal cookies or something else. Later, in front of the lockers at school, Aria says she wants to ask Mike what he was doing, but she knows he will say none of her business. (Side bar: Aria’s peach outfit with embellishments is cute. The clothes haven’t been that impressive since the show restarted in January. ) Spencer says it is Aria’s business because he was standing by the coolers with their blood in it. Spencer thinks that Mike might be helping Ali. Aria is upset because Spencer assumes he is guility.

Things are becoming heated when Emily asks everyone to take a breath. Hanna tells her it is hard to breathe when someone is trying to frame her as an accessory to a murder. Aria says that just because Holbrook isn’t helping Ali, doesn’t mean her brother is. Aria reminds them that Mike loved Mona and he would never team up with someone who hurt Mona. Aria storms off, saying she has a math test to take. Aria cheats off Andrew’s test when she thinks he isn’t looking.

Hanna asks Spencer about financial aid for college since her mother no longer has a job. Spencer asks questions about Ashley not having a job, but Hanna doesn’t really answer. Spencer looks over the paperwork and says the school (Ballard) doesn’t think her mom can pay, but her dad can. I was hoping I would never have to see that jerk again.

Andrew confronts Aria in the hallway and says that he saw her cheating. She apologizes and says she cannot focus. Andrew says he is not mad and offers to tutor her.

Emily and Talia take a bike ride. They stop at a spot and Talia tells Emily about her gross first kiss that took place there. Talia randomly asks Emily what her biggest fear is. Emily doesn’t answer and tells her it is too soon to discuss something like that. Emily kisses her instead. That seems to be what Emily does when she doesn’t know what to say.

When Hanna arrives home, Ashley tells her that she accepted Ted’s marriage proposal. She told him about Jason and Ted told her that he needs time to think. Ouch.

Aria is talking to Spencer on the phone. She reminds Spencer that she once thought Melissa was A. Aria promises to keep an eye on Mike if Spencer promises not to jump to conclusions. You know Spencer is going to jump to conclusions. Spencer asks Aria if she has plans with Ezra and Aria says she has a study session planned with Andrew. Spencer tells her to be careful and Aria asks why. Spencer explains it is mostly the dimples, but doesn’t mention his ability to make a girl strip her clothes off.

Spencer gets of the phone to talk with Johnny. Sigh. He wants her help painting a mural at Hollis. Veronica wants Spencer to spend her time contacting family members that could recommend her to a university.

Aria answers Mike’s phone when it rings. It is call from the Women’s Correctional Institute from Hank Mahoney. Aria accepts the charges and asks if the person on the phone is Ali. The person hangs up, of course.

Spencer helps Johnny paint the mural in the dark. He says he always falls for unavailable women. Sigh and eye roll. Why are the writers wasting our time going there with this gross guy? He is not a Toby replacement.

Mike is in his room working out when Aria knocks. She asks him why is he getting calls from Ali and who is Hank Mahoney. Mike, who looks like he might take steroids, snatches his phone from tiny Aria and tells her not to answer it again. Mike tells her that he doesn’t have to tell her anything. She confronts him with what she knows and he slams the door in her face. I’m surprised the door didn’t splinter.

Hanna is on the phone with Caleb. She tells him considering Ali’s power over Holbrook, she can’t imagine the control she could have over Mike. Ashley comes in and tells Hanna that Tom’s financial obligation to Hanna was worked out in the divorce settlement. Hanna thinks that if he has money, he should help her. I agree. You divorce the spouse not the children, Tom. Ashley says that Tom is not going to fix this, so Ashley will have to figure it out.

Ezra is doing paperwork at The Brew and talking to Emily. He notes that Emily and Talia are getting along better. He doesn’t know that Aria was accepted into Savannah College. Awkward. Emily sees Talia’s last name on a file and finds out that she is married. Even more awkward.

In the land of things I don’t want to see, Spencer falls off the ladder and Johnny catches her. Gag. I would have rather she broke her leg, like Hanna did once.

Mike IMs with Hank Mahoney. Mike tells him that she told Mike what to bring and he will have it tomorrow. Hank says he will be in touch. Mike goes to the fridge. He has a vile of blood hidden in an energy juice can. This show gets weirder and weirder all the time.

The next morning, Spencer confronts Johnny when she sees in the newspaper that their art project was actually vandalism. He says something or another and she tells him that she was arrested for murder and she cannot mess up again. I find it hard to believe he didn’t know that.

Aria and Andrew are having their tutoring session. Andrew says he guesses math and science aren’t Ezra’s strong suits or he would be helping Aria. Aria tells him to stick to the books. Aria is distracted by her phone, as she receives a text from Hanna asking about Mike.

At work, Talia tries to feed Emily dessert and Emily flips out saying that Talia is married. She asks Talia if she ever planned to tell her. I knew you couldn’t trust this girl.

Emily is on her bike (seriously, what happened to her car?) when she sees Mike at the ATM machine. After he leaves, Emily grabs the receipt and sees he took $400 out of an account with $18,000 in it. Emily shows up at Aria’s to talk about Mike. They go outside and Emily shows Aria the receipt. Emily thinks it is from one of Ali’s secret accounts. Remember Ali was actually broke when she was on the run and needed money from Shana. Aria tells Emily about the call from jail. They see Mike take the family car and Emily says they need to follow him. Aria says she is not riding on Emily’s handlebars. They go back in the house and ask to borrow Andrew’s car. He offers the keys, but neither of them can drive stick.

Hanna tells her father that she is trying to figure out a way to pay for college. He mentions the divorce agreement and Hanna says she is the one asking for the money. He is only willing to pay $10,000 a year because he paying for his step-daughter Kate to go to college. Can a person get more wrong than this? He uses the excuse that he didn’t know Hanna wanted to go to an expensive college. She reminds him that the last time they talked about college, Hanna was twelve and obsessed with donuts.

Spencer emails Melissa to see if she still has a contact at Oxford.

Andrew, Aria and Emily are in the car when he asks if they usually follow Mike and asks what is going on with him. Emily quickly says drugs. They see Mike’s car stop and Emily and Aria try to get rid of Andrew saying Spencer will give them a ride home. Aria then questions why Aria said Mike was on drugs. Maybe she didn’t notice the bulging muscles.

Mike is meeting Cyrus, also known as Ali’s fake kidnapper. Mike sits an envelope on the table and they both sit down.

An upset Hanna comes into The Brew looking for Emily. Hanna left her phone at her dad’s office and says she cannot go back there. Ezra tells Hanna she can talk to him. She tells Ezra what happened with her father. She says she didn’t just want money from her father, she wanted him to believe in her. Ezra says that when he was in high school, the only thing his parents agreed on was that he wouldn’t amount to anything. He took out loans and had jobs to pay his way through school. Ezra says he was once the guy dressed as a hot dog and that he was the best damn hotdog. LOL. Ezra tells Hanna that he always knew she had it in her. This scene made me like Ezra (at least for now).

Spencer shows up to join the Mike stalking. They think the call from the prison was a way of telling Cyrus’ new alias. Spencer says that they will follow Cyrus. Hanna calls Aria from Ezra’s phone, so Aria declines the call. Hanna thanks Ezra for the chat and on her way out sees a poster for a beauty pageant with a $20,000 scholarship as the prize.

Aria tells the girls about her and Ezra, but she thinks A would have messed up high school anyway. They all get a text from A saying, “Thanks for donating to my getting into jail fund,” with a picture of their blood vials. They look up and Cyrus and Mike are gone. Cyrus appears and chases them on his motorcycle. He asks them if they are watching the kid or him. Spencer says he has something that belongs to them. Andrew shows up with a baseball bat and tells Cyrus to back away from the girls. I’m glad he stuck up for them, but they really needed to talk to that slime ball.

Ashley returns Hanna’s phone to her. Ashley says he knows Tom was dismissive, but hopes that Hanna isn’t looking for validation in the pageant. No, Hanna’s only in it for the money. Ashley says that Ted has not called her and Hanna tells her not to give up.

Talia shows up at Emily’s house to explain that she is not in a romantic relationship with her husband. Emily tells her she has secrets that she cannot share because she thinks they will scare Talia away.

Aria is spending the night at Spencer’s house because she doesn’t want to go home. Hanna points out that A can frame them with the blood. Spencer tells her she is the queen of not helping. It is shown that Mike is standing outside of Spencer’s house. Creepy much.

The final shot shows a hooded person putting blood on the Mona’s clothes. A didn’t wait to use this against them.

I think this episode was building up to some interesting things, but they are almost physically hurting me with the Johnny and Talia scenes. I beg of you again, writers. Please stop wasting time on these non-essential characters.

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