Telling Tales

Pretty Little Liars

Season 5, Episode 19 – “Oh What Hard Luck Stories They All Hand Me”

Original Airdate: February 3, 2015

Contains spoilers if you have not watched the episode


1000.5x2 (5)


“A is aggressive-aggressive.” – Hanna

“The last time someone’s old friend came up to us in The Brew, it was CeCe.” – Spencer

“They reject you with a one page letter.  Saying yes takes more paperwork.” – Veronica

“Have I made myself clear?” – Veronica  “Yes, ma’am.” – Spencer

“That was the straw that broke the chameleon’s back.” – Hanna

“It is the creepy part that makes it fun.” – Mona

“Mona was always thinking.  She just wasn’t thinking what we thought she was thinking.” – Hanna

“I don’t want to figure it out.  I just want to know.” – Spencer

“How does a girl like Alison become a girl like Alison?” – Holbrook

“Tanner knows everything.” – Holbrook

“You don’t get to play the victim here.  You’re the grown up police officer and she’s just a girl.  If Ali really did cut you off, congratulations.  You don’t know how lucky you are.” – Hanna


This episode begins with Aria, Spencer and Emily standing outside The Brew.  Emily asks Spencer if Toby knows if there were human remains found in the barrel in the last episode.  Spencer says Toby wouldn’t tell her if he did know.  Sorry, but Spencer is acting like a child.  Toby is trying to do his job and that does not involve blabbing sensitive information to Spencer.  Spencer admits that she is tearing Toby apart.  At least, she realizes this, but it hasn’t stopped her behavior.  The girls see Veronica across the street.  She is working as a consultant for Ali’s legal defense.  That doesn’t sound right to me.  I guess it’s just a way for Spencer to sneak information.


Spencer sees Hanna and goes to talk to her.  Aria asks Emily about Ezra and finds that Ezra is out of town.  I guess they are not communicating.  Hanna admits to Spencer that going to storage unit was a bad idea.  It’s too bad to have to do something in order to figure out it is wrong.  They constantly play right into A’s hands by making bad decisions.  The girls spot Holbrook and go into The Brew to discuss his reappearance.  It seems passive aggressive that A would show the presence of one of his/her minions, but according to Hanna, A is “aggressive aggressive.”


Johnny is working on a project for Ezra, but he won’t tell Spencer what it is.  Hanna comes to get Spencer, thank goodness.  Emily tries to talk to Talia, but Talia is distant.  Hanna tells Spencer and Aria that the police want to re-interview Caleb about any suspicious person he may have seen at the storage unit.  Aria, being ever so unhelpful, points out that Hanna was the only suspicious person there.


A redhead with glasses comes to the counter and asks Emily where she can find Hanna.  The girl is Leslie, a friend of Mona’s.  Since when does Mona have friends?   Leslie says she met Mona a couple of summers ago.  She thanks the girls for being there for Mona and her mother.  I don’t care what this girl says, I don’t trust her.  Later, Spencer and Hanna talk on the phone.  Spencer says they need to keep an eye on Leslie and reminds Hanna that the last time someone’s old friend approached them in The Brew, it was CeCe.  That says it all.


Spencer is distracted by her mother’s briefcase sitting on the kitchen counter.  She asks Hanna to go talk to Leslie and Hanna says she is at the police station.  When she hangs up, Spencer looks into her mother’s briefcase, of course.  Spencer takes a picture of Ali’s visitor list.  I need a copy of that list.  I couldn’t see if any of the names were important or if Chris Cavanaugh visited her (remember that name).


Veronica comes in the kitchen and she is upset with Spencer for hiding her acceptance letters.  Spencer says she doesn’t know they are acceptance letters and Veronica points out it only takes one page to reject someone and these are large envelopes.  Spencer has been out-Spencered, but we see where she gets the sass from.  Veronica says Spencer needs to keep her future aligned to which Spencer replies that she will see a chiropractor.  The senior sassy pants has had enough and grabs Spencer by her arm.  Veronica tells Spencer that she is doing everything to keep Spencer out of Ali’s trial, but Spencer needs keep her life together.  That includes going to college.  Veronica lets go of Spencer’s arm and Spencer runs upstairs.  I think Veronica scared her enough to where she will not only go to college, but will probably let her mom pick her major.  This may have seemed harsh to some, but these girls really do still need to be parented, as shown by their actions.


Hanna admits that she still hasn’t told her mother about the mess she is in.  Caleb says he has locked down everyone’s computers, so at least A will not be able to tap their cameras.  Caleb tries to comfort Hanna by telling her that the only thing that ties Hanna to the storage unit is bad timing and she cannot be arrested for that.  Hanna and Caleb witness Holbrook angrily packing the contents of his desk.  Holbrook is very unhappy to see Hanna on his way out the door.


Spencer shows Aria the list of those that visited Ali in jail.  Mike Montgomery is on that list.  Aria thinks Mike just went there to spit in Ali’s eye.  I don’t think that’s allowed during prison visits.


Hanna tells Emily the scoop on Holbrook.  He was suspended for inappropriate behavior, like the time he locked Bonnie and Elena in that hotel room.  Just kidding, he did that on Vampire Diaries.  Holbrook did actually tamper with Ali’s lie detector test because everyone knew that girl was lying.  The tampering was the straw that broke the chameleon back, according to Hanna.  Hanna thinks Holbrook blames them for what happened.  Holbrook needs to take responsibility for his actions.  He knew what he was doing was wrong.


Mike is at home watching a creepy, old movie when Aria comes in.  He tells her the film was on a list of movies Mona wanted to show him.  He says that Mona remembered every movie she ever saw, down to the details.  Aria cannot find the words to ask him about visiting Ali.


Leslie and Hanna are talking in Mona’s bedroom.  Leslie picks up a book that Mona’s grandfather used to read to Mona.  It is a collection of Edgar Allen Poe stories.  Wow, what a grandfather Mona had.  Hanna lets Leslie know that what was between Mona and girls was more complicated than friendship.  Leslie says that she knows, but the girls were “very precious” to Mona.  Does it seem like that is referring to them as Mona’s dolls?  Hanna asks Leslie if she knew there was more than one Mona and Leslie replies that she liked that about Mona because Mona was always thinking.


This triggers Hanna to have a flashback to a slumber party with Mona.  Mona is reading from the Poe book to Hanna.  Hanna asks why Mona likes this stuff and Mona says that she loves it.  She says that it sticky and sweet like maple syrup.  Hanna adds that it is creepy and Mona says that it the creepy part that makes it fun.  How very A of her.  Mona asks Hanna if she has three wishes, what would they be.  Hanna says she doesn’t like wishing games because they remind her of what she doesn’t have.  Mona doesn’t like this statement and asks Hanna what was the point of coming out of her shell if Hanna was going to be a dull omelet.


Mona wishes for a watch to freeze everything.  She would go into stores and take what she wanted and go into people’s houses without them knowing.  She would have all of the control, which would be the best part.  This is also very A of her.  In present time, Hanna tells Leslie that Mona was always thinking, just not what you thought she was thinking.


Emily is at The Brew when her apron becomes untied.  Talia re-ties it for her and feels Emily up a little bit.  I wonder if Ezra has a sexual harassment policy.


Mike asks Johnny about the machine he is building.  Johnny says it is powered by secrets.  What is the guy’s deal, really?  He comes into town mistaking Spencer for Melissa, asking about Ali and talking about how many secrets there are in Rosewood.  This guy really cannot be trusted.


Hanna and Leslie come into The Brew with Leslie holding Mona’s book.  Mike sees this and becomes upset.  He asks if Mona’s mom is giving her stuff away and demands the book from Leslie.  Mike says he is taking the book back to where it belongs.  Hanna promises to put it back and ends Mike’s roid rage.  Leslie tells Hanna that she talked to Mona the night before she died.  She heard Mike tell Mona to hang up the phone and talk to him.  She never talked to Mona after that.  Mike’s behavior is making him look like he is the bad guy.  I don’t believe he is A, though.


Caleb is outside with a pile of papers when Emily approaches.  He says he is working on himself academically, in order to keep up with Hanna.  He notices Emily watching Talia.  Emily says Ali is going on trial for murder and trying to bring them down while Emily is trying to figure out if someone is flirting with her.  At least, Emily realizes that her priorities are off.  Caleb asks her what she wants and Emily says she doesn’t know.


Hanna tells Aria what Leslie said.  Aria says she can’t talk to Mike.  This is all really helpful.


Johnny is talking to Spencer again (eye roll).  She says she doesn’t want to figure out the machine, she just wants to know.  I feel that way about the identity of A.  His plans for the machine are on the back of one of Ali’s missing posters.  Does anyone believe that was just randomly hanging somewhere?  I don’t think so.


In another flashback, Hanna asks Mona about the stop watch she would wish for.  She says that Mona will get older, but no one else would.  Mona says that she would fix it so that she would not age.  Hanna asks if Ali came back, would they recognize her.  Mona says that if Ali did come back, she wouldn’t recognize them.  She would come home to a group of strangers who had forgotten about her.  Then, she would go crazy and end up in Radley.  Realizing Hanna is probably about to run and not come back, Mona says it is just a story.


In present time again, Hanna hears something rattling in the book.  It is a cassette tape.  Hanna runs to her car and drives off.  She is followed.  I guess she is running to the 1980s to find a player for the cassette.


Aria is in her room writing when she hears Mike leaving.  She grabs her coat and follows him.


Johnny tells Spencer how to use the secret machine.  The person in the booth tells a secret to person at the table.  Okay, fine.  You know A is going to use this.


Caleb and Hanna listen to the tape.  There isn’t an explanation for the appearance of the tape player.  On the tape, Bethany is ranting about an evil b*tch, possibly Ali.  I think she could be talking about someone else.


Mike is waiting on a bridge in the woods and leaves some gum drops behind.  Aria goes to look at the candy and Mike catches her.  He asks why Aria followed him and Aria asks why he visited Ali in prison.  See, she can talk to him.  Mike tells Aria it is not her business and he is no longer taking orders from anyone.  Hmm, I wonder who he was taking orders from before.  He tells Aria not to come out there again and she asks him how many times he has been out there.  She also wants to know who the candy is for.  Mike won’t answer and walks away.  Mike is looking / seeming pretty scary these days.  I know who he was leaving the candy for and I bet A ate the candy out of spite.


Spencer comes home and finds her mother working in the kitchen.  Spencer asks Veronica to understand what it feels like to not know what she wants to do with her life.  Veronica is not in the mood for philosophical talks and tells Spencer that the blood spots around the barrel belong to Ali.  Say what now?


Hanna gets pulled over by a police car on a dark road.  She grabs the tire iron from under the front seat.  It’s Holbrook who pulled her over.  He hasn’t turned in his police car.  He grabs Hanna and asks her how a girl like Alison ends up like Alison.  Hanna says she has had lots of practice.  Holbrook says Ali has ruined his career.  Hanna accuses him of cleaning out the storage spacing and trying to kill Caleb, Spencer and Aria.  Holbrook says it wasn’t him because he was holed up in a hotel room with internal affairs.  He says Ali cut him off, but says that Tanner knows everything.  The way he says implies a great deal.  Man, Rosewood has the most crooked police force ever.


Holbrook asks Hanna if Ali told her to kiss him and Hanna has had enough.  She hits him with the tire iron.  Welcome back, Hardcore Hanna.  She tells Holbrook that he cannot play the victim because Ali is a girl and he is an adult police officer.  Hanna tells Holbrook that if Ali really cut him off, he should consider himself to be lucky.  She gets back in her car and drives away.  I wanted to cheer after her speech.  It was the truth.


Emily uses the secret whisper machine to tell Talia how she is feeling.  She says she doesn’t really know Talia yet.  Somehow, they end up kissing.


Hanna tells Spencer and Aria about the latest developments.  Hanna and Spencer thinks Mike is helping Ali, since Mike goes to see her in jail.  Mike could be on the A team, but that would be too obvious.


In the final scene, a hooded figure goes into Mona’s room to retrieve the tape from Mona’s book.  He/she slams the book down when he/she realizes it is empty.


This episode was okay, but I would like to see less of Talia and Johnny and more of the main characters.  I think this show wastes too much time on random characters.

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