Sins of the Liars

Pretty Little Liars

Season 5, Episode 17 – “The Bin of Sin”

Original Airdate: January 27, 2015

Contains spoilers if you have not watched the episode

1000.5x2 (4)

The episode begins with Caleb and the girls meeting to discuss the latest developments regarding the barrel and the storage unit.  Aria thinks they are being targeted because Hanna visited Ali in jail.  Caleb points out the storage unit was rented the day before Mona was murdered.  Hanna thinks her prints were probably on the knife that Caleb and Spencer baked in the kiln.  Hanna says she wants to get rid of the stuff in the storage unit and Aria asks her if she wants to burn Mona’s body also.  Way harsh, Aria.  Hanna plans to put the body somewhere.  Emily is concerned with tampering with evidence, but she is the one that once planned to plant Ali’s hair in Mona’s house.  Hanna says she doesn’t have a strong alibi for the day Mon was murdered because she was only with Caleb.


Caleb says they are a step ahead of Holbrook because Holbrook doesn’t know they traced Mona’s laptop.  Emily says she is not sure it is Holbrook because it could be any of Ali’s minions.   Good point, Emily.  Caleb says this buys them time and he is going to corrupt the files relating to the lease of the storage unit.  Hanna says that isn’t good enough and storms out of the house.  Hurricane Hanna alert.


Emily and Aria are at The Brew discussing their lack of sleep.  Emily had nightmares about the barrel and Aria had nightmares about the letter she wrote to Jackie.  Later, Emily thinks Talia is hitting on Ezra due to the dessert Talia made him.  Talia thinks that Emily is claiming Ezra, but she lets Talia know she is gay.  She also tells Talia that Ezra is dating one of her good friends.


Ashley has decided not to tell Ted about Jason and she tells Hanna to forget what happened.  Um, okay.


Toby is at work going through Ali’s file.  Spencer shows up planning to tell Toby about Hanna’s plan, so that Toby can stop her.  Tanner shows up before Spencer can say anything and says Spencer should be in school.  Toby questions Tanner about Ali’s polygraph test and Tanner tells him not to make any accusations.  Tanner tells Toby he has been a cop for six minutes and he needs to back off before he loses his job.  Ouch.


Aria finally tells Ezra that she got into college and tells him how she managed to do so.  She shows him the letter.


Hanna has gathered supplies to get rid of everything in the storage unit.  Caleb tries to talk her out of it, but she’s not listening.  Hanna plans to burn the personal items and move the barrel into the woods.  Caleb tells Hanna that she is not a forensic expert and she does not know everything to do in order to avoid leaving a trace.  Thank you, Caleb, who is the voice of reason again.  Hanna says she doesn’t have a choice, like when Caleb found the knife.  I think the point is they do have choices, but make the wrong ones.


Aria tries to explain to Ezra why she wrote the letter, but Ezra says he’s not mad.  The look on his face says otherwise.


Ashley is having lunch with Jason, as she updates him on the state of the business.  He tells her that she doesn’t have to leave because of what happened and Ashley says she does.  She tells Jason about Ted’s proposal and that she was lonely because Ted was gone for three months.  Jason says he knows what it is like to be lonely.  Ashley says that she needs to quit and Jason says he will give her time to retrieve her items from the office.


Emily and Aria are walking down the street.  Emily is surprised that things went well with Aria telling Ezra about the letter.  Aria says she could have been worrying about all the other things she has to worry about.  Hanna is not answering any of their calls and Aria thinks she can lure her out with a hot fudge brownie.  Ha.  Spencer pulls up in her SUV and jumps out.  She tells Emily and Aria that Mona’s laptop is moving.  Spencer thinks that Hanna is behind this.  Emily doesn’t think that Hanna would do that.  At least one of them believes in her friend.


Ashley is wrapping things up in the office when Jason arrives.  Jason offers to leave, but Ashley says he can stay.  Jason asks Ashley about not wearing an engagement ring.  Ashley says she hasn’t given Ted an answer yet because she is not sure she can take on the responsibilities of being a pastor’s wife.  Jason asks her if Saturday night happened so that she would have an excuse to say no to Ted.  Ashley says that is not what it was.  What was it then, Ashley?


Ezra sits in his office re-reading the letter.  You know he wasn’t going to be able to drop this.


Caleb picks the lock on the storage unit.  He and Hanna go in and the only thing left is the barrel.  Hanna wonders why he would leave the barrel.  Hanna doesn’t want to open it.


Spencer, Aria and Emily arrive at the location of the laptop, which is an abandoned ice cream factory.  The name on a container is Boo Boo.  If it means something, I don’t get it.  The factory looks like something out of a horror movie.  They hear a noise and Spencer blames it on the wind.  They decide to split up because apparently, none of them has seen a horror movie before.


Caleb and Hanna are heading for the exit when they run into Toby and Tanner.  Caleb says he is there to rent a unit.  Tanner doesn’t believe him and Toby says he didn’t know that Caleb planned to rent a unit.  Hanna says she has to pee and she and Caleb leave.  Tanner notices the wire to the video camera that Caleb cut.  She then opens the door to the storage unit.


Emily is startled by a cat and a dead rat.  Is this show serious or has it become a spoof of itself?  Spencer finds the laptop and it is playing a video of Caleb and Hanna talking about cleaning out the storage unit.  Aria comes in and startles Spencer.  A hooded figure locks them in the room, which is a walk in freezer.  The person, which looks to be male, turns the freezer on.  The freezer begins to fill with liquid nitrogen, which Spencer says will make the temperature fall below zero.  They need to get out before the freeze.  Emily arrives and tries to open the door.  It won’t budge, so she smashes the panel used to operate the freezer.  This shocks her and she falls to the floor.


Since she is Super Emily, she forces herself to get up.  She sees Spencer and Aria on the floor, as the glass panel of the freezer door frosts over.  This was actually a cool shot.  Emily uses a wrench to break the pipe, which is blowing the nitrogen into the freezer.  She then turns something and opens the door to let Spencer and Aria out.  First, A tried to have Baked Caleb, now he/she is trying to make popsicles out of Spencer and Aria.  Emily uses her jacket to cover Aria.  I guess it is because she is the smallest.


Tanner and Toby open the barrel and are greeted by an offensive smell.  Tanner tells Toby to call the station and say they need a hazmat team.  Tanner opens the barrel and looks in it.  She shakes her head and puts the top back on.  She also notices drops of blood near the barrel.


Jason helps Ashley load her belongings into the car.  Ashley gives him a list of headhunters and asks Jason if he thinks he will stick with the business.  Jason thinks it will be difficult to work with his father since his father reminds him of the ways Jason has disappointed him.  Jason kisses Ashley and she pulls away.  He apologizes and she says it can’t happen again.  Jason looks heartbroken as Ashley gets into her car and pulls away.  I volunteer to hug him.


Emily goes to The Brew because Ezra asked her to close up.  Talia is in the back cooking and asks Emily to take over.  Emily checks her phone and sees a message about Toby, Tanner and the barrel.  The pan then bursts into flames.  That is a little ridiculous, don’t you think?  Talia tells Emily not to worry about the pan.


Ezra and Aria are having dinner at Aria’s house.  Ezra gives her a journal to celebrate Aria getting into college.  How did he get into monogramed so fast?  He tells her she will have amazing adventures ahead of her and that he doesn’t want her to miss out, like she did in high school.  Aria says she doesn’t feel that way.  Ezra explains that the letter rang true to him and Aria says it is just because she is a good writer.  He says that part of her feels what she said in the letter and that if they stay together, she might grow to resent him.  Ezra asks her to think about it and she starts to cry.  If Ezra is being genuine, this is the right thing to do.  Sorry, Ezria shippers.


Hanna is upset because she thinks Spencer told Toby about the storage unit.  Spencer tells her about the recorded conversation.  Hanna blames Toby for not protecting his friends.  Spencer says she cannot blame Toby because they warned her and Hanna “screwed herself by going in there” and screwed over Caleb, also.  Way harsh, Spencer.  Hanna storms out and Spencer calls Toby crying.  Toby ignores her call.  Way harsh, Toby.


Tanner tells Toby that if the drops of blood match Mona’s DNA, Tanner will call Toby’s friends in for questioning.  Tanner reminds Toby of the oath he took and tells him withholding information is not an option.  It is not shown if he tells Tanner anything.


Talia asks Emily if she needs to talk and gives Emily a dish she made for her.  Emily says she has been a mess since she met Talia.  Talia tells Emily she is interested in her, but Emily doesn’t respond.  Way harsh, Emily.  Okay, I’ll stop.


Caleb and Hanna talk about the video of their conversation and Caleb says that obviously was not turned over to the police.  Hanna says she is not going to drag Caleb down any further and says she will take the blame if they get turned in.  Hanna says that Ali is not going to give up and Caleb says then they both will be in jail.  That is a sweet sentiment, but Caleb is too pretty to go to jail.


Aria looks through her yearbook and sees that she doesn’t have any activities under her name.  I guess running from A and having a love affair with her teacher wouldn’t be considered suitable.


Ashley puts her engagement ring on, then takes it off.  She is clearly torn about this decision.


Toby calls Spencer and says he is buried in paperwork.  He won’t tell her what was in the barrel.  He also won’t come over to her house.  Toby is outside the police station and gets into his truck.  What is going on with him?


In the final scene, Mona’s bloody clothes are shown to be at the ice cream factory.  A hooded figure notices the fingerprints that the girls left behind.


Surprisingly, Hanna was the most annoying on this episode.  Why are the girls always making things worse than they are and why do they always have to turn on each other?  I think I need some ice cream after this episode, but not the kind from an abandoned factory.

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