Barrel of Liars

Pretty Little Liars

Season 5, Episode 17 – “Over a Barrel”

Original Airdate: January 20, 2015

Contains spoilers if you have not watched the episode


1000.5x2 (3)


“If you see anything suspicious, don’t pick it up.  Please don’t let him pick up anything else.” – Hanna

“I’ve got some bolt cutters in my car.  I like to be prepared.” – Spencer

“She’s either been pickled or dissolved.” – Caleb

“Since when does your mom bake?” – Aria

“I spent the day running on her hamster wheel because of you.” – Aria

“Whatever you say, Officer.” – Spencer


The episode begins with Spencer admitting that the knife she and Caleb destroyed was covered in blood.  I cannot deal with Spencer destroying evidence, so I am going to ignore it.  Hanna tells the girls about going to the trailer park, but doesn’t mention her ruined shoes.  Aria worries that Holbrook will pin Mona’s murder on them, since she thinks Holbrook and Ali are working together.  Emily says she isn’t going to see Paige anymore because Paige asked her for space.  Does this make anyone suspicious?  How does Paige go from being madly in love to not wanting to see Emily?


Aria asks Emily for a refill of coffee and Aria admits she didn’t sleep, due to thinking about the letter.  Maybe she should have thought it through first.  A long receipt prints from the cash register that contains the letter that Aria wrote to Jackie.  At the bottom, the receipt says “This kind of lie will stay on your permanent record.”  This makes me suspicious of Ezra again because this is the second time this letter has shown up in The Brew.


Hanna comes home to find Ashley in the kitchen with Pastor Ted.  Hanna asks her mom if she heard her come home, basically asking her mother if she knows Hanna knows about Jason.  Ashley says she didn’t hear Hanna or Ted’s call because she was “sleeping like a rock.”  Funny, I think it was because she was “busy” with Jason.

*Sidebar here.  I don’t know why some people are grossed out by Jason being with Ashley because of the age difference.  If so, everyone needs to be grossed out by Aria/Ezra, Spencer/Wren, Talia/Emily and pretty much every pairing on this freaking show.  I don’t think it is right to say the men can date whomever they want, but an older woman dating a younger man is gross.  Okay, end of rant.*


Hanna tells Ashley she came home early due to a migraine.  Hanna then asks her mom if she is avoiding her and essentially asks her why she nailed Jason.  I think it was because they both were lonely and vulnerable and he is hot.  Ashley doesn’t answer because no one on this show can answer a question.


Ezra comes into The Brew to find out if Talia is working out okay.  I guess Ezra is on that show with Emily that doesn’t focus on any major issues.  Aria tries to talk to him about the letter, but he’s busy.


Spencer has been accepted into three colleges, but I don’t think she cares.  She wants to go to an Ivy League school.  She tells Toby that she only applied to those schools to get away from Rosewood.    Johnny comes by to pick up his keys to the barn, then Toby leaves.  He asks if Toby is a cop and I really do not trust this guy.


Aria receives a text on her phone asking her to meet with Holbrook.  It is not a good idea because either Holbrook is another dirty cop or someone else is texting her.


Spencer is talking to Johnny in the Hastings’ kitchen.  She drops the egg she was supposed to give to him when she receives a text alert from Mona.  Say what?  It turns out the other girls have received the same text.  Caleb tracks the alert to Mona’s laptop, which is in a storeroom somewhere.  Hanna gets a call from Ted and Hanna warns Caleb not to pick up anything he finds.  She then tells the others not to let him pick anything up.  Hanna is the shining star on this show, even when things get dull.  I guess she is still traumatized about the knife situation and Caleb almost being baked.


Aria is waiting for Holbrook outside The Grille when Jason approaches.  Jason tells her that he went to see Ali in jail once, but said once was enough.  Ashley texts Jason to cancel their working lunch, so he asks Aria to have lunch with him.  Jason says it might be nice to talk about Ali.  Aria agrees.


Talia asks Emily if she thinks Ezra would agree to them wearing uniforms, something “neater.”  Talia points out the rip and stains on Emily’s t-shirt.  Emily is offended and I would be also.


Caleb and Spencer arrive at the storage unit.  Spencer says she has bolt cutters in her car.  When Caleb gives her a strange look, she says she likes to be prepared.  They run into one of the teachers from school, Mrs. Horowitz.  Caleb excuses himself, while Spencer talks to Mrs. H.  Spencer asks her if she comes here often and if she knows the neighbors.  Mrs. H complains of a smell coming from unit 1017.  I think this might be the smell of someone’s body decomposing.  Mrs. H says she spoke to a blonde girl about the smell, but she didn’t really see the girls face.  That could have been anyone, including someone wearing a wig.


Mrs. H leaves and Caleb comes back with a shiv he made from a pop can to pick the lock on the door.  Spencer needs to find out how to make one of those if she ends up in jail.


At lunch, Jason tells Aria that Ali’s dad will do anything to protect Ali no matter what.  Jason says Ali is capable of “a lot.”  He has seen her do things and talk people into things.  He mentions the way the girls used to follow Ali around.  Aria says they used to.


Jason says he knows the girls are not on good terms with Ali, but the police have a theory that Ali had help.  Aria asks if it was with Mona and Jason says after with putting the body in the trunk of the car before hiding it or dumping it.  Aria says that she and the girls think that also.  Aria reminds him of the lie detector test and Jason figures out that the person helping her must be on the inside to make sure she passed.  Jason has noticed Ali with Holbrook and Aria says she thinks Holbrook has been helping her.  Aria gets a text from “Holbrook” asking her to meet him at another location.  Jason says that Ali probably already cut Holbrook loose because he wouldn’t be of any use to her anymore.


Caleb calls Hanna from the air duct of the storage unit.  I guess he couldn’t pick the lock.  Hanna tells Caleb to call her if he finds anything, then she goes to talk to Pastor Ted.  Hanna thinks Ted is going to ask about Jason, but he asks Hanna for her permission to marry Ashley.  What incredibly awkward timing.  He plans to ask Ashley to marry him that night.  Ted wants to surprise Ashley and Hanna promises not to tell.  Hanna immediately calls her mother to say she needs to talk to her.


Aria calls Emily to let her know she is meeting “Holbrook” in front of a flower shop.  She thinks Holbrook was scared away by Jason.


Talia asks Emily about her torn, stained t-shirt and Emily admits it was from Paige.  Talia tries to encourage Emily to move on, but Emily isn’t ready.


Caleb and Spencer go into the storage room through the air duct.  Mona’s laptop is there.  Spencer points out the bloody clothes that are bagged up.  The clothes possibly belong to Mona.  Caleb says Holbrook would bag up the clothes like this, in order to build a case against one of them.  It looks like there is someone else in the storage unit.  Spencer charges through the plastic, which is hanging from the ceiling.  There is only a hazmat suit, but I think someone was really there.  There is also a large barrel.  They both think Mona could be in there.  Spencer doesn’t think Mona deserved to be disposed of like this.  I don’t think it really Mona in the barrel because of what Mrs. Gruenwald said.  Mona is in the dirt in a place that is not Rosewood.


Spencer sees antacids tablets and denatured alcohol, which can be used with water to preserve or destroy a “specimen.”  Caleb says Mona has either been pickled or dissolved.  Spencer is disturbed by that and I am too.  Spencer goes to open the barrel when the lights go out.  I knew someone was there.


A lady approaches Aria outside the flower shop.  She gives Aria flowers to hand deliver and says that a guy on the phone says Aria would do it.


Emily washes and mends the shirt was wearing and packs it up to send to Paige.


Ashley has been avoiding Hanna’s calls and texts.  Hanna tries to talk to her when she gets home, but Ashley says what happened with Jason is none of her business.  I think it has become Hanna’s business because she is dragged into the middle of it by knowing about it.  Ashley says that what happened between her and Jason was nothing and it is up to her to tell Ted or not.  You know this is just more ammunition for A.


Caleb wiped down the light switch and the air duct cover, but Spencer is concerned about leaving hair, fiber or skin cells. Caleb is level-headed about this and says he also wiped out the security footage.  Caleb suggests calling Toby and getting the police to open the barrel.   I think I love Caleb more with each passing episode because he is so freaking logical, unlike almost everyone else.  Spencer asks Caleb to check to see who signed the lease on the storage unit.  Caleb admits to Spencer that he shouldn’t have gotten the knife (see that logic) and that Toby isn’t talking to him either.  I hope the magical bromance of Taleb isn’t over.


Aria arrives at the Marin house with the flowers.  The note on the flowers states, “Last night took me by surprise.  Glad I stayed for dessert.”  Aria is confused and asks when did Hanna’s mom start baking.  Oh my gosh, that was hilarious.  Hanna says Jason didn’t send the flowers, Ali did it in order to cause trouble.  She doesn’t tell Aria what “Ali” is causing trouble about.  Hanna admits that she went to see Ali in jail and this is her punishment for that.  Aria is upset because she thinks she spent the day running on a “hamster wheel” because of Hanna’s actions.


Toby and Spencer are playing Scrabble, while Toby talks about the boring day he had a work.  Spencer asks Toby to come with her when she goes to college.  Just when their relationship seems to be okay, Toby reads a text on Spencer’s phone from Caleb.  No, he’s not upset that Caleb has better hair.  He’s upset because they are doing things that could get everyone in trouble, Toby included.  He tells Spencer he wants her to stop and she sasses back, “Whatever you say, Officer.”  Toby leaves and I would have left also.  Spencer is being too annoying.


Ted proposes by hiding the ring in a peanut butter cookie, which is what they shared when they first met.  Ashley asks for time to think about it.  Ouch, that must have been painful for him.


Emily stops by The Brew to pick up her check.  Talia asks Emily if she thinks Ezra has a cute butt.  For some reason, Ezra does payroll with his buns in the air.  That is all.


Johnny comes by Spencer’s house to pick up the egg.  He asks questions her about Ali.  Suspicious.  Spencer ignores the text from Caleb and for whatever reason, chooses to talk to Johnny.


Caleb goes over to Hanna’s house to let her know her name is on the lease for the storage unit and he is pretty sure that Mona’s body is in there.


In the final scene, a hooded figure goes to Holbrook’s desk and logs into his computer.  It is probably not Holbrook himself.


Overall, this was a decent episode, but why do one of the girls have to be annoying on practically every episode.  I’m talking to you today Spencer.

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