Sliced and Baked

Pretty Little Liars
Season 5, Episode 16 – “Fresh Meat”
Original Airdate: January 13, 2015
Contains spoilers if you have not watched the episode

1000.5x2 (2)

“He’s not that bad of a cop, he’s just a really bad kisser.” – Hanna
“Whatever happened to a thank you card?” – Spencer

The episode begins with Toby going to the jail to drop something off for Tanner. He sees Ali sitting on a bench and Ali tells him that the girls need to see her. She has been moved from the place she was held at first, but she won’t say why. She does admit that was seen as fresh meat and I don’t think I want to know any details. Ali asks Toby if he remembers how it felt to be jailed for something he did not do. He fires back asking Ali if she remember who’s words put him in jail. Oh, snap. If you don’t remember, Toby went to juvie after Ali said he lit the firecracker that blinded Jenna. Ali warns Toby that Spencer and the girls will be chained to the bench soon, if A doesn’t kill them first. Toby doesn’t have a response for that.

At The Brew, Toby lets the girls know what Ali said. Aria says she thinks Holbrook is helping Ali. Holbrook is no longer on special assignment. He is supposed to be taking care of his sick father. Spencer tells the girls that she doesn’t want Toby digging into this. Keep Toby safe.

Hanna is going for a college visit, so she won’t be around to plot and scheme. She doesn’t believe Holbrook is a bad person, just a bad kisser. The other girls are appalled and Spencer wants to know why Hanna couldn’t give Holbrook a thank you card for helping her and Travis. LOL. Emily wants to go to see Paige for spring break, so she planned to ask Ezra for a raise. Aria is freaking out about college, so her hair is falling out in clumps. I guess Emily is the new Aria with the shallow problems that only matter to her.

Ashley and Jason are at work and Jason admits to Ashley that he knows she is looking for a new job. He asks her to stay another month and I want to say okay for her.

Toby is participating in a search of Mona’s backyard. He finds a knife and covers it back up. Toby later tells Spencer and Caleb about the knife. It is from Toby’s cabin, where Caleb once stayed. Toby wants to retrieve the knife and Spencer and Caleb want to get rid of it. Caleb thinks his fingerprints could be on the knife, as could Toby’s. Spencer says they shouldn’t do anything with the knife for now.

Aria is helping Ezra at The Brew. Ezra is on the phone with the caterer, who quits on Ezra. Emily volunteers to cater the opening of The Brew and Ezra questions her abilities. Aria gets him to agree. Doesn’t this plot line belong on a sitcom, not an episode of PLL?

Ali calls Jason at the office and Jason refuses to talk to her. Ashley has to deal with the awkwardness and tell Ali that Jason will not talk to her. Jason tells Ashley that he went to see Ali in jail once and he cannot go back. He now believes Ali may have had something to do with his mother’s death. I think they are going to try to blame her for everyone’s death. Is Maya next?

Hanna is taking a college tour with an annoying girl. Hanna calls Caleb and Caleb tells her about the knife. Caleb tells her not to come home, but of course, she doesn’t listen.

Aria shows Emily a letter that she wrote to a college that waitlisted her. Ezra overhears this and tells Aria that his ex-girlfriend, Jackie, works in the admission office. I guess that would make it hard for Aria because Jackie hates both Aria and Ezra.

Spencer comes over to Caleb’s apartment to confront him about telling Hanna about the knife. Caleb has plans to retrieve the knife. Caleb admits that he is motivated because he was once accused of murdering a fellow hacker. Say what?!? Caleb worries that no one will stand up for him this time and see that he is innocent. Spencer says she will not tell Toby and she will go with Caleb to find the knife.

Emily tries to cook and cannot. What a waste of time. Ezra comes in and sees the mess she made. He asks Emily if they should call a professional. Ezra smartly later hires someone.

Hanna goes to the trailer park where Holbrook’s father lives. She walks past a guy who is gutting a deer. Ew. Holbrook’s little brother is outside riding his bike and calls Holbrook’s dad to the door. Holbrook’s dad says he hasn’t seen Holbrook in weeks. He mistakes Hanna for Ali and asks if she is out on bail.

Spencer and Caleb search Mona’s yard to find the knife. I’m sure A is videotapping this. Spencer spots the knife and Caleb picks it up.

When Hanna returns to her car, the doors are all open. She picks up the stuffed animal she brought back from college and pulls a string on it. Deer guts spill all over her shoes and ruin them. That was so unnecessary.

Aria gets Emily to read a letter she wrote to Jackie saying that she regrets her relationship with Ezra because it ruined her high school experience. Emily is horrified by this letter, which Aria already sent. I’m sure A loves moments like this when they make trouble for themselves.

Caleb could not get rid of the knife because he thinks someone was following him. He and Spencer go to the school to burn it in the kiln. When Spencer goes into the hallway, someone shuts Caleb in the kiln and turns it on. I guess A wants Baked Caleb for dinner.

Aria goes to the college to talk to Jackie. Jackie says she will not tell Ezra about the letter.

Spencer comes back in the room as Caleb is being baked in the kiln. For some reason, he is hot and sweaty, but keeps his shirt on. Spencer opens the door to the kiln and asks Caleb if it was an accident. Of course not, Spencer. Boy, she’s not a smart as she used to be.

Hanna goes to see Ali in jail. Ali says she has given up, that’s why she is in jail. Ali says she was waiting for Cyrus on Thanksgiving. He never showed up. She later realized that she had been set up. Hanna tells Ali that Ali shouldn’t count on her to care about what happens to Ali. That was mean, but then again, Hanna never wanted her back in town.

Emily forces Spencer to take an empanada with a hair on it. I think this is a new low for Emily. A new guy, Johnny, mistakes Spencer for Melissa. He tells Spencer he is moving into the barn. I really don’t want to deal with any more new characters. The other newbie, Talia, talks to Emily in the kitchen. Emily is upset because Paige is not returning her calls. Talia feels bad for her and helps Emily save her gross empanadas.

Jason goes to Ashley’s house to drop off some paperwork. He admits that he is no longer welcome at the DiLirentis house after his admission led to Ali’s arrest. Ashley asks him if he’s eaten.

Aria gets a text from Jackie that she was accepted into college.

Toby is upset because of the knife because he wanted to do the right thing and turn the knife in. Spencer says he doesn’t know what the right thing is. Spencer is now upset because she cannot talk to Toby about everything now.

Ashley and Jason talk about what it will be like when Hanna moves out. Ashley admits she doesn’t want to be alone. Jason kisses Ashley and says it was a thank you for dinner. Does Jason want to come over to my house for dinner? Jason kisses Ashley again and she kisses him back. Hmm. This was the most interesting moment of this episode.

Aria sees a book at The Brew that contains a bookmark printed with the letter she wrote to Jackie. A works fast.

Hanna comes home and sees Jason leaving while buttoning his shirt. Ashley!

The final scene is shows Ali in jail. She receives a note that says, “Your friends will see you soon.”

This episode was kind of boring, but the whole Ashley / Jason thing appealed to my soap opera loving side.

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