Glass full of lies

Pretty Little Liars
Season 5, Episode 15 – “Through a Glass Darkly”
Original Airdate: January 6, 2015
Contains spoilers if you have not watched the episode

“Coming to your victim’s funeral, classy.” – Spencer
“She saved Ali when Mrs. D planted her.” – Hanna
“I know exactly who you are, A.” – Aria
“No one loses that much blood and lives to tell the story.” – Mike
“I know she’s your sister, but so am I.” – Spencer
“Each one hated the other because each one feared the other because each one knew something about the other.” – Mrs. Gruenwald
“She isn’t in Rosewood. She’s in the dark. She’s not having an easy passing. Betrayal, betrayal and loss. Her soul is caught, bound. She is surrounded by earth and insects and cold. There is no peace. Only fear.” – Mrs. Gruenwald
“Spencer, you are being charged with actual murder.” – Emily
“Don’t say I didn’t warn you.” – Ali
“Please don’t go.” – Emily

This half season of Pretty Little Liars takes place 3 months following the previous episode, which makes this around late March (but doesn’t explain their summer clothes). The girls are leaving Mona’s funeral. The casket is empty, though, because Mona’s body still has not been found. Spencer is upset because she thinks Holbrook is trying to cover for Ali and Toby says Tanner needs to figure out what is going on between Holbrook and Ali on her own. When have Rosewood Police ever figured out anything?

As quick as you can say, “oh no, she didn’t” Ali struts up to the church wearing a pink floral dress, which of course is funeral attire (intense sarcasm there). Spencer says Ali is classy for showing up and she is as sarcastic as I am. Ali goes up to Mona’s mother and says she came to pay her respects and that she had nothing to do with… Before she can finish her sentence, Mrs. V slaps her hard enough to snap Ali’s head to the side. Mrs. V starts yelling at Ali asking where her daughter’s body is. Hanna leads Mrs. V away before anything else can happen.

Later, Mrs. V and Hanna are in Mona’s room. Hanna asks Mrs. V if she needs anything else. Mrs. V says she accepts that her daughter is dead, but she needs to know where the body is. Mrs. V is upset that they are burying an empty casket, but Hanna tries to assure her that the funeral gave some people closure. Mrs. V gives Hanna one of Mona’s stuffed animals, a dog, and tells Hanna to take care of it. Okay. Maybe the dog will be useful. Maybe he knows who killed Mona and stashed her body.

At Spencer’s house, Peter stops by and says he heard about the funeral. Spencer says they wanted to stuff Ali into the empty casket. How are they going to feel when they figure out that Ali is not A because that is too freaking obvious? Peter tells Spencer that Bethany Young’s parents are trying to have Spencer’s bail revoked. Spencer’s indictment has been unsealed, revealing the reason why she was arrested.

Officer Toby is at the police station snooping through papers. Tanner catches him and tells him what he is looking for is not in those papers. She tells him that Mrs. D saw Spencer with a blonde girl wearing Ali’s clothes the night Bethany was murdered. Toby asks where this information has been for 2 years and she tells him that Wilden hid the statement. How shocking, not! For for some unknown reason, Mrs. D never told this to anyone else. Toby connects Mrs. D to Bethany and Radley. Tanner blandly states that it all leads back to Radley. I’m adding Tanner to my list of people who know way more than they are telling.

Toby asks where Holbrook is and Tanner says he is on special assignment. I never trust any character that is unaccounted for.

Ezra has purchased The Brew and is remodeling it. I guess this means he won’t be creeping around the high school anymore. Ezra ask Aria how Mike is doing and offers to talk to him on Aria’s behalf.

Paige is making the move to California. She will miss prom and graduation. Emily offers to talk to Paige’s parents, but they want Paige somewhere safe. That is completely logical, if this story is true. Emily says she will take Paige to the airport.

Caleb and Hanna are eating ice cream and discussing Mona. Hanna feels she caused Mona’s death by asking her to help them. Caleb tries to dismiss her worries, as he attempts to hack into Mona’s laptop. It is super secured and encrypted because Mona was a freaking genius. Hanna asks Caleb what he thinks Ali did with Mona’s body. Caleb says only Ali knows. Hanna says Mrs. Gruenwald could find Mona’s body and Caleb is like IDFWU regarding creepy Mrs. Gruenwald. Please see Big Sean’s song if you don’t know what IDFWU means. Hanna points out that Mrs. G saved Ali when Mrs. D buried her. Caleb asks how Hanna would explain if Mrs. G finds Mona’s body.

For some reason, Aria chooses to sit on a bench at night and open a rejection letter from a college. Ali approaches and asks if it is bad news. Aria looks like she is ready to bolt and Ali tells her she doesn’t have to be afraid of her or run from her. Ali says Aria has forgotten who she (Ali) is. Aria outright calls Ali A. She tells Ali she stole the game from Mona, killed Mona and killed Bethany because she was crazy enough to be jealous of a mental patient. Ali grabs Aria’s arm and Aria blows her rape whistle. This moment really made me crack up laughing. It was a little ridiculous. Ali leaves when other people turn around to stare.

The next day, Spencer is freaking out because she thinks her bail will be revoked. The letter they found regarding Bethany visiting Ali is not helping. Aria thinks if they can prove Ali killed Mona, then the police will also think Ali killed Bethany. Aria thinks that if Mona found proof, so can they. They are forgetting Mona was smarter than all of them. Spencer wants to attack this first by disproving Ali’s alibi.

Ezra and Mike are in The Brew putting together some bookshelves. Ezra asks Mike why he left the funeral early and Mike says it wasn’t a funeral because there was no body. He doesn’t want to talk to Ezra about his dead girlfriend. Ezra says he wasn’t sure Mike thought Mona was dead. Mike says no one loses that much blood and lives to tell the story. Did anyone else thinks what both of them said was a little weird, like both of them know something they are not saying?

Mona’s has a spot at the same mausoleum where Ali’s body was supposed to be. Her epitaph says, “The last of your kisses was ever the sweetest.” Isn’t that wrong for a teenage girl? The quote is from John Keats, so I guess it fits her brainiac side. Hanna didn’t listen to Caleb and called Mrs. G to see if she can locate Mona’s body. Hanna gives Mrs. G Mona’s stuffed dog, so that Mrs. G can feel a connection.

Spencer and Emily stop by the DiLirentis’ house pretending that Emily’s mom needs her muffin tray back. Jason says Ali isn’t home and Spencer says she knows. Spencer asks Jason why is he protecting Ali knowing that traces of Mona’s DNA were found in Ali’s trunk. Jason says Spencer is the only one who doesn’t believe his family was together on Thanksgiving. He then yells to Emily asking if she has found “the muffins” yet. She says not yet. Spencer says she knows Ali is Jason sister, but she is his sister, also. Spencer just wants him to tell the truth.

According to Mrs. G, secrets that carry over to death make it hard for her to see clearly, it’s as if looking through the glass darkly. Hanna asks if Ali killed Mona, as a wind begins to blow through the mausoleum. She says Ali and Mona hated each other because they feared each other because each knew something about the other. That sort of makes sense. Hanna asks Mrs. G where Mona is and the wind continues to blow, knocking petals off the flower arrangements. Mrs. G starts to scare the crap out of me as she annoys Hanna with her theatrics. Mrs. G says Mona is not in Rosewood and she is not having an easy passing due to betrayal and loss. Note there was more than one betrayal. Mona is not resting in peace and is surrounded by dirt and insects. That is a terrifying thought that even in death Mona cannot obtain peace. I don’t know the actresses name that plays Mrs. G, but she sold this scene.

Emily and Spencer return to Spencer’s house. Spencer tells Emily to go be with Paige, since it is Paige’s last day in Rosewood. Emily stole Ali’s hairbrush, now she plans to plant the hairs at Mona’s house. Spencer tries to tell Emily that planting evidence is an actual crime and Emily points out that Spencer is being charged with actual murder.

Jason is at the DiLirentis house when Ali comes home. He is there picking up paperwork for the office and he points out that Ali has three baby books full of photos. I wonder if one of the babies is not Ali. Jason asks Ali if she remembers a family trip. Ali says it was a good trip and Jason says it wasn’t. He adds that Ali has always had a knack for remembering things differently. So does their father. He admits that he did talk to Emily and Spencer, but he wants to know where Ali was on Thanksgiving. Ali says the girls are trying to frame her and that she didn’t kill Mona. Both of those statements are probably true.

Aria pays a visit to Caleb’s new apartment, where he is still trying to decrypt Mona’s computer. Aria wants Caleb to hack into the websites of the colleges that rejected her to see why she didn’t get in any of them. Caleb is going to show her how to do the hacking herself.

Emily and Spencer go to Mona’s house to plant Ali’s hair. Emily is wearing shorts and looks completely seasonally inappropriate. Spencer bends down to place the hairs and see a camera in the air vents. How convenient that Mona’s murder was probably captured on video. Spencer and Aria ask Hanna to tell Mrs. V about the cameras. Hanna wants to take a step back, but Emily points out that the camera was pointed right where a pool of blood was.

Hanna goes over there to talk to Mrs. V and Mrs. V tells her about a fund she is going to set up in Mona’s name to buy children’s books for the library. Mrs. V says that for a while, reading was all Mona had. In flashback, Mona is encouraging Hanna to read Henry James. Hanna says it is a Spencer Hastings book and Mona says Hanna is smarter than Spencer. Hanna pretends not to be smart and Mona tells her not to hide. In current time, Hanna asks Mrs. V if Mona set up the cameras she talked about. Way to drop a hint, Hanna.

Aria goes to The Brew to pick up Mike. He’s not there, so she calls his phone. A hooded person walks up to Aria with Mike’s phone in his / her hand. The person throws Aria around, covers her in plastic and staples her to the wall. I don’t think she was in real danger, but the person did get away with Mona’s laptop. Seriously, why did Aria have the freaking laptop? She could have used her own laptop she used to watch Shana’s funeral video on.

Ali runs into Mrs. G and seems a little spooked. She scares me too, Ali. Mrs. G grabs Ali’s hand before Ali can run off. Whatever she felt / sensed, we don’t know.

Tanner shows Jason the video of Mona being thrown down the stairs, dragged and beaten. It really doesn’t look like Ali to me. The body shape is wrong. Jason, I guess, just sees the blonde hair and admits to Tanner that Ali was not home all day on Thanksgiving. Jason is taking Spencer’s side this time. I don’t know how I feel about Jason as a character, but the actor sure is good looking.

Aria talks to Emily about being attacked at The Brew. She is sure it was Ali that attacked her. I don’t think so, but Aria does tend to lie all the time.

Ali is at home, preparing to go on the run again. She has the family picture in her hand that she and Jason discussed earlier. The police are outside and Ali asks Jason to stall them. Ali runs out the back door and is stopped by the girls. Ali tells them that A set her up and they will be next if Ali isn’t there to protect them. She tells them not to say she didn’t warn them. Tanner then handcuffs her. The girls are probably going to find out later on that Ali is at least innocent of murdering Mona. I cannot say she is completely innocent.

Later at home, Aria tells Mike that Ali was arrested for Mona’s murder. He acts nonchalant. Aria doesn’t know what Mike knows regarding the A game, so she has been afraid to talk to him. Mike says that Aria didn’t know Mona and he is tired of everyone pretending like she was sweet and nice. Aria asks him to tell her about the real Mona one day. Aria goes to the kitchen to allegedly help her father with dinner (where’s Byron?). She can hear Mike sobbing in the living room and she starts to cry also. Maybe it’s time for their parents to step in because both of them could use some support and guidance.

Emily goes to the airport to say goodbye to Paige. She bought a cheap ticket, so that she could get past security. Paige says she has to go because she is tired of fighting and being afraid. Emily simply says, “Please don’t go” and I think the writers are trying to make me cry with this episode. Paige and Emily kiss goodbye and Paige heads off to San Francisco.

Spencer comes home to find her parents, Toby and Officer Tanner waiting for her. She looks like she wants to bolt. Tanner tells Spencer that the police now believe Ali killed both Mona and Bethany, so Spencer is off the hook regarding the murder charges.

The girls are all outside discussing Paige departure. Emily thought about using her plane ticket to Atlantic City just to get out of Rosewood and Emily says it is good that Paige got out. Spencer says they should all should think of getting out of Rosewood. For some reason, they think the A game is over and that they have a chance a real life. Just then in the sky, there are fireworks that spell out the letter A. They try to blame Ali. Sparks from the fireworks shower down on them and they run. I don’t know why they thought they were safe.

In the final scene, Ali is wearing an orange jump suit that clashes with her hair.

Overall, this was a good start to this half season. I’m just wondering how long it will take before Ali gets out of jail and the murders are pinned on someone else.

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