Snowed in at the house of the liars

Pretty Little Liars
Season 5, Episode 14 – “How the A Stole Christmas”
Original Airdate: December 9, 2014
Contains spoilers if you have not watched the episode

Pretty Little Liars

“Like the clowns?” – Hanna to Spencer “What clowns?” – Spencer to Hanna “Court jesters, they’re clowns right?” – Hanna to Spencer
“I’m still holding out for hope.” Emily “Hope is a four letter word.” – Spencer
“Ruin one of us, ruin all of us.” – Emily
“I’d rather dance on dead monkeys than go to Ali’s stupid ice ball.” – Aria
“A keeps souvenirs, right? – Hanna “You mean Alison?” – Emily “Same b*tch, different name.” – Spencer
“She has a lot to tell you. Pay attention.” – Mrs. D
“I know you told me to never leave the house without my face on, but as a corpse, this is the best I can do for your Ice Ball.” – Mona
“The monster is born.” – Mona
“It’s not gonna be that easy, b*tch.” – Mona
“I’m pretty sure some kid peed on me and that mean little girl keeps calling me dumb-dumb.” – Caleb
“In Rosewood, b*tches get buried.” – Hanna
“It’s like seriously, how many ponies can you get?” – Ezra to Aria “Seriously?” – Aria to Ezra “Well, I got two ponies, but I only asked for one” – Ezra to Aria
“Mona can’t hurt you anymore. You know that.” – CeCe

The Christmas episode of PLL opens with Spencer, Hanna, Aria and Emily walking down the street. Aria asks Spencer what she is getting Toby for Christmas and Spencer says she is abstaining from Christmas since she is on bail. Emily asks if Toby is okay with this and Spencer says they have agreed to a gesture, in lieu of presents. This confuses Hanna who somehow mixes up gestures with jesters. These millennials with their texts and their tweets don’t have a vocabulary, just kidding.

The girls stop in front of a store window and Emily suggests they make a wish on a paper snowflake. Hanna says the last time she was here, she was with Mona. There is a flashback to Mona and Hanna in front of the store window. Hanna is decked out in a fluffy pink fur coat, which cannot go unnoticed. Mona wishes that she and Hanna will always be friends and Hanna promises that they will always be besties. Hanna wishes for Jimmy Choos, which Mona says they can steal if Hanna doesn’t get them. Present day Hanna says that wishes do not come true.

Emily says she is still has hope, which Spencer says is a four letter word. Mona’s body is still missing and everyone except Emily thinks she is definitely dead. The accused murderer, Ali, is throwing an ice ball and Aria thinks Ali wants to rub in the faces of the girls that she won and ruined their lives. Spencer says only her life was ruined, but Emily says to ruin one of them is to ruin all of them. Aria says she would rather dance on dead monkeys, than to go to the ball, whatever that means.

A lawyer comes out of nowhere and gives Hanna a package. He was instructed to deliver it to her thirty days after Mona’s death. It contains drawings of Ali’s house and a note from Mona telling Hanna to go out fighting like she did.

Hanna gets an idea that maybe Ali kept souvenirs from Bethany’s murder that could link Ali to the crime. Aria gives money to a guy dressed as Santa and Santa gives her a snowglobe. It is the snowglobe A made the end of the Thanksgiving episode. The note on the globe says, “A takes a holiday, you should too.” That was one the weakest A messages ever.

Ali is sleeping when there is a loud knock on her bedroom door that startles her awake. Mrs. D comes into the room. Yes, the deceased Mrs. D. Mrs. D says someone has a lot to tell Ali and Ali should pay attention.

The opening is holiday themed with a creepy Santa laugh and a scream. This opening already disturbed me before all the added crap.

Ali is downstairs in her house and picks up a picture of her mother. She wakes up the next morning to sound of a little blond girl playing the piano. Mona appears looking very much like a corpse. She tells Ali that the girl is Ali when she was younger. Young Ali touches a key on the piano that does not play. There are two presents in the piano, two yellow dresses, just like many years later, there were two yellow tops. Young Ali asks her mother if they got her the same present. Mrs. D says there are not two dresses and Ali says her mom needs glasses. Always sassy. Mrs. D says Ali has to say there was only one dress or Ali’s dad will leave. I’m sorry, what? I guess this means Mrs. D was hiding a child.

Mrs. D makes young Ali practice the lie about the dress. Mona states that the monster is born, referring to Ali being a master liar (maybe less than Aria, though). Present day Ali asks Mona if the other dress was for Bethany. Mona snarls that it isn’t going to be that easy. Ali wakes up on the couch, making the whole Mona thing seem like a dream.

Spencer and Toby discuss a plan to spy on Ali while Toby uses him camera to look into Ali’s house, Rear Window style. Toby is still in a wheelchair, following his text-fueled car accident. Spencer thinks might be her last Christmas. Her gesture for Toby was dress up as sexy Mrs. Clause. Spencer and Toby are freaks sometimes.

Caleb and Hanna are playing dress-up also, but for a good cause. They are dressed as elves handing out presents to children. Caleb is not happy to be there after being peed on and call names by a girl that looks like a miniature version of Alison. That same girl is picking on a deaf girl and Hanna warns her that in Rosewood, b*tches get buried. Whoa, Hardcore Hanna is back. Is it me or are they using “b*tch” too much on this episode? It’s like Pretty Little Liars, the gangster rap edition.

Paige, Emily, Lucas, Sydney and Jenna are singing Christmas carols at a nursing home. Ezra and Aria are also there, not singing. Ezra gives Aria a dress and a pair of earrings for Christmas, even though he promised this would be a small Christmas. He says this is a small compared to Christmases at the Fitzgerald house where one might get multiple ponies for Christmas. Wow.

Sydney tries to talk to Emily, but Emily is rude. In another random moment, Ali gives Cindy and Mindy a makeover.

At the Ice Ball, only Aria is wearing a tea length dress. Aria, you little fashion risk taker. Lucas is dressed as Santa and Spencer sits on his lap to talk about their plan. This is the most action Lucas has gotten since he had an imaginary girlfriend. Ali makes her grand entrance with four girls in masks flanking her. Hanna and Spencer leave as a lady in a white cloak watches. Meanwhile, Ali liplocks with someone dressed as Santa, who is not Lucas.

Later, Holbrook is shown dressed as Santa. Is he another one of these guys that like young girls? Ew, creepy. Ali goes through some weird tunnel thing and is followed by the cloaked lady, who is CeCe. It is revealed that two of the masked girls are Sydney and Jenna. Jenna said she made a mistake before when Ali asked to her friend. Sydney and Jenna both think Ali killed Mona, but think is better to keep an eye on her.

CeCe tells Ali that she doesn’t have to worry about Mona anymore. I wonder if CeCe killed Mona, thinking she was doing a favor to Ali. CeCe warns Ali about her ex-friends snooping around the ball.

Hanna and Spencer split up to do a search of the DiLirentis house. Hanna finds a passport belonging to Ali that has a different name on it. She is prepared to go on the run again.

Emily tells Aria, Caleb, Ezra and Paige that CeCe was in New York and she thinks Holbrook probably helped her escape. Holbrook, Ali and the hooded person head towards the exit, so Aria and Emily follow them. Ali and CeCe are not there, it is Cindy and Mindy dressed like them. This means CeCe and Ali could be anywhere, including the DiLirentis’ house.

Caleb calls Toby to let him know that Ali left the party. Hanna doesn’t answer her phone when Caleb tries to call. There is a hooded person with a knife in the house with Spencer and Hanna. Spencer is hiding from him/her. There is a Mad Hatter Jack in the Box and bunch of hat boxes in the attic where Hanna is searching. I don’t know what kind of clue that is. Spencer tries to text Hanna, but Hanna left her phone downstairs. That might have been important to grab while sneaking around someone’s house trying to find proof they are a murderer.

Toby, who unable to run over there, flashes his camera to try to get Hanna’s attention. Hanna is too busy with the treasure she just found. It is a letter from Ali to Bethany. Ali invited her over for the Labor Day holiday, which is when Bethany was murdered. Meanwhile, Spencer breaks the frame containing the picture of Mrs. D and makes a weapon. I guess she is prepared in case she needs to make a shank in jail. Hanna stuffs the letter in her dress and heads down the stairs. The hooded figure is waiting behind a door. Hanna screams and Spencer runs up there. This was one those genuinely scary moments that the show is sometimes lacking.

The window is open to make it seem like the hooded person escaped. Hanna is passed on the floor. Not sure if the hooded person knocked her out or if she fainted. Hanna comes to and Spencer tells her that “she” is gone, meaning the hooded person. Not so fast, someone is lurking in a pile of dolls wearing that creepy doll mask. This was scarier than last year’s Halloween episode. Next, everyone (the girls, plus Paige, Toby, Ezra and Caleb) gathers at Spencer’s house.

Meanwhile, Mona wakes Ali up singing Christmas carols. Ali admits that Mona is scaring her, but it is not gratifying to Mona. Mona then shows Ali a vision of the future, Ali in a casket. Mona says they never found Ali’s legs, as if this scene wasn’t disturbing enough. The Black Widow shows up and it is Mrs. D. I actually yelled out, “a-ha” the first time I watched this. Mrs. D says all of this is her fault and they will be coming for Ali soon. As shadowy figures show up to drag Ali to hell, Ali wakes up in her bed.

Everyone is snowed in at Spencer’s house. Toby, Caleb, Ezra and Paige come downstairs wearing Santa boxers, as Toby’s gesture. Yeah, I could have done without that. This is what happens because the rest of the Hastings family is never home.

Paige tells Emily her parents want her to move to California, so either Paige’s family wants to keep her safe or she is on the A team. If she is on the A team and everyone thinks she has moved, then she can slink around town and no one will suspect her of wrong doing.

Hanna is still feeling down over Mona and says that Mona should be there with them. They all eat the Christmas dinner that Ezra cooked and Ali looks through the window. I kind of feel sorry for her because she is literally left out in the cold. As Ali walks away, it doesn’t look like it was enough snow to trap them in the house. I guess they all needed to be there to see the tree A decorated for them, which spells “Merry Christmas, B*tches” in lights. They all stand there awkwardly in the cold and stare at the message. They really need to stop these scenes with everyone standing around. It looks incredibly silly. If anything, they should have gone back into the house because it obvious that the danger is on the outside.

Except for the last few seconds, this episode was enjoyable. I liked the thrills and the ode to A Christmas Carol. Though they will never top Mickey’s Christmas Carol in my heart, this was a pretty good try.

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